Coolest 2010 Roller Coasters May Not Be in the U.S.

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2010 Roller Coasters Opening In the Rest of the World
Ferrari World Opening in Abu Dhabi in 20102010 is looking to be a down year for new roller coasters in the States. The Intimidator coasters at Kings Dominion and Carowinds are big projects and look great. But after those new rides, there are only a few other major roller coasters in the U.S. The other most notable ride is Kennywood’s currently unnamed launch coaster.

So, let’s take a look at some of the cool new coasters opening around the World. There’s not a lot of information or images, but I’ll share what I know for now:

Battlestar Galactica & Revenge of the Mummy at Universal Studios – Singapore
Based on the popular Sci-Fi TV series, Battlestar Galactica will be the world’s tallest dueling coaster. It is a Vekoma-designed ride will have a Cylon inverted track and a Human sitdown track. The brand new park is also getting three more roller coasters including a clone of Revenge of the Mummy like the other Universal Parks have.

Surrender at Alton Towers – United Kingdom
Alton Towers 2010 Roller CoasterLittle is known about Alton Towers’ (one of United Kingdoms top theme parks) new roller coaster. Even the name is unknown although it’s being referred to as ‘Surrender’ and ‘SW6’ because of the teaser page. It’s listed as an Intamin ride on RCDB. It boasts a World’s First element and an indoor section. ScreamScape reported about a rumored element involving a section of track that will separate and drop trains to another section.

F1 Coaster & Emotion Coaster at Ferrari Experience – United Arab Emirates
Two interesting likely-race car themed roller coasters are coming to the Middle East. Again, very few details, but construction photos of F1 Coaster have been on the Web for months. Emotion Coaster is listed on RCDB as having two tracks with LSM launches. NewsPlusNotes has more on Ferrari Experience.

Joris en de Draak at Efteling – Netherlands
The Netherlands will get a Great Coasters International (GCI) twin wooden coaster. I can’t really tell if this will be a dueler or just a racer, but ThemeParkReview has blueprints and more.

Also, I’ll be updating my New Roller Coasters for 2010 page as more information on American and international coaster details are announced.

What’s Your Take?
What do you think of these new roller coasters? Do you have any info on the 2010 coasters opening overseas? Leave a comment below.


  1. sorry JaMeS, but it was my opinion. also, inverts are suposed to be compact, and when you have a compact stand-up youur legs start to ache. just check "What is a stand-up"

  2. Well inverts aren't necessarily supposed to be compact. Montu, Alpengeist, Afterburn, many if not most of inverted rollercoasters are actually very long and not compact.

  3. Well said, Schwarz. Afterburn is NOT compact, no doubt about it. Quil, you may be mixing them up with SLC's, like Mind Eraser.

  4. Suspended Looping Coaster.

  5. What dose SLC stand for?

  6. do you mean SLC as in the track is over your head (invert), or do you mean a ride like the Big Bad Wolf.

  7. An SLC is a ride like Mind Bender. CC has a review for it, so you know what it's like.

  8. so you mean Schwarchaf (i don`t think i spelled that right) looper.

  9. Spell Check: It's Schwarzkopf. CFC, did you mean to say Mind Eraser? A little info about SLC's. Most of these kind (if not all, not sure) were made by Vekoma. I think they're also known as compact inverted coasters (at least that's what they call them in RCT 🙂 ). This kind of inverted coasters are known for a rough ride with lots of headbang. B&M inverted, on the other hand, are amazingly smooth rides. Examples are Alpengeist, Batman The Ride, and Afterburn. In fact, it was this kind of ride that made me love coasters in the first place! Hope that clears up some confusion. Hardly any headbang on these rides. Were you thinking of these kind, JaMeS?

    I could see an inverted stand-up possibility. on the Acrophobia drop tower at Six Flags Over Georgia there are floorless stand up seats with a harness which I could see working in said coaster. Cool idea JaMeS. Feel like designing one? 😉

  10. the best way to sum it up is a compact invert with 2 seats per row

  11. ok, it is a looping, suspended, compact, 2-seat per row coaster. are we done on this yet?

  12. okay, now i get it. i`ve only ridden 2 inverts, Mind Eraser an a Batman clone. ME is a SLC and i haven`t ridden Batman in a while so i may of gotten confused.

  13. Oh, Austin, I did mean Mind Eraser, I just had a memory lapse. Where did I get mind Bender from?… But yeah, SLC's are usually Vekoma and regular inverts are mostly B&M. Some are Intamin and other companies, but B&M makes most inverts and Vekoma makes most SLC's.

  14. mind bender is from SFoG

  15. One SLC that isn`t made by Vekonama is Valcano the Blast Coaster, that`s made by Inatamin.

  16. Hey Quil, did you get that one from, too? I'm just kidding, but reallly, I looked on RCDB and it says nothing about an SLC. It says Volcano is an inverted coaster. It also says at the bottom it's the first launched inverted coaster ever. Always check RCDB!

  17. Yeah…I wouldn't call volcano compact.

  18. Please see Austin's comment above. SLC's are really just a BRAND of inverted roller coasters put out by Vekoma. They aren't a separate type of roller coaster or even special type of inverted roller coaster. In a similar example, B&M calls their hyper coasters "Mega Coasters", but that's just what they call their hypers. They're still widely known as hyper coasters.

    And maybe this was already clear, but several designers make compact and not so compact inverted coasters. More in my "What is an Inverted Roller Coaster" post.

  19. I thought it was just a invert whith two people per row.

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