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UPDATE – 4/02/10 Intimidator 305’s open! Watch a POV video and leave or read a review here: Kings Dominion’s Intimidator 305 Reviews & POV Video

Intimidator 305 To Tower over Kings Dominion in 2010
Intimidator 305 Logo | Coming to Kings Dominion in 2010Today, Kings Dominion (Doswell, VA) finally revealed the details of their 2010 roller coaster. It will be called Intimidator 305. It’s a fitting name because it will be more than 30 stories tall at 305′. Furthermore, the Intimidator 305 name reflects the ride’s NASCAR theming as its name is borrowed from “the most beloved and tenacious driver,” Dale Earnhardt Sr. The ride’s red steel track will change the skyline of Kings Dominion with a lift hill taller than the 275′ observation deck of the park’s Eiffel Tower replica. Intimidator 305 will feature:

The trains, fashioned after Dale Earnhardt’s signature black car, will roar through six airtime humps plus three high-speed turns and the experience will have guests screaming for another lap around the track.

The $25 million roller coaster will open in April of 2010. Visit Kings Dominion’s Intimidator 305 site for more information. Also, check out this video of Intimidator 305 at Kings Dominion. Nice how the camera pans up from the now dwarfed Anaconda lift hill.:

Go here for pictures & images of Intimidator 305.

Coaster Geek Analyis: Intimidator is Millennium Force’s New Kid Brother
Cedar Fair decided to leave their flagship park, Cedar Point, with the tallest and fastest Giga Coaster in the U.S. They stopped within 5′ of Millennium Force’s peak when designing Intimidator. The 300′ drops are the same height, Intimidator at Kings Dominionbut Intimidator’s will be 5 degrees steeper. After that, the similarities end. Millennium Force was the world’s first giga coaster (roller coasters 300 to 399 feet tall) when it opened in 2000. It’s a fan favorite mainly for its height and speed. Read my full Millennium Force review.

Intimidator’s Layout
Packed with high speed, heavily banked turns, Intimidator looks to mimic those steep turns found on some NASCAR tracks. It’s a neat way to reference the theming, but I’d prefer airtime hills. According to the press release, Intimidator promises six airtime hills, with the last one ending with the magnetic brakes right before the station. I hope that they really do have some airtime, but I’m skeptical after my airless ride’s on Millennium Force. As long as half of them offer a brief pop of air, I’ll be happy.

Intimidator 305's Layout | Kings Dominion 2010

Intimidator's Dale Earnhardt Sr. #3 Themed TrainsOverall, Intimidator’s layout is a good 1,500 feet shorter than Millennium Force’s but it’s used pretty well. I am a sucker for tunnels, but that wouldn’t really go with the them. I would have like to have seen a long straight away at some point. The first hill could have dropped into a long straight away where you really feel the speed and then it could have thrown you into that first banked turn. But these are minor gripes. The layout doesn’t blow me away, but if you’re going to build a 5,100 long NASCAR-themed giga coaster that’s about the best you can do.

UPDATE – Over-the-Shoulder Straps = Good News!!
Intimidator will feature Over the Shoulder StrapsSo ScreamScape has gotten to the bottom of the over-the-shoulder-restraint controversy. Early pictures and animations showed what everyone believed to be dreaded over-the-shoulder restraints. Lance called John Pagel from Kings Dominion and Pagel described the restraints as “over the shoulder straps”. Here’s a screen capture (to the left) of the straps restraints on Intamin’s Tornado at Bakken.  It’s a pretty new system so I can see why there was so much confusion. I don’t think these will be half as bad as real over the shoulder restraints. The main issue with those is of course the head banging. That doesn’t look possible with these straps.  Lance also speculated a while back that using a different restraint system than Millennium Force’s lap bars may allow for more larger riders. No one likes to be turned away from a roller coaster. Especially after facing the insanely long waits Intimidator will likely have.

Looking for information on Carowinds’ Intimidator? Visit my post here.

What’s Your Take?
What do you think of Kings Dominion’s new 305′ monster? Leave a comment below.

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  1. This is nothing but Superman Ride of Steel with an extra 100 ft and not even close to MF. Once again KD places rides in area's of the Park that have nothing to do with the theme…this is placed in the Congo section. What I'm realizing is that the only "Theme Park" that Cedar Fair owns is Knott's Berry Farm and the rest of their parks are Amusement Parks.This is what they are turning KD into. Also how can they say that this will be the tallest in the Mid-Atlantic region? Umm did they forget about Kingda Ka's 456 height and 418 drop? Also isn't New Jersey considered "Mid-Atlantic?

  2. Agreed Rollercoaster Dude. As un-Giga as it seems, more straights to set up the banking turns would've been more NASCAR and also would've made the ride more unique. I know everyone wants more hills, but after an airless ride on Millennium Force, I have my doubts gigas can provide air. Hopefully, I'm wrong.

    Lanceindc, I didn't think NJ, was considered mid-atlantic, but you're right it is. The "Tallest on the East Coast of It's Kind" refers to the fact that it uses a lift hill. Of course plenty of news outlets are shortening that to tallest on East Coast. Oh well.

    I added a close up of the trains above in case you missed it.

  3. This coaster is going to be SICK. This ride could possibly top Millennium Force in my book. It has the height & speed & steepness of the first drop; with all of the turns from MAVERICK (at cedar point) which is my favorite coaster EVER.

    Although it features over the shoulder restraints, this, I can promise you will NOT inhibit airtime. Airtime does not necessarily mean that you leave your seat; rather it is the feeling of weightlessness. On Millennium Force and Top Thrill Dragster, wich feature single rachet lap bars, you NEVER LEAVE YOUR SEAT… BUT you get that weightless feeling! Same with Maverick which has the same restraints that Intimidator 305 will have. And to whoever wrote this… If you want tunnels, close your eyes on a couple of turns & it will be your favorite coaster hahahaha

  4. TommyKWhip i don't know if you rode the same millennium force that I did but when I rode it it had absolutely NO airtime.

  5. I don't see what is so intimidating about Intimidator. The 1st drop looks great, but this ride reminds me of Goliath in the respect that after the 1st drop, the ride is down the drain. You can't judge a ride until you walk out the exit.

  6. I think the OTSR thing has finally been debunked. This ride will NOT have the Intamin OTSR like Maverick or Kingda Ka. This was stated on a Pod Cast featuring John Pagel, Marketing Manager of KD. He said the ride will feature lap bar restraints, with shoulder harnesses or belts, kind of like a seat belt, and the animations are not correct on the website.

    This ride is going to be awesome!!!

  7. If thats true then that will be a big relief!!!!!!!!!

    CAROWINDS ANOUCEMENT TOMMAROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I totally cannot believe that CAROWINDS and KINGS DOMINION, BOTH named their new coaster the SAME NAME! I mean, what's up wit dat? People are going to get so confused when talking about these 2 new coasters that aren't even built yet. And now I am jealous, cause Carowinds has better HILLS, than Kings Dominion will have! I mean King's Dominion will have one big hill and then it's just a "glorified Superman/ 6 Flags D.C." and that is it! Even with Carowinds' Intiminator being shorter than King's Dominion, I think the 2nd, 3rd hills will be better than just the big 'cloverleafs' on Kings. Ugggg! I live so much closer to Kings and grew up going there every summer. Peace out dudes.

  9. You're right AnimalShark. Thanks for the heads up. I've updated the post with some information I found that confirms your comment. That's great news and I'm a little more excited about this ride.

  10. Okay the ride looks great, but im wondering, are you aloud to take the staps off. if you can take them off i`ll have to say its one of the greatest ideas in coaster history but if not it could be different. its good beacause tamer audiences may try to ride it. i looked at the picture and the desing of in timidator and to my disapointment i found out that it was not a B&M like the one at cariwonds. but if you can take the shoulder straps off it will appeal to all thrillseakers and people pushed on the ride by freinds or family. over all i cant wait to ride it i can tell even if you cant take the straps off its going to be awsome!

    PS it will NOT be the meanest on the east NOTHING is going to take Bizzaro`s throne.

  11. Well, I'm glad that the shoulder restraints aren't as bad as we once thought. Less head banging would be good, of course unless you're an 80's headbanger, then the sky's the limit. And the sky's the limit is what we'll get on the first hill, but after that, I am still rather disappointed. With all the land that KD has, they REALLY should have done an out and back like Apollo's Chariot. Heck, even, take the scale of this 305 against Carowind's new one, and their track looks so much better. More big hills. It's kind of funny that Cedar made the one at Carowinds just a bit shorter. I just wish KD would have gotten 'that track' set up, instead of the one they chose. If you have time, compare the 2 tracks and see that Carowind's has many more hills. It's sad for me, cause KD is closer, I live in Md and went to KD all my life. ugggg. Any body can give me some positives on the 305? Please help. Just disappointed still, after the first hill, that's all. (on a side note, they could have placed in close to the Grizzly and SHOWN i-95 what a huge coaster this is; instead, it's back by those train tracks.

  12. Looks like an awesome roller coaster. I hope soon i get to make my way over there to ride that.

  13. The ride will have a single rider line!

  14. It's looks pretty sweet. I hope I get the chance to get up there to ride it. Since most of the people viewing this are probably amusement park fans, i dare you to come to the other side of the tracks and see the amusement park for the workers point of view on my blog, The Amusement Park Tales:

  15. Travis, that may speed the line up a LITTLE, but not dramatically, because its only 2 per row, and knowing KD, they wont just load up a train or 2 just for them, like rip ride rockit


    It is me JaMeS, but I might get a different logo or something cause it erased my name

  16. Hey, Coaster Critic, thanks for all you do. This is an awesome site for us rollercoaster enthusiasts! Your spot on Fox news was awesome dude!

    • Thanks Rollercoaster Dude. I enjoy writing on it. I just wish I had more time. Anyway, I appreciate the props.

  17. You da man! I love your site man. I think I'll list all the coasters I rode this summer '09. So here it goes:

    1.) Farhenheit (HP)

    2.) Stormrunner (HP)

    3.) Comet (HP)

    4.) SupperDooperLooper (HP)

    5.) Trailblazer (HP)

    6.) WildMouse (HP)

    7.) Lightning Racer (HP)

    8.) Apollo's Chariot (BG-Williamsburg)

    9.) Kingdom Coaster (DW–Lancaster)

    10.) The Joust (DW–Lancaster)

    11.) Goofy's Barnstormer (MagicKingdom/Orlando)

    Amusement Parks I visited summer '09:

    1.) Dutch Wonderland (Lancaster, Pa)

    2.) Hersheypark (Hershey, Pa)

    3.) Busch Gardens (Williamsburg, Va)

    4.) WaterCountry USA (Williamsburg, Va)

    5.) Zoombezi Bay (Columbus, Oh)

    6.) Magic Kingdom (Orlando, Fl)

    7.) EPCOT (Orlando, Fl)

    8.) Disney Hollywood Studios (Orlando, Fl)

    9.) Typhoon Lagoon (Orlando, Fl)

    What a summer of fun.

    • ummm…. why are some rides, and some (like the disney parks) parks? i thought you said rides…?

      • never mind. 🙂

  18. What would happen if a stand-up giga was made? Also, does anyone think a strata coaster will ever be built with a lift hill? Only 2 stratas exist, and both are launched coasters. Would a strata with a chain lift be the greatest coaster on Earth?

  19. Oh, and Rollercoaster Dude, I can name a few positives for KD's I305 ride. First, I305's first drop is not only 300 feet, but it is at 85 degrees, so it's almost vertical. Think of SheiKra's first drop on a much larger scale and without the hold. That's got to be fun. Also, even though the ride lacks good hills, it is supposed to reflect NASCAR. And since when has a NASCAR track had many ups and downs? Cedar Fair likely wanted to keep the NASCAR theme to the hilt and have just enough hills to satisfy riders, but the main feature is the turns. Finally, since it is somewhat compact, there is still tons of room for future park expansion, instead of lots of wasted space. Carowinds has very little extra space, and had to get rid of their top water ride to build I232, so they might as well build the out-and-back layout.

  20. Oh my gosh, I'm so excited! My uncle works for Intamin AG, and he gave me a call today saying he got me a front row seat on I305's first ever run!!!!!!! I may live in North Carolina, but he said he will also pay for train tickets to get up there on the day it opens! The very front seat has been reserved for ME! Thank you, uncle!!!!


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