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Mega Vortex at Waldameer ParkTomorrow I’ll be returning to Waldameer in Erie, PA. It’s home to the 2008 Golden Ticket Winner for ‘Best New Ride’  Ravine Flyer 2. I liked Ravine Flyer 2 so much last year that it landed at 8th on my Top Coasters list and 5th on my favorite wooden coasters. Read my full Ravine Flyer 2 review.

Last year, I was lucky enough to get a private tour of Ravine Flyer 2. This year I’d like to check out the park’s other rides like the classic woodie Comet, spinning coaster Steel Dragon, and the new Mega Vortex (pictured above). Follow me on Twitter for my live tweets!

What’s Your Take?
Have you been to Waldameer? Got any tips for my visit? Leave a comment below.

Founder of My favorite coasters are B&M hypers and gigas. I'm also a huge fan of terrain roller coasters.


  1. My friend told me hes going here this summer. He said that hes been there before and he thought it was amazing. And im going to Dollywood in a couple of days and im really exited. I want to see how Mystery Mine is doing

  2. Darn! And I'm on my way to Six Flags New England. Someday we'll cross paths.

  3. Have fun at Dollywood Matt. I still need to return to ride Mystery Mine. I heard it's pretty good.

    Judy, I'd love to hear your thoughts on SROS/Bizarro. Hopefully, it's not your first time on that ride. The reviews have been mixed.


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