Thirteen Announced as Alton Towers’ 2010 Psychoaster

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Thirteen To Scare The Pants Off Of Unsuspecting Brits in 2010
UPDATE – 3/17 New videos reveal Thirteen’s theme, one-of-a-kind element, and some POV video footage. British news shows GMTV and ITV were on location to film the first footage of Thirteen, Alton Towers highly anticipated new roller coaster. Read the full post and watch the videos, but only if you don’t mind seeing the trick Thirteen has up its sleeve. Watch the Thirteen – Alton Towers Videos.

Thirteen Coming to Alton Towers in 2010 Alton Towers has announced the name of their 2010 roller coaster previously referred to as SW6 or Secret Weapon 6. The Intamin-designed ride will be called Thirteen and it will have a dark, horror-like theme. Details are still a bit scarce, but the ride will open in March 2010, so we’ll know a lot more soon.

For now, we know that theming will be a large part of the ride. So much so that Alton Towers is dubbing Thirteen Surrounded by Creepy Figures - Alton TowersThirteen the World’s first Psychoaster. Towers Almanac, an Alton Towers fan site, has a quote from ride consultant John Wardley that sheds a little bit more light on the psychoaster distinction: “Thirteen will be the first ride to play on emotional fear and something coaster fans will not be prepared for.”

Here are some details from the official web site.

Thirteen will be based on the discovery of an unearthed ancient burial site in an area of unexplored woodland known as the Dark Forest.

Built on the site of the old Corkscrew rollercoaster, visitors will be invited to take a petrifying ride on Thirteen, venturing into the seemingly living and breathing Dark Forest. There they will face an unknown horror that has been unleashed from the ancient crypt.

The ride has been developed with the world’s leading coaster and thrill consultants who have collaborated to combine the ultimate elements of physical and psychological fear – to create what experts are dubbing a ‘psychoaster’.

– Alton Towers Thirteen Web Site

Alton Towers is already home to the world’s first dive coaster (Oblivion), B&M’s first flying coaster (Air) and a critically acclaimed inverted coaster (Nemesis). It’s cool that Alton Towers could add another stand-out roller coaster to their lineup. And, I’m glad to see that they’re continuing to do something original.

Thirteen’s Waiver & Age Limitations
UPDATE – 12/12: This is unprecedented. According to a Sun article, Thirteen will be so scary that the park is going to have riders sign a waiver and be within a specified age limit. Here’s more from the article:

The £15million ride will be restricted to 16 to 55-year-olds only and visitors limited to one ride per day “due to concerns about emotional maturity and physical health”, resort bosses said.

Adrenaline junkies will also be required to sign a waiver which assures the resort of their physical and mental health “to avoid any resulting lawsuits”.

Read the full article.

The extra safety measures could have one of two purposes. It could be just a lot of hype to make the public believe that Thirteen’s the scariest ride known to man. Or it could be an honest effort to absolve the park from any lawsuits resulting from emotional distress cases. Either way, we won’t know until those first few ride reviews are posted in March.

UPDATE – 4/2010 Now that Thirteen has been open for a while, feel free to rate it using my Rating System and leave a short review or comment below.
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What’s Your Take?
What do you think about the name and theme for Alton Towers’ new  psychoaster Thirteen? How about the waiver and age limits? Do you think they’re needed or just for hype? Leave a comment below.


  1. Alton Towers has to be the best theme park in the UK… Don't think i belive anything about the age limit.. The height one – i think will be the same as oblivion… March can't come quick enough

  2. i am so pissed about the age limit. just because i am 11 doesn't mean i'm not emotionally mature so it better just be made up and i have been on saw

  3. Im pretty disappointed in whats been revealed about the ride over the past few weeks, it is a family coaster and the world first element is a free fall drop, obviously I will have to ride it first but its definatly not what I was expecting for a major new attraction at Alton Towers. The ride experience will have to be top notch in terms of themeing and things going on, this ride already to me has huge let down all over it.

    • family coaster? Thirteen?

      • Obviously the themeing wont be family friendly but the coaster model itself is an intamin family coaster according to various sources on the internet, I read it in the European coaster club magazine and its apprently been confirmed.

        I was expecting something more in line with Nemesis etc but it appears this ride will be more in line with something like the Mummy rides at Universal studios, which wont be a bad thing but I just cant help being abit let down by it.

        • Yeh I think its is going to be Mummy esk, too. I think the Mummy is amazing, so I will be please if its even half as good!!!!!

  4. I live about 40mins from Alton Towers and go several time every year.

    The whole age limit and waver thing is TOTAL HYPE!! But we love it and it just makes me want to go even more!!

    I really think ‘Thirteen’ will put Alton Towers back on the map and will make me remember why I love it there so much.

    Bring on March…………………..

    Oh and September when I’m in the US seeing some of the best theme parks IN THE WORLD! Whoo!!

    • let me guess, cedar point is on your list.

  5. I worked at Alton Towers last year and everything was kept top secret. However I do know thats its going to be a worlds first in something that will happen on the coaster. I have heard rumours however I doubt they're true so I won't waste my time mentioning them. Its also got a lengthy track and is a big coaster, if I find out anymore I'll let you know.

  6. wow… i think if you have an age limit, like cheetah chase at BGT, you should either:

    if a kid wants to go on, have the parents sign something

    or, make it 13 at the most (no pun intended)

    • !3, too high. what about ten whitrh a parents approval. (singed approval(waver))

      • Yes, 13 IS to high. I don't even think there should be a age limit. To me, as long as someone reaches the hight limit, they can ride. My little brother won't be able to ride with that age limit. I hope they take the age limit away altogether.

        • i dont eiher, i said that cause they are saying that is so scary you have to be 16 to ride it… i like the waiver thing tho

  7. Worlds first *7 hour Queue*. please dont bin this observation again, im being serious (in an English sort of way).. Have myself been Alton Towers maybe 15 times and the queues:admission ratio gets so bad you sometimes are paying £10 a ride on the biggest coasters (and standing in Queues all day to pay that too). They will be hard pushed to beat Oblivion and Nemesis anyway so i wouldnt get my hopes up on this. just another gimmick. Thorpe park has a better Nemesis and Stealth (I know you boys have Dragster and stealth is only half the height but im comparing similar rides here). blackpool doesnt have the problems with queue times that towers does and has some serious rides. Towers needs a decent capacity Ridefilm ride in my opinion, and a double circuit on oblivion. There wont be an age limit for thirteen, its towers bull. Trust me. also i would like to see jonny towers evict someone out of the queue for trying to ride it twice in a day… Not going to happen 😉

    • I didn't 'bin' your comment. I just hadn't gotten around to approving it yet. Thanks for the points from across the pond. I never knew that Alton had such bad wait times. Are there off days that you can suggest where the lines are shorter?

      • My guess – only on closed days. 🙁

      • Yes, if you go on weekdays its not as busy.

        I went on a weekday and went on nemesis about 10times.

        Weekend- twice.

  8. Any weekdays where England play in the soccer world cup are usually quieter (If we make it to the finals that is. LOL). Weekdays during school term times, but beware of half term and bank holidays. I now avoid any weekend or school holiday when visiting towers. It is a very popular destination over here and this new ride will only cement that fact. I am looking forward to riding it sometime in the next few months :). Though im looking forward to revisiting thorpe park more, even though its an extra 90 minutes each way in the car.

    • What about cold sundays?

  9. Take a warm coat for standing in the queues.

    Pretty much the same goes for thorpe park though (for SAW at least) … So not singling out towers. But for the best experience (rain or shine) go when the schools are open and you would queue maybe 40 minutes max for the top rides.

  10. For a lot more details about 'Thirteen' check out a fair few photo's and the coaster plans (assume they're legit)

    There is also a lot of speculation about this ride, including a freefall section of the ride as part of the first switchback (i.e. Tower of Terror type drop in the dark before being shot out backwards)

    Either way, looks as sounds like a great ride and looking forward to the opening.

  11. Well, I think that this is going to be kind of cheesie. It's probally going to be something like (Mr. Six's)Pandemonium with that robotic arm thing that will hardly move. If I am right, it just proves the fact that 13 is too high of an age restriction. No offense to anybody, but Pandemonium is more of a kiddie coaster.

    • I definitley wouldn`t consider pandemonium cheesie (they got rid of the mr.six crap) or a kiddie ride. mind you, kids who are afraid to go farther than kiddie rides may venture tords it, but it`s still thrilling, fun, and wild for all ages.

  12. When I said Pandemonium is a more of a kiddie ride, I meant in my opinion. What I was trying to say was that it's okay, but (still in my opinion) it's kind of boring. If you like it, I'm not saying that you shouldn't, it's a good ride, but it was kind of boring for me, given the fact that I have ridden rides like it many times.

    I also stated in my comment above that the arm thing will hardly move, but looking at the pictures of the trains in Aberis's link, they just look like uncomfortable little trains, again, if my predictions are correct, proving the fact that the age limit is too high.

    I guess, in a sentance, that I predict Thi3teen will just be a bad ride that has been overly hyped and probally overrated.

    • I think Alton Towers may be against that Idea, just the reason to make it small, but realy fun. like thunderhead for example. except probably stickiing closer to the ground.

  13. cant wait to goo on 13 im goeen on the 7th 😀

  14. Can't wait to go on 13, going on the 23rd of April, can anyone answer this: Is there definitely an age restriction 'cause I'm only 13 and I'm desperate to go on it?

    If anyone can answer I'd be grateful thanks 🙂

    • There were no age restrictions that I was aware of yesterday – you'll be fine.


  16. Agreed, Quil, that was a little uncalled for. All of you. Zoghty, by calling us weirdos, and JaMeS and Quil by saying shutup. Remember, you need to be careful or CC will kick you off the site.

    • sorry, that dude was just being realy anoying and i hate it when someone talks the way JaMeS did.

      • Yeah, I know, Quil. Still, don't get too worked up over it. You know, Zoghty is probably never coming back. He probably just goes to random chat sites, disses everyone, then leaves, never to return there. I've "met" a few of them in my time.

      • i just no that kid from school, and nobody likes him…

        • Really? Well, that figures. Often times, outcasts can be jerks on the Internet.

          • Am i a jerk?

    • i wouldn`t say you have to be very care ful not to get kivked off the site, just don`t be a jerk.

      PS-he got the smile wrong your supposed to do this 🙂 .

  17. I tried out the new ride '13' at Alton Towers yesterday. I'm afraid to say I felt it was a dissapointment. I guess with all the hype about this new ride, that didn't help much either. The ride costing £15 million? certainly doesn't justify the expense in my view. Like many other rides with the exception of Nemesis, Thirteen is over too quickly and pretty short on thrills, there isn't even any atmosphere put into the ride – what a pity. I understand Alton Towers is governed by restrictions on height for their rides due to complaints by local residents but while that restriction are in place, I think most of the Park's forthcoming rides will dissapoint. It's sister theme park 'Thorpe Park' is probably the better option for real thrill rides in the UK in the future.

  18. Standing in the queue right now for 13… An hour and 15 so far, and still a huge queue ahead!!! Let you know how it goes!! If I ever get to the front of the queue!!!


    • Did you survive Thirteen, Julie? What'd you think?

  19. Queued for about an hour for 13 and was really looking forward to a good scare and a good rollercoaster but I'm afraid I got neither. The start of the ride is a mediocre rollercoaster with an average decent. This part is over within a very short space of time then u enter a dark tunnel only to drop (not very far) on another track and go backwards in the dark for a short time then it's all over. Very over-hyped. I was majorly disappointed. 🙁

  20. is there an age restriction on the ride, i heard there was a 16 year old age limit

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