Kings Dominion to Get a Giga Coaster in 2010

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UPDATE – 4/02/10 Intimidator 305’s open! Watch a POV video and leave or read a review here: Kings Dominion’s Intimidator 305 Reviews & POV Video

Intimidator 305 - Kings Dominion's New Giga CoasterUPDATE – 8/20 Intimidator 305 Giga Coaster Announced
Kings Dominion has finally announced details of their massive new 2010 Giga Coaster: Intimidator 305. Visit this post for all the details, a video, images and early reactions from commenters and myself.
Kings Dominion’s 2010 Coaster Could Reach Rarefied Air | Intamin Giga Coaster for 2010?
Ever since the land clearing began in the back of the park, speculation around Kings Dominion’s 2010 coaster has been occuring on coaster enthusiast message boards across the Web. All of the developments pointed to a new roller coaster, but no one knew exactly what the new coaster would be. The case may have been cracked today. One poster on ThemeParkReview posted photos of a package of washers next to the track and supports in a staging area. He zoomed in on a packing slip and not only confirmed that Intamin was the coaster’s designer, but also discovered ‘Giga Coaster 92-1540’ in the lower left corner.

Intamin Giga Coaster for Kings Dominion?Giga, What? Giga, Who?
A Giga Coaster is a roller coaster taller than 300 feet. Intamin’s only other Giga Coaster is the world famous Millennium Force at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. And there are only a handful of coasters in the World that are in the 300-foot range or taller. So, to put this news in perspective, Kings Dominion’s new coaster will be among the ten tallest roller coasters on the planet! The size of the new coaster helps to explain why the park is getting started so early on a ride that won’t debut for another 10 or 11 months.

Track for Kings Dominion's 2010 Giga Coaster

I was convinced that the Giga coaster rumors couldn’t be true. I couldn’t see how Cedar Fair would spend that much money on a new attraction. Especially in this economy and considering you don’t need to build something that big to grow attendance and get the general public’s attention.  Apparently, I was wrong and next year there will be a massive steel coaster looming in the back of the park. It will be as tall as the record-breaking Drop Tower (305′) and taller than the observation deck of the park’s Eiffel Tower (275′). Stay tuned as the details for the new ride are announced…. or uncovered.

UPDATE – 7/10 Footers have been poured and several are visible in the construction zone. Also, more track has been unloaded in the parking lot. Last and most importantly, the crest of the lift hill track has been delivered. The lift hill track looks very similar to Millennium Force’s further solidifying the Giga coaster theory. Any kind of launch coaster is pretty much out of the question now.

Here’s KDFansite’s latest video report of construction of the new Giga Coaster:

UPDATE – The official announcement for Kings Dominion 2010 roller coaster will be on August 20th. We’ll finally know exactly what the park is getting in less than a month! Check back here for my take on the news.

Kings Dominion & White Lightning
The invitations for the announcement at Kings Dominion on the 20th were shaped like a race car and in the invite, a NASCAR driver was mentioned to be in attendance that day. Also, some have looked closely at the moonshine bottle in the image and noticed an upside-down Millennium Force logo. With the new Kings Dominion coaster rumored to be a Giga Coaster, and with this being teased by Cedar Point, could they be giving a nod to Millennium Force’s new big or little brother? Stay tuned because this week we’ll know. On August 20th, Kings Dominion will finally spill the beans.

What’s Your Take?
What do you think of this news? Are you excited about Kings Dominion’s new coaster? If you live anywhere near Virginia, you’ve got to be! Leave a comment below. Pictures courtesy of ThemeParkReview.

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  1. Least now I have barganing material for my parents to take me…

  2. This is so awesome, a 300+ coaster less than a half-hour away form my house. I will def. be going to KD next year, even thought I have platinum Busch passes. 🙂

  3. Now I have a reason to go to Kings Dominion over Busch Gardens Williamsburg. As long as this is better than Apollo's Chariot, I'm sold. I mean, it's Intamin. They made Millenium. They made Superman (Now Bizarro). THEY WILL DO NO WRONG

  4. I am really happy. none of KD coasters r over 200 ft. I think it will be a wonderful edition to KD

  5. Well finally its about time they catch up to thier sister park Kings Island as far as a true thrill park. This will be the only reason for me to go to Kings Domninon next year and I only live less than 2hrs away.

  6. Thank you Jesus.

    If anyone has been to Cedar Point you know very well that THe M-Force is, overall, the best coaster their. Some may argue Top Thrill, but it's too short. M-Force with its height and speed and length, Gosh, Giga-Coasters are the best "all-around" coasters that are out their.

    Im so STOKED.

    GO KINGS DOMINION, and thank GOD Paramount does not run Kings Dominion anymore because only Cedar Fair would give us a Giga!

  7. Well they do have dominator. But this new coaster will top it.

  8. I think volcano tops denominator and being intamin and at least 300 feet tall this new coaster will auto top volcano and denominator(I like calling dominator denominator or numerator)

  9. ya even though the volcano is the main ride. But still, volcano is going to top this

  10. Today the park owner actually announced that it was a giga coaster…at Kings Dominion!!!!!!!!Yes finally the word was out. Alot of enthusiasts saw the tracks behind the park and were wondering. Right there the park was in trouble trying to hide there little secret. They actually thought they could build this without anyone knowing???

  11. The top lift hill support arrived today! see kdfansite for photos

  12. For which coaster the one in KD or Carowinds. But it doesnt matter, which ever one it is, its good to see that they are getting this roller coaster done. And i know this roller coaster wont let me down. I mean the roller coasters that have been made this year are unbelievable. As this technology gets better and better the roller coasters are going to keep getting better. I bet this giga coaster will be big. And ive never been on a giga coaster before. So if i go on this coaster it will be an honor to ride on

  13. O.K. Matthew, that's taking a coaster a little TOO far. An honor to ride it. I'm sorry, I'm big on coasters but even I know that's weird.

  14. yeah a little weird, and its for the KD coaster, this is all on the kings dominion giga. KD got its own discussion thingy now!

  15. haha sorry i got a little too exited! Well Kings Dominion. I live 5 hours from Kings Dominion and 30 minutes from Carowinds. Well i hope Carowinds starts building, but Kings Dominion would be worth the drive.

  16. according to screamscape, they have more pieces that just came in the park. Check out the pictures and the video of this

  17. Travis, you're right. For the very latest visit They're all over every single development. Coaster Clint does frequent video reports like the one above. I'll try to post the most substantial trips as he posts them.

    Also, I found a news story a local news affiliate mentioning that the official announcement will be in August. I'll add a link soon.

  18. the announcment will be augest 20th! according to KDs twitter, they didnt directly say it would be the announcment buy its kinda obvious. and clint is at the park today so check kdfansite for pictures when he gets back.

  19. this is probably the best news EVER!!! i have been hoping for kings dominion to get some coasters with a little more umph! dominator was a start but now this new giga coaster!!! I CANNOT wait!!!

  20. When my wife and I were at the park in July, one of the employees (who was running the rebel yell) said that the new coaster was going to be a launch coaster, and the fastest in the US – so perhaps something crazy is planned like a launch up a traditional style lift hill? Who knows… I'm psyched.

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