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Say It Ain't So. Could Big Bad Wolf be Getting the Axe?Big Bad Wolf is a world-class suspended roller coaster at Busch Gardens Europe. It’s unique layout uses the terrain of the hilly, wooded, park giving you an experience that would be nearly impossible to find anywhere else. It’s a suspended terrain coaster that flies you through a Bavarian village then plummets you to a river. Also, Big Bad Wolf is a classic Arrow suspended coaster. There are only six of these in operation in the World.

Sadly, as Big Bad Wolf turns 25, rumors are emerging that this will be its last year. ScreamScape, ThrillNetwork, and Coaster-Net are all speculating about the ride’s removal. I’m not really sure how the rumors began, but enthusiasts have noticed that Busch Gardens celebrated Loch Ness’ 30th last year, but they haven’t done anything for the Wolf. The park hasn’t responded one way or the other and to my knowledge no one has seen signs of its removal, but you would think the park would confirm that it’s keeping the ride if they were.

Big Bad Wolf - The U.S.'s Best Suspended Roller CoasterPossible Reasons for Big Bad Wolf’s Removal
The first thought that comes to my mind when a roller coaster is removed is always low-ridership. Low-ridership compounded with the expensive maintenance costs (that some speculate exists) may be enough for the InBev-owned Busch park to consider removing it. Add to that, some are stating that Wolf is subject to frequent downtime although on all of my visits its been up and running. Not to mention for years there has been speculation of the park adding a new section themed after another European country like Spain or Greece. Maybe the park feels that the space that ride takes up could be better suited for a new section.

ScreamScape is calling for anyone visiting the park to stop by the Guest Relations desk and tell them how much they enjoyed Big Bad Wolf. But, if the low-ridership/maintenance cost issues are true I doubt that there’s anything that can be done to save the ride. I suggest you ride it this year while you can. If it is removed this winter it will be quite a loss, but I can see why it might make a good business decision. As with any classic roller coaster if Big Bad Wolf is removed it will be sorely missed by fans of all ages. Check out my full Big Bad Wolf review.

UPDATE 7/24 – It’s official. Big Bad Wolf will close after September 7th. Read more about the ‘Wolf’s retirement.

UPDATE 9/8 – Yes. Sadly, Big Bad Wolf is officially now closed. After my visit to Busch this past weekend, I learned more about why the Big Bad Wolf has closed. Read more about why the park decided to close it and see a video of the final train in this post: A Legend Reaches Its Expiration Date

What’s Your Take?
Have you ridden Big Bad Wolf at BGE? If Big Bad Wolf is really on the chopping block would you be sad to see it go? Leave a comment below.

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  1. I rode this ride for the first time today (august 7) and I thought it was a blast. I loved the cars and how they kind of dangled. I'm very sad to see this ride go, I wish I could have ridden it more!

  2. 1st coaster I actually liked since my 1st was apollo's chariot BAD IDEA but this one is good for begginers like I'm 14 and this is my 1st year @ BG and the 1st year I ever rode a coaster in my life kinda strange huh due to financial reasons but I would hate to see this go but if the could make a good replacement thats ok would love another suspended coaster like it or same layout different cars like the ones on alpengeist since they have a higher rider capicity perfect for familys with 3 kids or more and my name for it

    Rommels convoy (nazi genral) ok bad name but sounds pretty good though

  3. The BBW I thought at first, why wold they remove the ride i ean WORLDS 1ST SUCCESSFUL SUSPENDED ROLLER COASTER the bat didnt last long but the BBW is the roller coaster that evry1 loved BGW sucks 4 tearn it down the only reason y i go is for the LNM,Alpengeist,AC,nd Griffon iv heard that they might take out italy nd (AC!) to guild a bridge or ,expand should i say, to germany or take out roman rapids. I tll u there will b problems if they try to take out AC. I will truely miss the Wolf t was a coaster that they should have fixed i mean if u hav enough maoney to make another park n Duabi then u should b easily able to fix a coaster the Wolf shall rest in peace i hope the museum they put it in sets up a nice little area for the Wolf cuz it will ride in2 history nd r hearts.

    • English please?

  4. the big bad wolf lives agian!

    ARLINGTON, TX – (November 19, 2009) –Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

    The National Roller Coaster Museum is hopeful, thanks to a generous donation by the management team of Busch Gardens Europe in Williamsburg, future generations will learn what it was like to "travel at the speed of fright."

    The museum will take possession of an original train, track section, sign package and accompanying support materials for the NRCMA permanent collection. "This is an incredible addition to the Museum collection," Gary Slade, NRCMA Board Chairman said. "When the ride closed on September 7, 2009, it was the oldest operating suspended coaster – and certainly one of the best. We want to thank the leadership team at Busch Gardens Europe for their gift."

    The Big Bad Wolf was originally added to Busch Gardens' Oktoberfest section of the park in 1984. The project was originally a Schwarzkopf designed flying coaster but after 75 percent completion, the project was turned over to Arrow Dynamics. The "suspended swinging coaster" operated until Sept. 7, 2009 when contest winners rode The Big Bad Wolf for the last time at 8:42 p.m.

    "We're honored that the NRCMA wants to add The Big Bad Wolf to their collection," said John Reilly, Busch Gardens' general manager. "It entertained millions of our guests over the years and now will now serve as a reminder for future generations of what the ride meant to the history of the industry."

    "The Big Bad Wolf is historically significant in the industry because of its place in the lineage of steel rollercoaster design," Richard Munch, American Coaster Enthusiasts founder and NRCMA historian said.


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