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Discounts on Theme Park Tickets
In a recession, what’s better than a deal? I’ll be using this post to share any deals that I come across. And I invite the readers to share any coupons, discounts, or promotions that they find too. In past years, I’ve scanned and posted coupons to parks in my area of the country including Hershey Park, Busch Gardens Europe, & Kings Dominion.

Cedar Fair Parks
Quite a few of the Cedar Fair parks are doing discounts for 4 tickets or more. Availability and prices vary.

Cedar Point Deals

4 or more for $24.99 each until July 31st

California’s Great America
4 or more for $24.99 each, until November 1st

Dorney Park
4 for $125 total, weekdays until September 7th

Knott’s Berry Farm
4 or more for $29.99 each, until end of July 31 st

Kings Dominion
Everyone pays kids price, until September 12th

Six Flags Parks
Six Flags America
Buy one get one free at $49.99

Six Flags Great Adventure
Big Six Pack, Visit six times for $49.99

Six Flags Magic Mountain
Buy tickets for $26.99 online. ($53.99 at the park!)

Six Flags Over Georgia
Everyone pays kids price of $29.99

Universal Orlando
2 Park Unlimited Admission Ticket
Less than the price of a Walt Disney World 1-day ticket with Park Hopper option!
Save $30 per ticket when you purchase online in advance compared to the front gate!
$99.99 Online Go here for details.

Freestyle Music Park
Buy one get one for $17.76 until July 26th

General Discount Ticket & Coupon Tips
Check local grocery stores, pharmacies, and fast food restaurants for discount tickets. Even if you don’t live in the area you’re visiting, with a little internet research you can found out where tickets may be cheaper or what stores offer coupons. I bought my Cedar Point ticket at a Meijer in Sandusky and picked a coupon to Lake Compounce at a Burger King in Connecticut.

When I don’t go the coupon route I head online to save some money. Tickets are always a few dollars cheaper online. (Even 50% cheaper in the case of Magic Mountain above!) So I always buy tickets and season passes through the park’s websites. Just print your tickets out at home and skip the lines at the ticket booth. And, if you forget a ticket or loose them, parks can reprint them at the guest relations desk.

What’s Your Take?
How do you save on theme park tickets? Do you know of any other current promotions? Leave them below or submit them via the contact form and I’ll add them to the post. Also, check out my other Theme Park Tips posts.

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  1. You can also save even more money if you or someone you know's in the military. They have huge discounts… I'm not sure of the exact prices, but they apparently beat the ones you can get at Parks and Rec.

    Oh, and about that… my dad goes to like the courthouse to get tickets. I don't really know. Haha.

  2. Freestyle Music Park seemss like they have a new deal every day. I mean its like they are trying to get more people there by lowering the ticket prices like every day. My favorite deal i think would be the Carowinds deal. That is just flat out cheap…which is good on my part

  3. Atention new yorkers! the great escape and splashwater kingdom (a six flags theme park) has cheap tickets which you can upgrade to a season pass, plus, i bought my ticket off some boy scouts who were selling them for a fund raiser and got them fo only 15$ to 40! then i just upgraded it to a season pass for 40$ qnd got my Six Flags season pass fo 55$ instead of 80! also, if you have a freind whith a season pass, some weaks theyre are bring a friend free passes so you can upgrade it and only pay 40$ for a season pass!and they pay them selves off in only two visits at the great escape and it works for all six fags theme parks excluding some water parks and lodges that you still get coupons for.


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