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While I was at Six Flags Over Georgia last summer I saw a pretty unusual sight. As I boarded the popular Mind Bender I noticed that the train was plastered with ‘NASCAR on TNT’ ads. Mind Bender is a classic Anton Schwarzkopf steel looper. It’s over 30 years old, but still had a pretty busy and enthusiastic station. Among coaster enthusiasts, Schwarzkopf loopers are praised for their timelessness and especially for their distinction of using lap bars instead of over the shoulder restraints like most loopers use.

Advertising on Six Flags Over Georgia's Mind Bender

So, Six Flags covered this classic looper with advertising like it was a city bus. I was wondering if this upset any hard core enthusiasts or is it no big deal? Coaster geeks like myself like to critique a coaster’s color scheme, theme etc. Well how about roller coaster trains covered in TV ads?

What’s Your Take?
Has Six Flags desacrated a classic or is it just a smart advertising tactic? Have you seen advertising on any other roller coasters? Leave a comment below.


  1. Im just saying this but looking at that picture, the roller coaster looks better than it did before. I really dont see the problem in them doing this. And this is the only roller coaster that ive seen been advertising something

  2. I saw this the year they started doing it. Couldn't believe my eyes! SFOG must just be desperate for money in this economy. Couldn't they have found other ways to advertise though?

  3. Yes, it's desecration! If they really wanted to advertise for something like that, advertise in the queue! Not only does it look like a bus, it destroys the theme of the ride (what little there was.) I hope this crap isn't permanent!

  4. I've seen advertising on viper at SFMM.

  5. a coaster that could realy use some advertising on it is the Top Thrill Dragster, racecars ALWAYS have advertisments on them. Plus it helps make money.

  6. While this is a smart business decision, I agree it is a shame to desecrate a wonderful coaster. Though in the long run, I would much rather have a coaster with advertising, than no coaster at all. (and feel reasonably comfortable saying that almost all people would agree with that statement)

    • i agree, but i don`t completeley get the reasoning.

      • if the park closes due to lack of money

  7. It's official.

    The Steamin' Demon at TGE&SWK (the great escape) has just recieved anew paint job (the third in the last 2 years). Now, It's completeley plastered with adds for Axe. at least Axe's logo looks pretty darn cool, so it dosen't look ugly or anything. (It actualy has a larger queue now)

  8. BREAKING NEWS!!! There is now advertising on EL TORO! One of the cars is advertising Stride Shift (Gum).

    • you beat me to it. El Toro & Kingda Ka both got adds on one of their trains. Six Flags WHAT is WRONG whith you!

    • SFOG's mindbender advertises the same thing!!!!

      • That is SFOG's Mindbender

        But i get it, there are way to many mindbenders

  9. I saw this for strident gum on el toro and it was very disstracting from the theme with the other trian bieng its regular coler which I preferd much more it was almost a disapointment that they would do that to a ride as good as el toro

  10. Its tacky allrite…buutt…Six Flags had to get some money/sponsors from somewhere. What better way than to stick them on their roller coasters to make them stand out eh?

  11. el toros stride cars are the worst

  12. I think it is a pretty cool method of advertizing and I don't have a problem with it at all.

  13. I would gladly pay a couple more dollars to be spared of this mental pollution. It would also be nice to see commenters to websites use the spell check function on their computers.

  14. The other Schwarzkopf looper, Shockwave has it too.

    I get really mad because the logo on it is classic.

  15. Maybe they are going out of money…

  16. @ six flags great america, this past season there was advertisements all up and down the demon. its a classic to the park, one of the first and i would compare it to a classic corkscrew coaster, a loop and another and then two corkscrew and then your done. although it is not ridden as much as the larger rides the are raging bull and superman, i have seen some arriving at V2 my favorite ride. the advertisements i have seen on rides is stride gum and some new hair product… i think six flags should not advertise on the ride. it ruins the experience of you walking into a world of new themes and environments. if you add advertisements to the scheme it will make it as if you are in the same boring world you are trying to escape to when you go to a park. i don't want to buy a almost 70 dollar ticket and then be killed with advertisements in a sense. if they want to advertise in the parking lot, do it all you want, in the front where you wait to get in, go ahead, but not where i am going to see a stupid pitch on things you will never need.

    • I agree, I don't like the way they look, but would you feel the same way about the ads if it meant that the ad revenue went to building a new ride or roller coaster?

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