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I’ve been nervous to even write about the new Bizarro at Six Flags New England. Obviously, the revamped Intamin hyper coaster isn’t really new. It’s another in a line of renovated roller coasters in Six Flags’ new era of roller coaster makeovers. Why would I be nervous?

Superman Ride of Steel is my #1 ranked roller coaster and I consider it the best roller coaster I’ve ever ridden. Its airtime has been unmatched by all of the coasters that I’ve ridden since I rode it in 2005, although El Toro came close. And it’s interesting layout with great highs and lows, two tunnels, and helices is a masterpiece. So, when I heard that Six Flags was going to enhance and improve it, I was very skeptical that a coaster rated as the Best Steel Roller Coaster (by Mitch’s Internet Poll & the Golden Ticket Awards), would come out better than ever. Read my full Superman: Ride of Steel review to see why I gave it a 10 out of 10.

The Bizarro TransformationBizarro Flies Past a Flame!
Let’s take a look at the upgrades that the ride underwent during its transformation from world’s greatest super hero to little known villain. Like, the Medusa to Bizarro transformation at sister park Six Flags Great Adventure, this Bizarro ride received a fire, misters as riders pass through the shields, and on-board speakers. I’ll try to add some more information about the ride from some reviews I can find, but for now I’d like to hear from you!

What’s the Verdict?
While I haven’t been to Massachusetts to ride it yet, I’d love for readers to leave their take and mini-reviews. Is Bizarro better than Superman: Ride of Steel, pretty much the same, or dare I ask,…. worse? Leave a comment below and keep my feelings in mind. Just kidding.

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  1. C.C., can you review the mummy coaster? just went on today. HRRR was running but not accepting people. Hulk was 75 minuete wait 10 min. after park opened

  2. It's in my review queue JaMeS. Thanks for the request.

  3. My opinion about Bizarro is that IT IS WAY BETTER THAN SUPERMAN! You should Go in September because the crouds will be gone and you won't have to wait in a long line. When you go remember to raise you hands as high as they go and sit in the frount row. The fire throws off extreme heat so a cooler day in September will be a good day to go. The sound effects are awesome especially at the end where you heresomeone say

    "That Just Happened" It's Awesome!

    Good Luck

  4. To whomever disliked Bizzaro; I totally disagree and say that the ride was improved through renovations. I myself had never been on Superman: Ride of Steel at the theme park, and living nearly half an hour away I had ony dreamed of experiencing the amazing ride. Here is a little story of how I came to find that S:ROS was no longer part of SFNE.

    I hadn't been to the park in years, due to a busy schedule with sports and other conflicts. So, I was really pumped when I discovered that our 8th grade class would be visiting the park for a music festival titled Music in the Parks. We were on the bus when anticipation took over the minds of many of my classmates and me. Finally, after a lot of commotion of head counts and giving out tickets, we had enter the park, only to find a strange purple coaster in the place of Superman: Ride of Steel. Everyone was confused for a split second, until curiosity flooded our brains. It was a race to ride the new coaster.

    As many people ran over the new phenominon, we noticed that there had been no occupants of the ride for quite some time. Then we realized that the new roller coaster wasn't running, nor would it be for the rest of the day; it was under construction. It took only a few minutes to realize that S:ROS was no longer a main attracion in the park. Then and there I knew that I would never get to ride it.

    So, I have never been on the original Superman: Ride of Steel.

    A few weeks ago I visited the park in celebration of my 3rd cousin's birthday. We rode Bizzaro [Superman's "Evil Twin" if you will] and I absolutely LOVED it. My cousins had been on Superman before and I will take their word for it when they say that Bizzaro is 100% better than SUPERMAN: RIDE OF STEEL.

    'Nuff Said.

  5. Bizarro, (formerly Superman: Ride of Steel) has been greatly improved, upgraded and modified from it's plain past. The speakers are intense, making the lift chain more heart pounding then ever. The on board sound system, if you listen, is about a daily planet reporter getting lost and people trying to find her. It has some random movie phrases. Here is what you hear going up the lift chain.

    "I think he's coming, Mr Luthor."

    "Lets move out." (footsteps)

    "Keep Moving"

    "You have great power"

    "What's Your Status"?

    "It seems to be a wormhole, sir."

    "We're on a mission from god."

    "We're sitting on top of the story of the century here!"

    "The descision of the council will now be heard."

    "There goes a reporter from the Daily Planet!"

    "What is she doing?"

    "See anything farmiliar here?"

    "Get Back! Get Back!"


    "She's fallen in!"

    "Dose'nt anyone notice this? I feel like im taking crazy pills!"

    "Rawrrrr" (Bizarro Growl)

    "What was that?"

    "You can hear somthing coming from the inside!"

    "hold up."

    "LOOK OUT!"

    We've got to find that reporter!"

    Did'nt your daddy ever tell you to… then you go down the first drop.

    also, they added as very cool new first tunnel, and some buildings on the 1st and 2nd bunny hills. There are s shields with mist that display 15 million colors. There are also fire tubes that shoot fire when you roll by them. 2nd tunnel is the same, then you are back at the station after 2 last bunny hills.

  6. Bizarro was a total wast of money.The seats where uncomfterble and the speakers just played cheesy quotes that where loud and anoying. They where trying to be like disny and they didn't sucseed it just came out bad. It was much better off as supper man.

  7. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Bizzaro is way better than Superman:ROS the theaming is way beeter and the fire and seats were the best part. as for the speakers i cant say since they broke when i rode on it. but the buildings were great it looks as if your going to crash into them. the buildings were great it looked as if yopu were about to crash into them and they added a banked s-bend before the bunny-hop they also added lights and fire which are awsome especialy if you are riding at night. i agree whith some people about the soud thing and that if it had been working it probably ruin the ride expierience. also in line, thres much more to keep you busy so the line goes by quicker. over all it was an improvent and is now my favorite roller coaster (Yes and that means it passes kingda ka too)

  8. okay, heres my own review im a little rusty on writting reviews bt ill do my best.

    so, it starts out whith the qeueu line wich all rides do. (whats the point of waiting in a 2 hour line to get off) the line has tvs and giant boards telling the story of bizzaro (not the dc story, the six flags story) you stand by the bizzaroized metropoils buildings (the roatating earth on the daily planet building is now square and gray) and the trees and plants which nearly fill the dc super heros area of the park. it was on a sunday during fright fest so i got on bizzaro 3 timeswhith the longest line being 20 minutes so i didnt have to wait to long to ride. after you get strapped in, the train leaves the station and you listen to the well planned out comments fitting in with the themeing of the ride. while i was looking down at the con. river i saw some jet skiers looking up at us. they waved and everyone who wasnt talking, freaking, or had found a sudden interest in their shoes waved back.

    as we rounded the top of the lift hill a slight roar getting louder and louder as you go down that one SWEET drop. there is a HUGE board thing whith bizzaro on the front beacause of the roar, long first drop,and board it feels as if bizzaro is litteraly flying tords you. as you go in the tunnle, there are red strobe lights linning the corners. i liked how it fit in whith the ride and all but i just wished that they had left one of the tunnles alone.(whats the point of a well light in-the-dark tunnle) although the 10 foot taller drop didnt affect the drop too much, it did add to the airtime on the first couple of hills and the intensity of the overbank curve. wile flying through the overbank you start to notice the well-placed scenery thruoghout the ride. you fly by and through in one case, a couple of buildings that look unearthly and weird. thy`re cheap but still add to the themeing. you rise and drop as you go over the airtime hills being pulled out of your seat and treated to some great g-forces on the way down. afer the 4th dive you take a slight turn through some s-shaped rings that light up and make an alien blaster-like noise while you go through them. it`s a neat effect. the turn elevates as you lift, twist, and siral down into the first helix. by now, the trains have slowed down enough for the sound effects to be herd, but your still to busy throwing your hands up and sreaming in delight at the flamethrowers as they explode right next to you, if you realy want to experience the flame effect ride to the right side of the train at night. by the time you start to notice the sound, your leaving the first helix and venturing to the second. the sound effects are made up of lines from different d.c. super-hero movies, some of them included are: "where are you", "game over pal", and 'lets put a smile on that face". you whirl through the second helix and dive into the second tunnle, as i said i wished they would of left one tunnle alone so that the in-the-dark tunnle was actualy, in-the-dark. you fly out, and journey over the bunny hops before you come to a finaly curve before smoothly slowing to a complete stop behind the station. whats funny is that right after you stop, the sterios go "that just happened" . the funnypart about it is that, beacause of the speed and overall intensity of the ride, that`s exactly what it feels like, "that just happened".

    this WAS an improvment by almost all mesures and i dont know what you guys are talking about, "the sound being to loud" it was fine. i`m not trying to offend anybody but seriously. i think that six flags will, after 2 or 3 years, change bizzaro to superman reaturns or something and then change it back in the same amount of time. this is the best ride around and it just got better.

  9. I have ridden it both before and after the change (I rode it as Bizarro 9 times so far), and I really don't get why people are complaining so much. The audio really gets me pumped up on the lift hill (I do agree that the audio should be toned down a little though). On Superman, the ride up the lift hill seemed too peaceful and quiet, but with the new audio on Bizarro, the climb felt very dramatic, and felt like the end of the world was approaching. The 2d buildings gave an awesome sense of speed, and the shields give a sense of fear. More comfortable trains, fog shields, fire…all add up to a drastically improved ride experience (not to mention new safety features). Theming is more important to a ride than most may think. Seriously people, it's the same ride in terms of g-force and airtime, so enough of all of that nonsense that they "ruined" the ride. If you haven't ridden this yet I strongly reccomend you do. Don't worry about throwing up, I do get dizzy easily, but this is all smooth, pure g-force: I never felt like I was going to throw up. My personal favorite seat is the very front because it feels like you're flying, the view, and I love hanging over the top of the first drop; very dramatic. The back is best for all you airtime hounds, but can be pretty violent, and the middle…well, if you prefer a less intense ride experience(first timers). I can really see why this is much better than Millenium Force!!

  10. You know, I don't think it was a total waste of money, but some of the affects are hard to see/feel/hear. The trains are a little less comfy, but still pretty comfy. I think the sound track is a little unnessasary though because you can't hear it during the ride. Altogether Bizarro = superman

  11. No.

  12. turns out Brainrush got cancled due to the Xelerator accident.

  13. Shoot! I liked that show! That was the only reason I ever watched Cartoon Network, I hate cartoons.

  14. I have been Ridding Superman since it's Debut and experienced it's highs and lows. I have even had the opportunity to take it's firs and last rides or a few seasons. So I know the coaster well. It's not my top coaster nor is it anywhere near the worst.

    The bizzaro Chang over makes the coaster worse. It's not better then it was before. the experience, in a nut shell saw some positive and negative changes.

    The audio is too laud in the station and on the brakes and inaudible during parts of the ride. While during the media day the audio was there to guide you through the story. some extra sounds were in there and unneeded but easily ignored. Since then the story has been slightly lost and a hodgepodge of random sounds were added that have nothing to do with the ride. which cheapens the experience and removed the need for the audio.

    Decorations were added. the sign at the tunnel entrance could go either way. it's not better or worse. The cheap building mock-ups almost cardboard cut out style buildings on the straightaway look terrible but they do add to a section of the ride that was lacking. The shields you shoot through are a great addition though the sound effect is annoying the LED lights are also lost during the day. Misters are can't operate as planed since they flood the exit area.

    The Fire is the biggest waist of money they added. the effect is OK but no surprise since you're bombarded with its heat while in line and in the station if your waiting towards the back. The effect also is not guaranteed since slight increases in weather will trigger and emergency shut off.

    The most positive chance it LED lights have replaced the tunnels Florescent lights. No longer are you subject to only one color but a random color as you fly through

    The coaster itself is the same; same Hill, same Height, same drop, same layout. but the lift is slower to accommodate the sound track and the extra trains weight. So the forces re not as strong as they once were. The new train setup detracts form the experience the head rests obstruct your view and the sound system electronics replaced 2 seats lowering the coasters capacity. The new restraints while blissfully free of the ankle restraints added as a quick fix, are tighter and limit your ability to get air time. I found myself holding myself down since on the extreme air during the bunny hills were causing me pain. Which removed Bizzaro from my Multiple rides a day list.

    Bizzaro has lost something for me compared to it's Superman Version.

    • what do you mean the flouresents were replaed with LED?

  15. Rode Bizarro on press day. I am 66 years old and I rode the incredible maschine more than 20 times. It's still incredibly smooth, incredibly fast,and has the same insane airtime. For all purposes the ride is the same- a breathtaking fun maschine which has deservedly topped the best list over the years. High, fast, reridable.

    • so here`s the second vote of "prettey much the same"- any more?

  16. Bizarro is an amazing ride. A lot of people complain about the audio but for me once we flew down that awesome first drop I didn't even hear the audio anymore. I was too focused on the ride. The airtime is incredible! The S shields are probably the best addition to the ride. Having mist and lights back in the tunnels again brings it back to the earlier days when it was Superman ROS.

    Riding the coaster at night is when these changes are most noticeable. At night, when the train crests the lift hill, the tunnel below is glowing white and purple.

    I say that Bizarro is better than S:ROS.

    • finally, another nightrider! (sounds like the name of a comic book, dosen`t it)

  17. I hear Bizarro's audio is having problems. Can anyone confirm this?

    • they already fixed it, although again i don`t understand the complaints.

  18. I rode Bizarro for the first time today. S:ROS was one of my top 2 coasters (along with Millenium Force) – not any more.

    I do like most of the changes – the mist, flames, and tunnels add greatly to the experience. The exception would have to be the audio, both in how the headrests block the view and in terms of how loud it is. I mean painfully loud. My ears were literally ringing after riding. When we go back, I'm seriously considering earplugs.

  19. we did the six flags new england park today, didnt realize that superman changed to bizarro until we got thier today. last years was 1st year since 80s when it was riverside park…i would rate it as same as superman. its always been my fave coaster.

  20. i wanna see a POV vid of this!


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