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The Atlanta Floods Put Six Flags Over Georgia Under Water
Six Flags Over Georgia FloodedThe recent unforgiving rains have caused havok in Atlanta over the past few days. The heavy rains have resulted in floods, mudslides, tons of trapped residents that have had to be rescued, and unfortunately a handful of deaths. This sounds like a complete disaster for the area. The rains are supposed to be lighter today, so hopefully things will start to improve down there.

Obviously, there are much more crucial things to worry about than theme parks during a crisis like this, but the magnitude of the floodwaters can be seen in the video below showing an aerial view of the partially flooded Six Flags Over Georgia:

The first roller coaster in the video appears to Batman: The Ride, then briefly you can make out Ninja (which has always sat on a pond), and then the helicopter moves to Great Amercian Scream Machine. You can clearly see that the white woodie has a number of its sections completely under water with only the crests of it’s hills poking out. The footage reminds me of Galveston, Texas and the Kemah Boardwalk after Hurricane Ike.

I have to wonder how long it will take for the park to bounce back after these floods. Will they just cancel Fright Fest and close for the season? Or will the park be back up in running in a few weeks? I guess it all depends on how severely damaged the park is.

UPDATE – Josh posted a link to an article that states that Six Flags Over Georgia plans to reopen this weekend.

What’s Your Take?
Are you in the Atlanta area? Were you planning on visiting Six Flags Over Georgia soon? Leave a comment below.

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  1. The waters down here are incredible, especially since we've had a drought for the past few years. The park said on their facebook and twitter pages that they plan to open back up this weekend, which is very good news. Planning to visit at the beginning of next month, so I hope it gets cleared up in time. They've actually shut down sections of a few major interstates as well, so the question is also will you be able to get to the park!

  2. SFOG plans to be open this weekend. They say if the flood waters don't recede, they'll just block off the flooded sections. Source:

  3. Six Flags over Georgia is the largest regional theme park in the Southeast. Its two parks — the Six Flags in Austell and the White Water property in Marietta — are the region's largest employer of seasonal workers.

  4. I remeber that flood. I was out of school for 2 days as a result of it.


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