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UPDATE – 4/02/10 Intimidator 305’s open! Watch a POV video and leave or read a review here: Kings Dominion’s Intimidator 305 Reviews & POV Video

UPDATE – 3/30/10 Intimidator’s open! Watch an official POV video and read some reviews here: Carowinds’ Intimidator Reviews & POV Video

Let the speculation begin! Two Cedar Fair owned parks have been clearing land. Every year, bulldozers and hard hats cause roller coaster enthusiasts to salivate as we begin the guessing game of what new attraction the theme parks in question are going to build. Official announcements aren’t likely to be made for several months, but that won’t stop the rumor mill. So far, both parks are rumored to get the one major roller coaster type that they don’t have: a hyper coaster.

Aside from adding a missing ride to their lineups, Cedar Fair has been adding hyper coasters to their other parks in recent years. Behemoth at Canada’s Wonderland in 2008 and Diamondback at Kings Island this year, may have set the tone for additional hyper coasters in 2010. Hyper coasters are 200-feet plus (20 stories or more) steel roller coasters that emphasize height, speed, and airtime. They’re one of my favorite coaster types so if the rumors are true, I’ll be very happy next year. I live pretty close to Carowinds and about 4 hours from my old home park Kings Dominion.

Carowinds 2010 Roller Coaster
Intimidator at Carowinds LogoUPDATE – The day has come and Carowinds has made their official announcment. Looking for information on Carowinds Intimidator? Visit my post here.
While attending the Carolina Cobra Media Day last month, a few enthusiasts and I got an early look at the Carowinds 2009 park map. We confirmed news that the log flume had been removed. In addition, I took the opportunityCarowinds 2010 Roller Coaster Constructionwhile at the media day to try to get some early information out of Carowinds’ Public Relations Manager, Dani Swords. She stated that Carowinds is in one of only two growth markets (Charlotte, NC) in the whole Cedar Fair chain. The other is Canada’s Wonderland in Toronto which received the impressive Behemoth in 2008. She mentioned that Cedar Fair will be looking to invest especially in these markets because that’s where they can see the most potential. While she stopped short of spilling any details or even hints of the park’s 2010 plans, her statement reinforces the notion that the park will recieve some attention from the Cedar Fair management. And attention often equals new roller coaster! Just this week, the park has started their teasing campaign with signs on the construction wall surrounding the site. Carowindsflyer has several construction site photos taken from the Skytower posted here.

UPDATE – 7/21 A photo was posted on CarowindsConnection yesterday that has caused quite a stir in the coaster enthusiast community. It is supposed to be a ’spy photo’ in a marketing office at the park. It’s said to show the name and theme for the Carowinds’ yet tobe revealed 2010 roller coaster. Read more..>>

Kings Dominion’s 2010 Roller Coaster
More recently, Kings Dominion has started clearing land beyond Flight of Fear and Anaconda. Aerial shots have emerged of the land clearing and now a local government document has solidified the rumors a bit. The document mentions a “new roller coaster,” but nothing additional.

UPDATE – 6/2/09 – There’s been a pretty major development at Kings Dominion. Today, yellow supports were seen being unloaded from trailers. Go to KD Fansite for the first ‘spy’ photos of this project. The supports don’t tell us too much about what the coaster will be. We do know that won’t likely be a Bolliger & Mabillard coaster. Many have compared the structures to that of iSpeed at Mirabilandia. If it’s an Intamin, that would support my theory of an Intamin hyper or Mega Lite coaster. But no one knows anything for sure.

Kings Dominion 2010 Coaster Construction

UPDATE  – 6/5 –Clint Novak from CoasterCrew has uploaded a video of the supports and of the land clearing. No track yet.

UPDATE – 6/11 In a strange turn of events, the yellow supports that showed up at Kings Dominion have been loaded back onto trucks and removed from the parking lot. Rumors suggest that the wrong roller coaster was shipped to Kings Dominion and it actually received the supports for Carowinds’ roller coaster, but no one has confirmed this. Check out another great video by Clint from He was pretty shocked as he thinks that they’re about unload new track pieces and instead they start removing the supports.

UPDATE – 6/12 Kings Dominion pulled the old bait and switch. Recently, actual track not just supports this time, was unloaded in the parking lot. Now there’s still the debate of the ride’s make. Most are arguing for either Intamin or Premier, while others are throwing in the wild card of the prototype Vekoma hyper coasters. I’m no trackologist and I really can’t bring anything new to the discussion. I’m still leaning towards Intamin. Here’s a link to an image of the red track for Kings Dominion’s 2010 coaster.

UPDATE – 6/22 A poster from ThemeParkReview has discovered what may confirm the Giga coaster rumors. He zoomed in on a package of washers. On the packing slip was ‘Giga Coaster’ in the lower left hand corner. It will likely be a while before this is confirmed, but this is about as close you can get to concrete proof. Rejoice Kings Dominion fans and any coaster fan living in the Mid Atlantic. There’s a monster on it’s way to Central Virginia! People are speculating that the double spine red track may be Intamin’s new stronger design that is said to require fewer supports. Read the full update: Kings Dominion to Get a Giga Coaster in 2010

UPDATE – 7/10 Footers have been poured and several are visible in the construction zone. Also, more track has been unloaded in the parking lot. Last and most importantly, the crest of the lift hill track has been delivered. The lift hill track looks very similar to Millennium Force’s further solidifying the Giga coaster theory. Any kind of launch coaster is pretty much out of the question now.

Here’s KDFansite’s latest video report of construction of the new Giga Coaster:

My Early Guesses
I’m very surprised that Kings Dominion would get another roller coaster at this point. I would have said that the clearing is for some support buildings of Halloween-themed buildings like those installed at Carowinds recently, but with the Hanover County document, there must be a roller coaster in the works. Currently, I’m leaning with the rumors that Kings Dominion will get a hyper coaster.

For Carowinds, I really do believe that they will get a hyper coaster. It could really help to put the park on the map moreso that it already is. Six Flags Over Georgia has Goliath about 4 hours away and Carowinds could match the magnitude of that ride with a hyper coaster of their own.

UPDATE 8/12 – A new ‘sponsor’ appeared on Cedar Point’s sponsor page. Crystal Rock Bottling Company is now listed and their logo takes you to a one page site describing Whyte Lightning; a  Bold, Exciting, & Refreshing beverage. So which of the new coasters is this a hint for? Visit

Carowinds & White LightningWhyte Lightning 2010 Roller Coaster
White Lightning has been thought to be the name of the Carowinds coaster. Since Carowinds had a coaster named ‘White Lightnin’ in the past, the whole “Lightning Strikes Twice” thing would be the expected motto of the ride. Also, this leaked teaser photo was said to be from taken at Carowinds. In addition, NASCAR is huge in the Charlotte area and the image invokes the history of the sport that involved moonshine smugglers. We’ll find out when the park releases all of the details on August 26th!

Kings Dominion & White Lightning
The invitations for the announcement at Kings Dominion on the 20th were shaped like a race car and in the invite, a NASCAR driver was mentioned to be in attendance that day. Also, some have looked closely at the moonshine bottle in the image and noticed an upside-down Millennium Force logo. With the new Kings Dominion coaster rumored to be a Giga Coaster, and with this being teased by Cedar Point, could they be giving a nod to Millennium Force’s new big or little brother? Stay tuned because in one week we’ll know. On August 20th, Kings Dominion will finally spill the beans.


I’m closing comments here. Please direct discussion of the new coaster here: Kings Dominion Announces Intimidator 305 And direct Carowinds 2010 comments here: Spy Photo Reveals White Lightning Name.

What’s Your Take?
Heard any good rumors? What do you think Kings Dominion and Carowinds will get in 2010? Leave a comment below.

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  1. My lotto date for Carowinds coaster to arrive is July 1st. Dunno, just seems right.

  2. I heard they are going to start to build it around october

  3. ok thats good to know. And i live like right near the parks!

  4. According to kdfansite more pieces of track and and supports were delivered to kings dominion and the person said kings dominion has a police car stationed to keep people away from the fenced out area. And the person also said there was a large yellow piece that didn't look like track but also didn't look like a support either, any guesses?

  5. o thats old in my book. I heard that a while ago. Well now that the word is out, nothing much they can do. Right now they should put up a sign for that roller coaster and advertise it. I know that place is going to be so crowded on media day

  6. I agree i would have at least thought that by now they would start putting up teaser signs by the construction sight and/or the fence surrounding the track pieces similar to what carowinds is doing and like they did for diamondback. But hopefully with footers being poured and more supports arriving maybe we will get some pieces going vertical by the time they announce it, but i highly doubt it.

  7. ya there still trying to hide this. It was actually on the news channel a week ago! Just put up a sign saying new ride 2011 giga coaster so people will actually pay attention to this

  8. I guess KD just wants to keep building up the anxiety, but they basically spilled the beans during that news interview so they might as well just announce it now and make everyone happy.

  9. yeah

  10. im just amazed how they think that no one knows. Its hilarious!

  11. They know that everyone knows, they just act like we don't know anything and its driving me nuts. Im fairly certain they get on everyday and read everything everybody has to say about their new coaster and they must start freaking out because they probably realize that almost everyone is on track and the reason they arent saying anything is because they dont want us to know that we are right.

  12. ok… carowinds is being a little slow but i guess it will happen in all due time… i just wish footers were starting to be poured or something SURPRISING would start arriving… uugghh… just sit here and wait!!!!

  13. A worker at KD has cofirmed most of the stats for the new coaster. It will be 400 ft tall, the first drop will be 395 ft, the second drop 298ft and the 3rd drop 219 ft. It will top out at 108 mph and 5427ft of track. The coaster will be the first giga coaster with loops. 3 loops 2 barrell rolls and 1 helix. There will also be some type of new element to this coast that has never been seen. This is the main reason for the new structure of the tracks. The name of the coaster will be "Revenge of the KING KOBRA". The coaster will have an elevator lift like MF at Cedar Point. It will start behind the Rebel Yell and go behind the Anaconda. It will also include 2 areas with a launch similar to Maverick at Cedar Point. The Coaster will set 7 records when it is complete.

  14. Let us see…

    1. 5427ft seems a little to short for what you say it will do.

    2. Why on earth would it need a launch when it goes 108 mph?

    3. 400ft. seems a bit to tall

    4. How big is the loop and where is it on the ride.

    I know you probably can't answer these but I'm just wondering…

  15. i'm not sure why they would need a launch unless it is needed to clear the 2nd and 3rd hills that are 200 plus ft. The KD employee said that he has not seen the lay out of the coaster himself, but if the 2nd and 3rd hill are not close to the first drop a launch could be useful. Remember a Giga coaster is any coaster that is 300-400ft tall. It has long be rumored that the new coaster will be taller then the Eiffel tower which is 331ft. No mention made on the inversions other the number. MF at Cedar Point is 310ft. So it is very likely that the numbers that were mentioned could be fact.

  16. Listen clif, they havent even started to build it yet. Well i cant really trust you right now you could be just lying about this stuff. I am not believing this one bit and why would it need a second launch?

  17. but the real question, clif, is will it make my coffee for me in the morning?

  18. Nice one CarolinaGirl. Those stats do seem a bit impossible. Roller coasters that tall don't do inversions because they have way too much speed. Tell that worker to pick either the crazy 395' drop or the launches and loops like Maverick, but not both. I don't think those stats would even work in Roller Coaster Tycoon. Get him to take some spy photos of the plans since he has inside info.

  19. Coasterfreak, their getting ready for footers. I was at Carowinds today and they were putting together the rebar that will hold the footers together. I'd expect some pretty interesting photos in the next 7 to 10 days. I'll put some of my construction photos up soon.

  20. i mean seriously clif, what did this guy do at the park. Was he the owner of it or was he the janitor of the bathrooms

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