Busch Gardens Opens New Roller Coaster & Sesame Street Forest

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Grover's Alpine ExpressThe CoasterCrew attended Busch Gardens Europe’s recent media day which was all about the park’s new Sesame Street Forest of Fun. The new section includes a number of new rides for the little ones. The centerpiece is the park’s sixth roller coaster, Grover’s Alpine Express. I’m sure many little Virginian’s will get their first taste of roller coasters on the 24′ tall kiddie coaster. (Share your first roller coaster experience.) As always, Busch’s theming and building designs look to be top notch.

Not every new addition to a theme park needs to be a thrill ride or record breaking roller coaster. In fact, families is where most theme park’s bread is buttered. So attracting the families that are likely to spend the most is always a solid strategy. Check out CoasterCrew’s full image gallery from the event.

What’s Your Take?
What do you think of Sesame Street Forest and the new kiddie coaster? Leave a comment below.

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  1. ya i think this is great because the rides there are pretty big they needed a ride that would be good for little toddlers to go on


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