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Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom’s largest roller coaster, Chang, is on the move.  The rumors of the ride’s removal were confirmed today. I noticed that NewsPlusNotes posted a link to a article about Chang’s Removal for a Water Park Expansion.

Destination Unknown & Six Flags Coaster Exchange Program?
While Chang’s new home is unknown, rumors are that the B&M stand-up looper is on its way to Six Flags Great America near Chicago, IL. The article mentions that Kentucky Kingdom will be giving the ride to another amusement park. This could hint to the chain’s 50th anniversary in 2011. Some are pointing out that the Six Flags parks gave gifts to each other in a kind of ride/roller coaster exchange program during the last big anniversary. The odd thing about the Great America rumor is that the park already has a stand-up coaster in Iron Wolf. It was B&M’s very first roller coaster. Maybe they will retire that ride next year and install Chang in 2011. We’ll have to wait and see. I’m looking forward to seeing more of this coaster swapping going in the next few years.

Chang at Kentucky Kingdom - Layout View

Future of Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom
It’s not looking good for Kentucky Kingdom. In recent years roller coasters, like the dueling woodie Twisted Sisters, have been SBNO (standing, but not operating). Kentucky Kingdom hasn’t received a new roller coaster since 2003 while the water park has seen continued growth. Many have thought that the park may be transitioning to a water park. Maybe this is the beginning of the end of Kentucky Kingdom and the start of a new water park only era much like the fate of Geauga Lake.

Whichever Six Flags receives Chang will be very lucky. Chang is my all-time favorite stand-up coaster. Read my full review of Chang at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom.

What’s Your Take?
What do you think of Chang’s removal? Which Six Flags park do you think should get Chang? Leave a comment below.


  1. It really makes me terribly sad. That was the only real reason I went to six flaggs when I could just drive 45 minutes to Kings Island. I don't know. Being in Indiana I have several other amusement park options whether it be Holiday World, Kings Island, or Ceder Point but still, I am saddened by the idea of this amazing snake of steal moving farther away. One of our physics teachers will be crushed.

  2. If they move Chang then i will probably never visit SFKK again. i think theyre makin a BIG mistake. It's cold sometimes, even in the summer in KY. AZ could use some waterparks, but KY needs none. I live in KY and it will be a major letdown if they move the coaster. i think theyre stupid and should reconsider what will happen after they move it. If they try to convert it into a waterpark no one will probably want a season pass…

  3. Oh, i didn`t know that SFKKin`s water park had that name, WoW. Six Flags needs to get some creativity.

  4. When I was there in Aug., all of the rides were a walk-on except the breakdance and T2, both of which had about a 30 min. wait. The waterpark, however, was so crowded that we didn't bother going out to the car to get our swimsuits. The handful of locals I talked to before the park opened said they bought season passes in order to use the waterpark. Rides were secondary to them. Is anyone out there a Kentucky Kingdom local? If so, what's your opinion on this? As for the temperature, it was freakin' hot when we were there!!!

    • The reason why the parks amusement park isn't as crowded is because everything is so old! The park hasn't seen a new flat being added to the park since 1998, Before six flags had the park in its name. They also got rid of Rainbow next to the enterprise last season and now that area is a ghost town. If Six Flags hadn't purchase the park, or Ed Hart hadn't sold the park in 98, This park wouldn't be what it is today, A DUMP.

      Some people believe that the STOP accident has made low attendance impact on the park, but it isn't true. Everyone is just waiting a new coaster or major attraction. It seems as if the park hasn't seen anything BRAND NEW our the box since the 90s.

  5. This might seem kind of weird, but SFGAm could open this up as a floorless coaster. All they need is new trains.

  6. and it probably will get new trains, stand-ups are going extinct, and to no one`s dismay.

    • Think Carowinds is going to keep Vortex? It's a small, but decent roller coaster in a small, but decent park. It's pretty old, considering it's B'M's 3rd of 4th ride they ever made. I hope it doesn't go BOOM.

  7. Im a local… and i can not believe they are getting rid of Chang. What are they thinking? Im really disappointed. Chang was by far the best rollercoaster at SFKK. The only one i really bothered riding. I would ride it, turn around and get back on it. Most of my time would be spent in the waterpark because of the lack of good coasters. Now that Chang is gone, there's no reason to go anywhere BUT the water park. I really wish they would expand both the waterpark and the thrill park, but with the lack of property there's no way. The size of land that KK has really limits it to how good it could become. But all in all… im really disappointed. Guess it's off to Kings Island this year.

  8. By the way… Congrats to whatever park gets chang. You're getting an AWESOME coaster.

  9. Six Flags Great America will be getting Chang, and SFKK will probably become a water park.

  10. [sigh] I really hate it, but I think your right Quil. I REALLY hate it when amusement parks go away. Well, on the bright side, this gives me another reason to go to SFGAm.

  11. This looks a lot like the mantis at cedar point.

    • Yep. They're pretty similar although for some reason Chang is much, much smoother.

  12. CC, could you do a top 3 thurs. on the top 3 stand-ups?

  13. Great america does not need this ride. I can name a few othe parks that could use this coaster.

    Six flags America

    The Great Escape

    Six Flags Mexico

    Six flags Discovery Kingdom

    • From a lineup standpoint you might be right. But for a park like Six Flags America, they may not have the attendance levels to warrant such a large new-ish ride.

    • Six flags Discovery Kingdon could use it… but they have Medusa which is already a great ride… but the park would be so much better if they had a stand up.

  14. I'm hoping The Great Escape… sitll, it`s even more likley now beacause theirs a SFRumor (six flags rumor) that a new cpoaster will be added to the great escape in 2010 or 2011. asa ix flags rumor is something ththat`s told to ride ops and other workers in case someone asks, it`s just a suscpicion though.

  15. I was at SFKK in July of 2009. We were visiting the Louisville area for a conference, and one of the field trips was to spend the entire day at SFKK. So, we get there, at opening, and rode all the LAME rides in less than an hour, and sat around until the water park opened, which had just as few and LAME rides as the amusement park. We left before 1:00 pm. I was so happy those tickets were paid for by the conference…if I had to pay for a ticket to go there, I would be so pissed. You might as well just sit at home and do nothing, because that's more fun then SFKK.

    • I doubt it.

  16. Kentucky Kingdom Rejects Lease

    Park to Close

  17. SFGAm is my main park- with the amount of people we get there in a day- we could use another coaster. I am excited to get this- Iron Wolf is super rough. I was at the park last weekend and there is a part of the park closed off for a new ride in 2011. The SF in San Antonio could use some bigger rides- let alone rides at all!

  18. yeah they are moving it to great adventure i found it out on the internet anyway i dont like scream machine because one time i almost broke my neck they should change it because it is a better idea

  19. Hey at Six Flags New England it says a mystery coaster will open up in 2011. Who knows, maybe it will be Chang! I hope it is. I've always wanted to ride on it really badly.

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