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American Eagle at Six Flags Great AmericaAs we celebrate our independence don’t forget to also celebrate our dominance with regards to roller coasters. There are some amazing roller coasters throughout the globe, so I wouldn’t say that the U.S. is home to the best especially without experiencing any of them myself. But in terms of sheer numbers, by far, the United States has the most roller coasters of any country in the World. Here’s a table showing the top five countries by roller coasters.

United States534114648
United Kingdom1598167

Data Source – Roller Coaster Database Note – China’s first wooden roller coaster will be the Gravity Group designed Fireball at Happy Valley. Either it’s open and RCDB hasn’t updated it yet or it will open soon.

I hope that I’ve given my American readers another reason to feel patriotic today. Enjoy the holiday!


  1. Wow i would have thought China had a lot more than that. Well i knew that United States would have the most cause we are building and designing new ones every day!

  2. It's surprising that China has no wooden coasters AT ALL. I wonder if there ever was?

  3. C.C. Can you make a Mummy review?

  4. Well i know that China wouldnt want to build any woodys. China is a steel place. I mean no woodies at all which kinda sucks but i love steel coasters


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