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UPDATE – 4/02/10 Intimidator 305’s open! Watch a POV video and leave or read a review here: Kings Dominion’s Intimidator 305 Reviews & POV Video

UPDATE – 3/30/10 Intimidator’s open! Watch an official POV video and read some reviews here: Carowinds’ Intimidator Reviews & POV Video

Let the speculation begin! Two Cedar Fair owned parks have been clearing land. Every year, bulldozers and hard hats cause roller coaster enthusiasts to salivate as we begin the guessing game of what new attraction the theme parks in question are going to build. Official announcements aren’t likely to be made for several months, but that won’t stop the rumor mill. So far, both parks are rumored to get the one major roller coaster type that they don’t have: a hyper coaster.

Aside from adding a missing ride to their lineups, Cedar Fair has been adding hyper coasters to their other parks in recent years. Behemoth at Canada’s Wonderland in 2008 and Diamondback at Kings Island this year, may have set the tone for additional hyper coasters in 2010. Hyper coasters are 200-feet plus (20 stories or more) steel roller coasters that emphasize height, speed, and airtime. They’re one of my favorite coaster types so if the rumors are true, I’ll be very happy next year. I live pretty close to Carowinds and about 4 hours from my old home park Kings Dominion.

Carowinds 2010 Roller Coaster
Intimidator at Carowinds LogoUPDATE – The day has come and Carowinds has made their official announcment. Looking for information on Carowinds Intimidator? Visit my post here.
While attending the Carolina Cobra Media Day last month, a few enthusiasts and I got an early look at the Carowinds 2009 park map. We confirmed news that the log flume had been removed. In addition, I took the opportunityCarowinds 2010 Roller Coaster Constructionwhile at the media day to try to get some early information out of Carowinds’ Public Relations Manager, Dani Swords. She stated that Carowinds is in one of only two growth markets (Charlotte, NC) in the whole Cedar Fair chain. The other is Canada’s Wonderland in Toronto which received the impressive Behemoth in 2008. She mentioned that Cedar Fair will be looking to invest especially in these markets because that’s where they can see the most potential. While she stopped short of spilling any details or even hints of the park’s 2010 plans, her statement reinforces the notion that the park will recieve some attention from the Cedar Fair management. And attention often equals new roller coaster! Just this week, the park has started their teasing campaign with signs on the construction wall surrounding the site. Carowindsflyer has several construction site photos taken from the Skytower posted here.

UPDATE – 7/21 A photo was posted on CarowindsConnection yesterday that has caused quite a stir in the coaster enthusiast community. It is supposed to be a ’spy photo’ in a marketing office at the park. It’s said to show the name and theme for the Carowinds’ yet tobe revealed 2010 roller coaster. Read more..>>

Kings Dominion’s 2010 Roller Coaster
More recently, Kings Dominion has started clearing land beyond Flight of Fear and Anaconda. Aerial shots have emerged of the land clearing and now a local government document has solidified the rumors a bit. The document mentions a “new roller coaster,” but nothing additional.

UPDATE – 6/2/09 – There’s been a pretty major development at Kings Dominion. Today, yellow supports were seen being unloaded from trailers. Go to KD Fansite for the first ‘spy’ photos of this project. The supports don’t tell us too much about what the coaster will be. We do know that won’t likely be a Bolliger & Mabillard coaster. Many have compared the structures to that of iSpeed at Mirabilandia. If it’s an Intamin, that would support my theory of an Intamin hyper or Mega Lite coaster. But no one knows anything for sure.

Kings Dominion 2010 Coaster Construction

UPDATE  – 6/5 –Clint Novak from CoasterCrew has uploaded a video of the supports and of the land clearing. No track yet.

UPDATE – 6/11 In a strange turn of events, the yellow supports that showed up at Kings Dominion have been loaded back onto trucks and removed from the parking lot. Rumors suggest that the wrong roller coaster was shipped to Kings Dominion and it actually received the supports for Carowinds’ roller coaster, but no one has confirmed this. Check out another great video by Clint from He was pretty shocked as he thinks that they’re about unload new track pieces and instead they start removing the supports.

UPDATE – 6/12 Kings Dominion pulled the old bait and switch. Recently, actual track not just supports this time, was unloaded in the parking lot. Now there’s still the debate of the ride’s make. Most are arguing for either Intamin or Premier, while others are throwing in the wild card of the prototype Vekoma hyper coasters. I’m no trackologist and I really can’t bring anything new to the discussion. I’m still leaning towards Intamin. Here’s a link to an image of the red track for Kings Dominion’s 2010 coaster.

UPDATE – 6/22 A poster from ThemeParkReview has discovered what may confirm the Giga coaster rumors. He zoomed in on a package of washers. On the packing slip was ‘Giga Coaster’ in the lower left hand corner. It will likely be a while before this is confirmed, but this is about as close you can get to concrete proof. Rejoice Kings Dominion fans and any coaster fan living in the Mid Atlantic. There’s a monster on it’s way to Central Virginia! People are speculating that the double spine red track may be Intamin’s new stronger design that is said to require fewer supports. Read the full update: Kings Dominion to Get a Giga Coaster in 2010

UPDATE – 7/10 Footers have been poured and several are visible in the construction zone. Also, more track has been unloaded in the parking lot. Last and most importantly, the crest of the lift hill track has been delivered. The lift hill track looks very similar to Millennium Force’s further solidifying the Giga coaster theory. Any kind of launch coaster is pretty much out of the question now.

Here’s KDFansite’s latest video report of construction of the new Giga Coaster:

My Early Guesses
I’m very surprised that Kings Dominion would get another roller coaster at this point. I would have said that the clearing is for some support buildings of Halloween-themed buildings like those installed at Carowinds recently, but with the Hanover County document, there must be a roller coaster in the works. Currently, I’m leaning with the rumors that Kings Dominion will get a hyper coaster.

For Carowinds, I really do believe that they will get a hyper coaster. It could really help to put the park on the map moreso that it already is. Six Flags Over Georgia has Goliath about 4 hours away and Carowinds could match the magnitude of that ride with a hyper coaster of their own.

UPDATE 8/12 – A new ‘sponsor’ appeared on Cedar Point’s sponsor page. Crystal Rock Bottling Company is now listed and their logo takes you to a one page site describing Whyte Lightning; a  Bold, Exciting, & Refreshing beverage. So which of the new coasters is this a hint for? Visit

Carowinds & White LightningWhyte Lightning 2010 Roller Coaster
White Lightning has been thought to be the name of the Carowinds coaster. Since Carowinds had a coaster named ‘White Lightnin’ in the past, the whole “Lightning Strikes Twice” thing would be the expected motto of the ride. Also, this leaked teaser photo was said to be from taken at Carowinds. In addition, NASCAR is huge in the Charlotte area and the image invokes the history of the sport that involved moonshine smugglers. We’ll find out when the park releases all of the details on August 26th!

Kings Dominion & White Lightning
The invitations for the announcement at Kings Dominion on the 20th were shaped like a race car and in the invite, a NASCAR driver was mentioned to be in attendance that day. Also, some have looked closely at the moonshine bottle in the image and noticed an upside-down Millennium Force logo. With the new Kings Dominion coaster rumored to be a Giga Coaster, and with this being teased by Cedar Point, could they be giving a nod to Millennium Force’s new big or little brother? Stay tuned because in one week we’ll know. On August 20th, Kings Dominion will finally spill the beans.


I’m closing comments here. Please direct discussion of the new coaster here: Kings Dominion Announces Intimidator 305 And direct Carowinds 2010 comments here: Spy Photo Reveals White Lightning Name.

What’s Your Take?
Heard any good rumors? What do you think Kings Dominion and Carowinds will get in 2010? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Was just at KD this weekend. I have some friends in interesting places of employment there. They confirmed that there ARE plans in place for a NEW coaster there. Located back behind Flight of Fear. Confirmation comes from some highly placed sources that I cannot name here.

  2. ok I was reading coaster-net forums and there was someone posting under the username brad saying their dads company was contracted to build the entrance/exit queue rails for kings dominions 2010 roller coaster

  3. I was just at Carowinds this past Sunday. The part of the parking lot that stretches along the edge of the front of the park has been fenced off. From the looks of it, the station will be in place of the log flume, and the ride will stretch outside of the park perimeter into the fenced area. It appears that it will be an out-and-back coaster, considering the width of the area. Then again, no one knows for sure.

  4. Harry, did they happen to tell you what type of coaster this is?

  5. I don't think that KD will have a B&M coaster, especially a Hyper. Considering BGE already has Apollo's Chariot and two other B&M coasters. For KD to build anything in close resemblance to BGE would just make them look like copy cats. I personally don't care for KD, but they could step up thier game with something like Maverick. As for the B&M flyer that will be going to BGE.



  7. Hello

    I'm back again with another long comment.

    I was at KD this past Tuesday to try and get a glipmse at the construction occuring behind the Anaconda but was rewarded with a vista of the new yellow track supports! After leaving the park I went down a side road near the park and took a closer look at the support segiments. They are NOT B&M supports. Kings Dominion management wouldn't be interested in a WELL-PROVEN kind of coaster any-way.(they like exprimental)

    If you take a look at what Lance of Screamscape has to say,

    (check out the KD page on Screamscape and scroll to the bottom) He also believes the supports were not B&M.

    As for the park Management, they are trying to keep the project as under wraps as possible. One of the rides management personnel told my in the park source that the supports are "part of a state fair ride."

    I say HA! All of the coaster community can tell the difference between roller coaster parts from state fair ignorance.

    On my own thought, Kings Dominion is proffient at building coasters will deliberate speed so i suspect that this coaster wont start heading up til early to mid october.

    Coaster pieces will continue to steadily stream in during the summer months.

    The themeing of this coaster is probably following the theme of KI's expansion of FoF's plaza into X-Base. I look for a streamline theme and name like KI's Firehawk.

    (How about, Marauder or Afterstrike)

    Also, like everyone has been asking, 'Why are there coaster parts there already?'

    I say, because, maybe, like I said before this coaster might be big. REAL BIG. And they need the extra time to ship all the parts to the park.

    As for track color. Who Knows with Cedar Fair. The might stick with the traditional red like many of their new coasters have recieved (Diamondback, Maverick, Top Thrill Dragster, Thunderhawk, Firehawk) Or maybe KD will get an unconventional color, (Silver, Blue, Sky Blue, Black).

    Who knows?

    Carowinds 2010 Coaster.

    Like i said in my last entry, the coaster will weave through the parking lot. I think this coaster will more likely reflect Behemoth than Diamondback after seeing new construction photos.

    After seeingthe construction site(all flat and ready for digging footers.) isuspect we will see footer contstruction start within a week and track will begin to appear on site with the month (my lotto date would be by june 24th) I also dont believe this coaster will have a splash like KI's Diamondback.

    This coaster will be big but possibly just a different version of behemoth, in other words(for those without Passport.) It would be an overall park inprovement though.

  8. The supports are the new Intamin supports they used on ispeed and the motor bike ride in australia. It will likely be like maverick. now it will be interesting to see if cedar fair makes a coaster better than one of cedar points(maverick)there has also been a reported long narrow clearing out by rebel yell so it could possibly be for launch track

  9. I work at the anaconda so i see them working on the it everyday!

  10. Did anybody know that kd's coaster supports are being put back into a truck and being shiped off. I asked one of the ride attendants at KD and they said they accidentaly got Carowinds coaster.

  11. Just to inform you guys on here. The supports that are at/were at KD, were meant to be shipped to Carowinds… if you go to youtube and search around on there, there is a video saying and showing the supports being loaded back on the truck. Hope this is coaster like never before seen.

  12. Can you keep us updated?

  13. I will do my best… i will be going to carowinds the 17th… ill take pics and tell everyone what i see…

  14. I had heard the same thing about the mix up with the track going to the wrong park. It sounds very unlikely, but I guess anything's possible. I'd rather believe that they wanted the track to go to KD so that they could check it out before it arrived at Carowinds. Even that seems very odd. When I get some kind of confirmation that the track has been removed from KD then I'll update the post. Either way, KD is still supposed to get a roller coaster in 2010 so don't worry Virginians!

  15. well i have e-mailed one of Carowinds' park managers and i told her about the type of coaster i thought would be comming to carowinds.. see said "a BIG stab in the dark" with a smiley face winking so maybe i was right, then she said you'll see soon enough… so maybe they will be revealing something very soon…

  16. hey guys… well it looks like Carowinds may not be getting a coaster after all… who knows though… the was red track being unloaded at Kings Dominion today.. a total of 6 track pieces… its a difficult roller coaster to predict.. tell me what you guys think?!

  17. I was at kD and the new coaster track that arrived looks like a Premier LIM coaster.

  18. kd_anaconda_kdwork, let us know if you can find anything out about the new coaster.

    sphantom, that new red track that arrived does look kind of like a premier ride. I've heard others argue that it could still be an Intamin though. And some are arguing that it could be something really BIG. Nothing confirmed yet.

    Stay tuned!

  19. It has been confirmed that the new track is Intamin by an article from first drop. They went with this new design because it is stronger than the square track.

  20. I spoke to a KD worker this past week who stated that the Intamin Giga rumor is still on!

    After looking at the coaster track images up close, to me they look like an exprimental design for Intamin. It dooesn't look like Vekoma or Premier to me because of the spacing between the supports on the lower part of the track.

    The backbone of coaster could fit thye rumor of a Giga coaster.

    But alas, More time is needed to determine the indentity of this coaster.

    Im sureit will be incredible and intimidating.

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