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Live Giveaway This Thursday Night
Freestyle Music Park Tickets & SouvenirsFor this week’s Freestyle Music Park giveaway you won’t need to answer any trivia questions. This time it’s all about luck. I’m hosting a live giveaway on Thursday night at 8:16 PM EST. The winner will recieve a four park of tickets to the park, a can koozie, and a mouse pad. All you have to do is be the one who posts the 44th comment. Round About at Freestyle Music Park

Here are the rules:

1. You must be 18 years old to participate.
2. You must comment on Freestyle Music Park or anything having to do with Myrtle Beach. If you don’t reference the park or the beach in your comment it won’t count.
3. Because I may need to weed out invalid posts it may take me a while to confirm the real 44th post.
4. Comments with foul language will be deleted and won’t count.

If you have any questions leave a comment below. I’ll clean out the comments right before the giveaway. Good luck and I’ll see you on Thursday night!

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  1. myrtle beach is so fun

  2. Myrtle beach isn't my favorite but I wanna go to this park.

  3. FSMP rocks!

  4. How much is parking at FSMP?

  5. r there some kid coasters at fsmp

  6. i hear the fireworks at freestyle music park are awesome

  7. NMcKinely is the winner! Thanks for participating everyone. Stay tuned for details on the next giveaway.


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