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Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit Open – Video & Early Reviews
Last weekend, Universal Studios Orlando began a soft opening period for their delayed Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit. With the ride’s uniqueness and many state-of-the-art features it’s no surprise that it took a little longer to get everything just right. Then on August 19th, the park sent out a press release stating that the ride was officially open.

Attraction Magazine’s Rip Ride Rockit ReviewHollywood Rip Ride Rockit's Non-Inverting Loop
Ricky from Attractions Magazine has the first full-fledged review that I’ve found. Read his full Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit review. In his review he makes the case that while Rip Ride Rockit is a lot of fun, it’s not as thrilling as SeaWorld’s Manta or many other roller coasters. He also notes, what I also found out in my interview, that Universal’s goal was to create something that appealed to a wider audience. So basically, they were successful in creating a “roller coaster that can be enjoyed by more than just thrill-seekers.”

He goes on to say that Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit is: “fairly tame – perhaps on a thrill level just above Big Thunder Mountain at Disney’s Magic Kingdom one or two notches below Expedition Everest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.” He does also tout how cool the ride is with the music booming from the headrests and how you can’t hear the other riders music. He also has some good things to say about Rockit’s twisted layout and how it passes through the building.

Varying Experiences on Rip Ride Rockit
To be fair, this was only one person’s opinion and a few people sparred with him in the comments at the bottom of his review. Some disagreed with his review putting Rockit on the same level as Hulk and Kraken as far as thrills and some experienced airtime while Ricky did not. Lance over at ScreamScape has reported that the reviews he’s been receiving are all over the place. Some are proclaiming Rockit as their new #1 roller coaster while others are complaining of uncomfortable rides. Lance’s theory is that there may be ‘good’ and ‘bad’ trains. Also, JaMeS found an excellent video with a complete view of Rockit including trains being moved out of storage and some footage of the station at ParkSleuth.

Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit = A Crowd Pleaser
I’m not surprised by Ricky’s review. Universal wasn’t aiming for the tallest, fastest, or most intense coaster with Rockit. Designer Louis Alfieri shared with me that they were looking for something that would suit their wide demographic of visitors. So Rockit really is more about the experience or complete “show”, for lack of a better word. It makes sense when you look at Universal Studios as a whole. I wish that I could ride Rockit myself, but for now other’s reviews will have to do. When I come across some more reviews worth sharing I’ll update this post.

What’s Your Take?
Have you ridden Rip Ride Rockit? Are you planning on riding Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit soon? How do you think it looks? Leave a comment or your own review below. Photo Credit – Attractions Magazine

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  1. i mean jerkier than the back

  2. ok, im going back to Universal for the mummy and this on monday, wait i mean for the parade… yeah that's it…

  3. I'm heading in this thing's direction later in the year, and I'm so excited to sit in the front seat as it goes through the double take. From the looks of the lift hill though, the descent angle is less steep than the ascent angle

  4. This ride is good fun, and the ability to choose your own music definitely enhances it, but it's nothing too special in my view. Hulk and the Dragons both deliver a more intense ride physically. If it weren't for the music, it wouldn't rate too high in my book; the ride itself seems pretty tame.

  5. Rode Rockit with my daughter last week >10 times. I can see why the reviews are all over the place. The position you sit is v. important for ride experience. We found front 2 rows gave us the best ride experience with the back being the worst for jerkiness – which she finds makes her feel sick. But she (aged 13) would say this is her fave coaster taking whole experience (music etc) into account.

  6. It was a very disappointing coaster experience for me, from the very long wait to not having enough time to pick my own music. The worst was the bone jarring ride, i had a terrible headache after this ride and the over priced ride video i bought shows just how bad the head shaking was.

  7. Went to universal studios april of 2010 and rode rip rock it.
    The ride was awesome but the DVD is the biggest piece or crap scam ever. It shows maybe 10 seconds of actual video of you and your other rider. There rest is an animated pre-made cartoon looking video. It really was a huge dissapointment of $30.00 spent. And $15.00 to get it emailed to a friend from universal.

    Ride the ride but never even consider buying a DVD unless they change it.

  8. Just got home from Universal and put my DVD in… What a huge disappointment!!! I would have thought it would have shown me the entire journey of the ride… but no! as stated above just occasional snippets and doesnt really show the experience I had on the ride…

    Don't get me wrong I loved the ride – but the DVD – PANTS!!! Next stop, Universal website to complain!


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