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UPDATE – 3/30/10 Intimidator’s open! Watch an official POV video and read some reviews here: Carowinds’ Intimidator Reviews & POV Video

Intimidator at Carowinds LogoIt’s official, Intimidator will dominate Carowinds skyline in 2010. At 232′ (23 stories), this massive new coaster will be the longest, tallest, and fastest in the South East. It’s also Bolliger & Mabillard’s tallest roller coaster in the U.S. Intimidator will speed its black Chevy Monte Carlo themed trains in excess of 75 mph.

Intimidator Overview - Carowinds 2010

Record Breaking, History Making – 232 Feet Tall – $23 Million
As I predicted, the record is a regional one, but it’s still notable. Intimidator's Airtime Hills - Carowinds 2010As the tallest roller coaster in the South East Intimidator will edge competing Six Flags Over Georgia’s Goliath height by more than 30 feet. The history refers to the fact that the roller coaster will be the park’s largest capital investment in its 37 year history at a total investment of $23 million.

The NASCAR-Earnhardt Theme
All signs pointed to the new roller coaster being named Intimidator. There were the racing theme hints, the Sporting News article stating a rollercoaster with Earnhardt marks will be built at Carowinds, and the day before, the ride’s minisite was discovered at:  Tieing the new roller coaster to NASCAR was a really smart move for the park. Anyone who knows the area knows that this IS NASCAR country. It will bring a lot of attention to the park escpecially with the NASCAR Hall of Fame opening in Charlotte next year.

Early reactions point at its similarity to Diamondback at Kings Island. It will be Me in front of some B&M Intimidator Tracka Bolliger & Mabillard with red track and gray supports. I can already say that it’s going to offer a smooth comfortable ride and have a high ride capacity that should produce fairly quick moving line. These two factors are hallmarks of B&M’s roller coasters.

I will update this post on Thursday with more of my thoughts on the ride’s layout. I’ve uploaded pictures from the media event as well as 6 more shots of the new coaster on my Facebook Page. Check out this fly-over off-ride video of the Intimidator at Carowinds:

What’s Your Take?
What do you think of Carowinds’ Intimidator? Leave a comment below.


  1. Yeah, I know what you mean, QB3. What do you think, Coaster Critic? Blue reminds me more of Madagascar than Egypt, since Madagascar is a large island.

  2. Montu? You know that there is a review for it…

    Back on topic, when did B&M return hills get so big! And after that brake run the ride seems to slow far enough down so that there is no air. I, for one, think I305 will be better.

  3. I don't know, Nessie. Each one has its it own advantages and disadvantages. I232 is all about airtime, but you're probably right about the end being too slow. We'll just have to see about that. Meanwhile, I305 is about two things – speed and turns. The hills probably won't have much airtime, but sometimes speed makes up for that. We'll just have to wait and see.

    Oh, and by the way, if you haven't been on the I305 post, my uncle got me on the front car of I305's first ever run, since he works for Intamin AG. I bring a camera along for the ride and link it to this site.

  4. Hey, why isn't anyone talking about I232 anymore??? Oh, and Coaster Critic, about what I was talking about on Sept. 29 is that my site is

    I've only had around 10 visitors, so any tips would be greatly appreciated.

    • If I may, I232 will be better if you judge it on height and airtime. Carowinds' will have 7 steep hills; 305 will have 2.

  5. Criss-Cross Hammerheads FTW!

  6. What was that about?

  7. What are you talking about QB3?

  8. i think the new intimadator will be the best roller coaster in north america. i'm from south carolina, and the best theme park around is carowinds. the first time i hade ever road a roller coaster is last year there. i road the carolina cobra as a start, and i learned that i'ts a little to much for a start, but i road it again, and loved it. i think that the intiadator will be the coaster that takes carowinds to the top ratings!

  9. I think it will be the best coaster at carowinds, but I highly doubt it will be the best in America. I think bizzaro will keep that place for a long time. It might make it in the top ten though.

  10. you might be right, but i have full confadence in this roller coaster.

  11. Yes, Tucker. I232 will be the greatest in the Carolinas, and maybe all of the United States. Only MF and Bizarro will come close. Go Carowinds!

  12. Oh, and CC, I saw that your next Theme Park Review was on Carowinds. Thank you for that! I have only read a handful reviews on Carowinds, and they all were saying that it is subpar. I'm tired of hearing that.

  13. me too. they don't say good things about carowinds because they don't know what a real roller coaster is!!

  14. i'll be back next weekend because i am going on a trip. hey CFC, i visited you website, and thought that it was good that someone was finily saying things about carowinds. come back here next week, and i might be here.

  15. schwars, i was talking about lazors comment above, and cfc, i rode bizzaro and nitro and bizzaro destroyed. i know that the new intimidator will be different (i read carolina girls comment) but it is a LOT alike i doubt that it will be bettter than bizzaro.

  16. I know, QB3. I guess I was just showing what I like to call "Carowinds Pride", and that pride has just magnified tenfold.

  17. it looks as though the final bunny hop into the break stop will have good airtime.

  18. Yeah, looks like it.

  19. CC, is the parking lot at Cariwonds seriously that big?

    PS-i was watching the air view video and it looked as if there were two seats per row instead of one.

  20. i've never heard of a B&M with even just 2 seats per row, except on the stadium seating on stuff like Diamondback

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