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Diamondback's Splashdown FinaleIt’s that time of the year when coaster geeks will start drooling over test run videos of the new roller coasters opening this year. A great test video of King’s Island’s Diamondback has been posted on YouTube by KICentral.

Note the empty pool towards the end of the video. This will be where the train takes a dive into the splash section. Don’t expect to get wet though. I’ve experienced this element on SheiKra and Griffon and the resulting splash just soaked the onlookers on nearby paths, not the riders. The splashdown does give Diamondback some style points as it looks really cool and it’s a neat way to slow the train before entering the station.

Check out the Diamondback at Kings Island test video:

Kings Island’s Insider, the park’s new blog, has a post about the ride’s new-ish seating. The trains seats are set up in a winged (middle-two forward, outer-two slightly back) configuration. I say ‘new-ish’ because this seating arrangement debuted last year on Behemoth at Canada’s Wonderland. Kings Island claims the new seating will “allow riders to experience an unobstructed view of all the thrills and excitement.”

Diamondback's Trains Have Stadium-Style SeatingWhile I haven’t ridden one of these trains, I have to imagine that they will offer great views. B&M hypercoasters already offer elevated seats and trains with no walls. Now with this seating arrangement riders will feel even more like they’re “out in space”. If you’re generally a chicken, sorry, they’ll be no place to hide on this coaster. Go here for the latest Diamondback images.

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