Legoland Florida Announced for 2011

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As I mentioned in my 2009 Theme Park Year in Review, Cypress Gardens (Winter Haven, Florida) closed last year. This week, Merlin and Legoland Park executives announced that they will be building Legoland Florida on the site of the old Cypress Gardens.  Here are a few notes from the announcement:

The park, which is planned for the former site of Cypress Gardens, is expected to include between 40 and 50 main attractions. In addition to Lego’s signature attractions — such as kid-powered rides and giant Lego brick models — some of Cypress Gardens’ top draws are expected to stick around. The historical gardens will stay intact, according to Nick Varney, Merlin’s chief executive officer. Merlin said it plans to keep the popular Splash Island Waterpark operating, although it will be a separate, ticketed admission. Cypress Gardens’ water ski shows and one of its two wooden roller coasters will probably be integrated into the new Legoland as well, Varney said. –Orlando Sentinel

Winter Haven’s about an hour south east of Orlando which is home to the Disney parks, the Universal Parks, and SeaWorld. Central Florida seems like a saturated market to me, but I hope that the new park succeeds. Legoland California (Carlsbad, CA) and the other parks throughout the World look like fun family parks.

What’s Your Take?

Have you been to a Legoland? How do you think Legoland Florida will do? Leave a comment below.

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  1. It seems as if Legoland parks have some well-themed rides, but idon`t want to see what will happen whith disney as competition. They`ll have to keep the prices cheap to attract enough guests to compete.

  2. i went to cypress gardens, and had an awful expierence. first, the ticket machine thingy broke, so we were standing around for about an hour, before the people thought to just add the money on paper. So, after that, we went to the rides. the wood coaster had a THREE AND A HALF HOUR WAIT!!!! NO OTHER RIDE HAD MORE THAN A 5 MIN. WAIT!!!! i was so mad, i just left. lets hope that they can turn it around and make me want to risk going back there.

  3. The Legoland parks are okay, but they don't have anything that a thrill junkie would drool over. Disney may be like the Lego parks, but disney has a lot of drool.

    • Apparently, I had a much more positive experience at Cypress Gardens. Maybe you have to go with the right (age) people. I took my neice and nephew, ages 7 and 5 at the time. All of the coasters were tame for me, but they were perfect for newly developing coaster enthusiasts.

      Joel: "As a kid I feared them even more than broccoli, but everything changed when on a high school trip I was dragged onto the local legend known as the Grizzly."

      Fortunately, my neice and nephew have had all positive coaster experiences, thanks to their parents' good choices. They have not been forced onto anything for which they are not yet ready. I think the high point for them just last year was taking Grandma on Expedition Everest and having her be more scared than they were.

      I hope LegoLand is able to provide those same good experiences for new coaster riders.

      P.S., Prof BAM, The only drool I ever see at Disney is from people who are excited to be there. I'm hoping you have learned to choose your parks wisely, so as to meet your interests and not waste money on things you know will be boring to you. I'd love to hear which parks you DO like.

      • he didn`yu like disney, but he`s going to ride everest tomorro. (he said so on the top 3 disney coasters post)

  4. I hope they have some real coasters


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