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Theme Park SyndicateThe Theme Park News Aggregator
Today, I’m unveiling Theme Park Syndicate, the Web’s first ever theme park news aggregator. Theme park enthusiasts can easily stay on top of the latest news and developments with just a quick visit as Theme Park Syndicate brings together headlines from all of the top theme park news sites, blogs, and podcasts in one place.

Just bookmark the site’s home page or one of the feed pages:
Theme Park News | Disney News| Enthusiasts Blogs | Official Park Blogs | Podcasts | Videos

We also offer Weekly TPS Reports that recap the biggest news stories of the week as chosen by our staff. More than just news headlines, the site also offers interesting articles that delve deeper into the latest news or feature cool resources.

Theme Park Syndicate aggregates the latest headlines by using the RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feeds of the web sites featured on the site. It’s currently in Beta. Version 1.0 will include a forum, expanded video and image feeds, and a few other improvements. I’m looking for more writers and theme park news reporters. Use our contact form to learn more about joining the staff.

What’s Your Take?
What do you think of the big 11.9.9 announcement? Leave feedback about the new site below.


  1. Good Idea, now people will be able to get all types of news, quicker. I would like to help at being a writter it`s just that this site is my prime source of information. so sorry, no.

  2. Hey Quil, do you think the announcement was worth the wait? I've been seeing your speculation for the news and how much you seemed to want to know! I''ve known for quite a while now, as I'm one of the writers (wrote the article on Demon Drop and will be writing more to come). I thought your guessing was pretty amusing!

  3. I agree Austin, CFC also was very anxious to see what the announcement was. Quil you were very close to guessing it on several occasions.

  4. Looks great! Although I'm not sure this was worth waiting so long for, I'm truly impressed with it. Great work, everybody!

  5. i remember when the coaster portal launched. I was realy excited to see what it was like, but when i saw it, i was a little dissapointed. When i heard about Theme park Synidate it was like that, just backwards. the idea of it is alot alike coaster portal, and this is a LOT better. you can see all the posts they put up too. it also has videos and looks better. coaster portals look was more tords the look of RCPro while TPSyn is more like CCBlog which i like the look of better. I still like this blog better. You can`t post on Synidate.

  6. Thanks for the feedback guys. There's a forum on the way on the new site that might make some of your extended discussions a little easier.

  7. What does everyone think of the articles on the site? Drop by there and leave us a comment!

  8. Would you mind posting more pictures, i read your demon drop article and it only had one.

  9. Actually Quil, that was my article :D. I don't know how to post pictures in a post yet. CC's going to teach me pretty soon though, and then you'll see more. What did you think of the article by the way? I'd like some feedback for future posts. Thanks!

  10. i knew it was your article, it was your question.

  11. the way to do it is to go onto google pics, then copy the pic( right click on the picture) and paste on the page.

  12. JaMeS, CC uses coasterimage.

  13. At least, usualy, he never says if he took the pic. (abrev.)himself, you don`t need to.

  14. C.C., I would like to help you with this, but, as u have probably figured out by now, this isn't my address, and im not a real fan of email (more text!)

    maybe you could tell me here?

  15. 1 month and 1 day sinc theme park sydicate came out.

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