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UPDATE 9/4 – Cedar Point announced yesterday that the new ride is a water ride called Shoot the Rapids. I guess my prediction was wrong. Here’s a new post where everyone can discuss the Cedar Point’s Shoot the Rapids.

Is Cedar Point Teasing Their 18th Roller Coaster for 2010?
The Center of the Coaster Universe appears to be expanding. Cedar Point has been teasing a new 2010 attraction on their social media sites including their Twitter page, Facebook page, & OnPoint! Blog.

The Coaster Capital Crown: The Battle to Stay Ahead
Part of the reason for the new ride could be Cedar Point’s claim to fame as the park with the most roller coasters on the planet. Think Cedar Point has that title in the bag? Think again. Six Flags Magic Mountain has held the title in the past (2006 with 17 coasters if my math’s right). And after removing a few duds from their lineup and adding Terminator this year, Magic Mountain’s just one coaster behind Cedar Point. So, could Cedar Point be feeling pressured by the rival mega park to keep adding coasters to stay ahead? See Cedar Point’s Lineup | See Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Lineup

A Quality Woodie for 2010?
Cedar Point’s huge lineup includes a wide variety of roller coasters. Inverted, hyper, launch, standing, suspended, mine train, racing, giga, strata, shuttle, and bobsled coasters are all represented on the peninsula. But, the two wooden coasters have been the lineup’s Achilles heel. Blue Streak is a 40-year old classic John C. Allen Mean Streak at Cedar Pointwoodie. It’s fine, but nothing to write home about. The one-time wooden coaster world record holder for height, Mean Streak looks like it would be quite impressive, but for me was a complete snoozer. When I rode it in 2006, I felt as if I was taking a long, slow, tour of the ride’s wooden structure. Read my full Mean Streak review. Recent comments left on my review post have included words like: “intense pain”, “extremely rough”, and “dislocated something.”

Obviously, the park could use an upgrade in the wooden coaster department. Ever since the park tweeted “Gee, See Eye!!!” enthusiasts have been hoping that a Great Coasters International (GCI) woodie is on its way next year. They’ve also had a tweet or status update that mentioned “TOGO”, the out of business Japanese roller coaster company that’s blessed us with clunkers like Kings Dominion’s Shockwave and the sub-par Manhattan Express at New York New York. So, the clues seem a bit all over the place right now.

My Prediction – A GCI Twister
I’m a bit drained from all of the Kings Dominion and Carowinds 2010 news, but I know a new coaster at Cedar Point is always a big deal. They really need to rehab Mean Streak and install another wooden coaster. Of course, I’d be partial to an Intamin pre-fab woodie like my #2 all-time coaster El Toro. If they install an Intamin woodie, I’m buying plane tickets tomorrow for Cleveland. And there are three Gravity Group woodies in my Top 10 so I’d always invite another coaster from that company. But, a GCI woodie would be cool too. Recent GCI coasters Terminator, Prowler, Evil Knievel, & Renegade have received pretty good reviews. Considering Cedar Fair’s past with Prowler & Renegade I bet they’ll continue working with them. Plus, a twister layout will take up less space than an out and back design.

2010 Construction Already Underway
Nick N. submitted a lead yesterday: “I went to Cedar Point on Wednesday and rode on Millennium Force. While on the Island half I noticed the concrete footers, but I also noticed pirate ship masts.” Anyone else seen signs of the coaster’s construction?

What’s Your Take?
What do you think Cedar Point’s new roller coaster will be? What kind of coaster do you think they need? Leave a comment below. Yes. Even you Cedar Point fanboys. Image courtesy of CoasterImage.

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  1. Ok. I've been reading everyone's comments and here's what I've come up with. Crystal Rock Bottling Company does exist. They bottle spring WATER. If you take into account the ride manufacturers that have been eliminated, Intamin and Vekoma are still viable. Vekoma does not make water rides. Intamin does, however. And they have a new style water ride that combines the traditional log flume with a wooden roller coaster. The kicker is, it is a REVERSING coaster, therefore it is Y shaped. BINGO! Their web site site lists it as fully customizable and does not have any specific space requirements. Therefore it would fit on the island very easily. Check it out at http://www.intaminworldwide.com/iag/index.php?opt…. With all the clues I've gathered and from reading everyone else's comments, this is what I have deduced. This would be really cool.

  2. Just curious, Does anyone know who bulids "river battle" rides? They sure are talking about that moonshiners hatfield/mccoys theme alot. Just a thought.

    • Kjberg, I'm pretty sure Mack makes those river battle rides. They made Six Flags Great America's Buccaneer Battle this year.

  3. NEW IDEA!!!

    what if they made the worlds first florrless spinning coaster! it would be a worlds first,(which i have to admit there a little obsessed about) it wouldn, take up to much space, it wont cost to much, and as i said before there liked by all sorts of people. also if they added a water section(a place were the track is under water but only deep enough to create a slash big enough to get evey one wet) it could make up for the lack of water rides.

    P.S. i think the re making snake river falls is a good idea except for one thing, it woulnt help cedar point stay ahead in the lead for most coasters other wise i think the ideas pretty good.

  4. that was a very good point Aaron Herrbach. hmmmmmm…. This is making me very curous. They are really up to something.

  5. i took a look at the intamin website that aaron so kindly attached, i was interested in knowing if intamin had built this wing rider rollercoaster anywhere…….and maybe CP could add aride like this andtake back the speed title from ringracer…..just and idea…..im also on board though with the reverse boat program. I can't wait to see what CP has planned!!

  6. OK GUYS! I checked out the Cedar Point facebook, Twitter, and it said "09.03.09 09:10. All will be revealed."! Guys this means that they will be announcing whats going on 2maro.!

  7. Darn, I'm in school. 🙁

    It will probably be nothing we saw coming.

  8. Flying coaster is needed there.

  9. The Pirate flag on the island is for Haloweekends. It's the Pirate walk through. It looked kinda thrown together last year. On 08/31/2009 I did see alot of things stored in the middle of the Mean Streak. There was some plastic wraped roller coaster cars(2 to 3). Those could be for the Gemeni make over. They had what looked to be the fiber glass shells for the corkscrew trains. They where yellow and black. I also saw Jungle Larry's Jeep. This jeep used to be stored behind Snake River falls. You could see the storage area on the train ride. The storage area looked cleared out. Oh, I like the Mean Streak. It is mean. I do not like the woodies that might of well just been made with steal. I think the Mean Streak just gets better every year. Back to the storage area. It is close to Frontier Trail. The whole whyte lighting thing. Shift some traffice over to the trail.

  10. Whyte Lighting – – ??? – –


  11. i can't wait for 9:10 AM!!!!!!

  12. 16 Minuetes!

  13. So disappointed that it ended up being a water ride!!! Was really hoping it was something along the lines of stormrunner or a new woodie. Guess we will have to wait a couple more years……

  14. Interesting. No one has posted one comment since the announcement.

    Honestly, I don't know how "The Coaster Critic" is going to recover from this one. Cedar Point's 2010 Roller Coaster? Not.

    I think in general it's wise to not report until you've got the facts or at least have a trusted source whose leaked the actual project details. Sorry. It did make for some interesting conversation.

  15. Shoot the Rapids? Wow.

  16. A new water ride.! man……

  17. I was expecting something a little bigger.

  18. Guess I was wrong – I still think you can see where it is going when you ride the train and get right behind Snake River Falls. Another ride that you might be able to see it from is the skyhawk. I'll have to try next week. – I hope it's not a soaker water ride. One that lets you keep walking around the park after riding.

  19. Dang, i wanted a 500 footer.

  20. Here is some video.


    Right behind snake river falls.

    Maybe next year will get the 500 ft coaster.

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