Kings Dominion to Get a Giga Coaster in 2010

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UPDATE – 4/02/10 Intimidator 305’s open! Watch a POV video and leave or read a review here: Kings Dominion’s Intimidator 305 Reviews & POV Video

Intimidator 305 - Kings Dominion's New Giga CoasterUPDATE – 8/20 Intimidator 305 Giga Coaster Announced
Kings Dominion has finally announced details of their massive new 2010 Giga Coaster: Intimidator 305. Visit this post for all the details, a video, images and early reactions from commenters and myself.
Kings Dominion’s 2010 Coaster Could Reach Rarefied Air | Intamin Giga Coaster for 2010?
Ever since the land clearing began in the back of the park, speculation around Kings Dominion’s 2010 coaster has been occuring on coaster enthusiast message boards across the Web. All of the developments pointed to a new roller coaster, but no one knew exactly what the new coaster would be. The case may have been cracked today. One poster on ThemeParkReview posted photos of a package of washers next to the track and supports in a staging area. He zoomed in on a packing slip and not only confirmed that Intamin was the coaster’s designer, but also discovered ‘Giga Coaster 92-1540’ in the lower left corner.

Intamin Giga Coaster for Kings Dominion?Giga, What? Giga, Who?
A Giga Coaster is a roller coaster taller than 300 feet. Intamin’s only other Giga Coaster is the world famous Millennium Force at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. And there are only a handful of coasters in the World that are in the 300-foot range or taller. So, to put this news in perspective, Kings Dominion’s new coaster will be among the ten tallest roller coasters on the planet! The size of the new coaster helps to explain why the park is getting started so early on a ride that won’t debut for another 10 or 11 months.

Track for Kings Dominion's 2010 Giga Coaster

I was convinced that the Giga coaster rumors couldn’t be true. I couldn’t see how Cedar Fair would spend that much money on a new attraction. Especially in this economy and considering you don’t need to build something that big to grow attendance and get the general public’s attention.  Apparently, I was wrong and next year there will be a massive steel coaster looming in the back of the park. It will be as tall as the record-breaking Drop Tower (305′) and taller than the observation deck of the park’s Eiffel Tower (275′). Stay tuned as the details for the new ride are announced…. or uncovered.

UPDATE – 7/10 Footers have been poured and several are visible in the construction zone. Also, more track has been unloaded in the parking lot. Last and most importantly, the crest of the lift hill track has been delivered. The lift hill track looks very similar to Millennium Force’s further solidifying the Giga coaster theory. Any kind of launch coaster is pretty much out of the question now.

Here’s KDFansite’s latest video report of construction of the new Giga Coaster:

UPDATE – The official announcement for Kings Dominion 2010 roller coaster will be on August 20th. We’ll finally know exactly what the park is getting in less than a month! Check back here for my take on the news.

Kings Dominion & White Lightning
The invitations for the announcement at Kings Dominion on the 20th were shaped like a race car and in the invite, a NASCAR driver was mentioned to be in attendance that day. Also, some have looked closely at the moonshine bottle in the image and noticed an upside-down Millennium Force logo. With the new Kings Dominion coaster rumored to be a Giga Coaster, and with this being teased by Cedar Point, could they be giving a nod to Millennium Force’s new big or little brother? Stay tuned because this week we’ll know. On August 20th, Kings Dominion will finally spill the beans.

What’s Your Take?
What do you think of this news? Are you excited about Kings Dominion’s new coaster? If you live anywhere near Virginia, you’ve got to be! Leave a comment below. Pictures courtesy of ThemeParkReview.

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  1. This is going to be AMAZING. This will be a HUGE draw, the only other giga coaster in America! (I don't count TTD or KK in this because they don't have the suspense of a lift hill). The lines are going to be incredibly long…I also can't wait to see the trains.

    Oh, and a launch/life hybrid is my dream….imagine millenium force having a launch to the top, then a traditional drop.

  2. From the carowinds teaser video, I'd say they're going for a speed record. Just imagine if Cedar Fair had a giga coaster at KD that set a height record and a hyper coaster at Carowinds that set a speed record. What a 1-2 punch cedar fair would have less than 3 hours from each other. I want my platinum passes for 2010 NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Not going to happen.

  4. yea i dont something like that is going to happen but this giga might be about the height of Millennium Force or little bit taller so we are looing at a 90-97 mph coaster! that's about 4.5 G'! what was the annoucement date for this again?

  5. Maybe it will be a giga launch?

  6. I know this would not be a record speed breaking roller coaster. I mean if it was, wouldnt you think they would tell the world that so that more people would hear about it

  7. the parks make annoucements in the offseason or the fall and winter months for most northern parks or states that snow.

  8. hope its a giga coaster:} 😛 woo hooo (")(")



  9. all right see ya

  10. i just came back from usf and can you do a mummy review? and hrrr looks about ready to open. I asked an employee, and she said that they will just open it some random day.

  11. hey

  12. This is EPIC! Kings Dominion deserves this… I can still hardly believe that Cedar Fair would do something THIS big outside of their flagship park… Either way I'm excited… I'm totally getting a platinum pass next year! =D

  13. I'm the same way! Im about an hour away and is MUCH CHEAPER to get a VIP pass to KD then BG!

  14. Okay, the announcement for August 20 might involve a NASCAR connection as reps from DEI will be on hand and the invite features a black stock car on the front and red, green, yellow, white and checkered flags on the inside. Can you say "Intimidator"? That's my guess for the name of this new coaster….

  15. This seems to almost fit the footprint in the video

  16. wait! it says centimeters!

  17. According to some top kd officials and supervisors (this is only rumor) but the new giga coaster will be as tall as they can legally make it in Hanover county. It is supposed to start near where hyper sonic used to be and loop around to beside the anaconda I'm not sure if it will go around water works or through it

  18. No, they're changing the name of Millenium Force and making one at KD. It practical because the Milenium is pretty much over.

  19. Well, Kde, most construction work for the ride has been done behind the anaconda. your rumor may or may not be true but we already know that the ride will be around 350 ft. tall.

  20. My father is the Director of Marketing for Cedar Fair.

    ***Don't read this if you want to wait***


    355 ft

    104 mph

    8155 feet long

    Have fun!!!

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