Robocoaster Coming to Harry Potter’s Wizarding World

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Hogwarts in the Wizarding World of Harry PotterNext year, Universal Studios Islands of Adventure is set to open The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It’s taking over a portion of the Lost Continent section of the park as well as a plot of land that was previously unused. It will include locations from the books and films including Hogsmeade, the Forbidden Forrest, and Hogwarts Castle. It is being described as a “$200 million-plus theme park within a theme park.”

Details on the new land within Islands of Adventure have been scarce and contractors working on the project have been required to sign confidentiality agreements. The Orlando Sentinel has uncovered some new information about the section’s signature attraction.

Several people familiar with the project, including one person directly involved, said the ride will be what’s known as a “robocoaster” — a ride system in which guests sit in seats suspended from a robotic arm that can swivel and swoop in multiple directions while it advances along a track.

Plans show the track snaking through more than a dozen scenes, though what those scenes will be remains a mystery. The attraction, according to the people familiar with it, will also feature an elaborate pre-show queue with special effects such as floating candles and snow falling indoors. – Orlando Sentinel

Robocoaster G2 Model Coming to New Harry Potter Land

The Orlando Sentinel also shared that their inside source thinks that the Flying Unicorn and Dueling Dragons roller coasters may be re-themed to fit into the Wizarding World.

I’m not that familiar with the books but I’ve seen movies 3 through 5 and I enjoyed them. I would think that a dark ride-like experience would lend itself well to the series. The actors recently mentioned that they had been doing some work for the new section so they may have been shooting scenes for this ride. It looks like Universal is putting a lot into this huge, expensive project. I’m sure it will be impressive as I was reminded just how great the theming is at the Universal parks on my recent visit.

What’s Your Take?
Are you excited about the new Harry Potter land within Islands of Adventure? What do you think about the rumored dark ride-robocoaster? Leave a comment below.


  1. Universal/Disneyworld have lots of rides like that. I love those rides cause they are so well themed. And this Harry Potter ride is going to be great since the new movies coming out. People are going to watch the movie than want to go to Universal Islands Of Adventure and ride this ride. What a unique and an expensive way to make a coaster. I hope this project goes good and that its worth all the money they are spending on it!

  2. WOO HOO!

  3. I will also be keen to see how Universal will construct this new Harry Potter themed area into the existing park. The current 'Lost Continent' land isn't that big really is it? Although I do think that the Dueling Dragons and the Flying Unicorn can easily be re-themed to suit Harry Potter.

    Current Lost Continent rides and photos can be seen here:

    Could this new ride be somewhat similar to the Spiderman ride? What exactly do the creators mean by robocoaster? Sounds a bit vague, but I would imagine they'll have to keep it under wraps for as long as possible.

  4. Hey Alison, a robo coaster is just like a roller coaster but the train is twisted around so you can see in all directions. Last time i went i dont think the spiderman ride twisted, so i dont think its like that. I can really see how they can make duelling dragons fit in to the Harry Potter area, but i cant see how they can do it to the Unicorn ride. Maybe the Unicorn thing will be replaced with a flying broom that they go on. Well its going to be interesting!haha

  5. I think that the Flying Unicorn will be replaced, it doesn't seem that prominent does it? In comparison to the other rides for kids.

    The Spiderman ride spins 360 but then, it's mostly special effects, you're not actually travelling any great distance.

    As you said we shall see!

  6. Spiderman does not sin 360. i know cause my brother always drags me on it with him, while my parents go on the Hulk!! I mean, I get to go on the hulk too, but not with my family. And a robo coaster is on a mechanical arm, spinning you while you advance on the track. COASTER CRITIC, CAN YOU DO A COASTEROLOGY ON ROBO COASTERS PLEASE?

  7. I think this is going to be a unique coaster at Universal Studios and one of its kind advance technology. I know its going to be fantastic.

  8. Search Wizarding World of harry potter on youtube and this video that has many parts to it will pop up. Click on part 1 those videos are really amazing

    • Fell out of bed feeling down. This has brgietenhd my day!

  9. Guess What? Guess Who? Guess Why?…..and your wrong, but i still have some news!

    so, i was watching Harry Potter last knight and they had an advertisement for the place! turns out Dueling Dragons will be renamed Drachen Chase and the flying unicorn will be renamed the Griffon`s flight. i don`t have any news about the robo coaster but it looks realy cool.

    • Quil im gonna have to do this because you correct me a ton,… night

  10. i wouldn't be so sure, cause they had a huge anouncement ceremony like, 2 months ago, and said that D.D. wood be Dragon's Challenge, Unicorn to be Flight of the Hippogrif, and the supposed robo-arm to be Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey- even a YouTube video up from the event- still this was 2 months ago, so it could have changed-right?

  11. Allison, Lost Continent is the BIGGEST LAND there.

  12. Track looks B&M!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. this is good that it will move along a track because im getting reletivly fresturated with all theese virtual roller coasters that unviversal has recently been making many of, especilly bieng on the west coast universal hollywood has the simpsions ride and thenking kong is set to come out and transformers two also. I personally i enjoyde the simpsons ride but king kong and transformers had more potential. a transformers themed roller coaster would have been great because when i went there i was disaponted in the amount of rides and the mummy is there only roller coaster. but bieng in hollywood i can gues that they have lots of view and hieght restrictions so one o theese days i will have to make it down to orlando

  14. OMG.

  15. That's great!

  16. Thanks for commenting here Anonymous, it gave me a reason to come back here. The ride is awesome. I won't give any details on it, but for those who have ridden Soarin' at any of it's locations, and Spiderman at IOA before Harry Potter, I will give a brief description of the ride: Soarin' + Spiderman + Steroids.

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