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Just as I was writing a post about relocated roller coasters, Six Flags Magic Mountain finally announced today the name and theme of their 2010 relocated family coaster. Mr. Six’s DanceCoaster was announced as the park’s 17th roller coaster. It will be themed after that creepy old dancing guy that serves as the company’s spokesperson. While I think he’s annoying, the theme fits a family coaster and the trains will be themed to look like a pair of dancing shoes.

Mr. Six’s DanceCoaster is a Vekoma Junior Coaster (RCDB list) from the former Six Flags New Orleans that was closed by flooding from Hurricane Katrina. These coasters are pretty common and are sometimes referred to as ‘roller skaters’ as the trains are often themed like roller skates. According to the LA Times Funland Blog, the new-ish coaster will be located: “between the looping Déjà Vu coaster and the Johnny Rockets Shakes and Fries food stand.” 

Popular versions of these family coasters include Woody Woodpecker’s Nuthouse Coaster at Universal Studios Florida, Gadget’s Go Coaster at Disneyland, Spacely’s Sprocket Rockets at Six Flags Great America, and Roller Skater at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. As I mentioned in October, the coaster itself isn’t the real story as it won’t be drawing droves and droves of enthusiasts from around the country. The most noteworthy part of the announcement is that Mr. Six’s DanceCoaster will be Magic Mountain’s 17th roller coaster tying it with Cedar Point. So that Sandusky park’s claim to fame as the park with the most roller coasters in the World will have to be shared at least for this year.

Thanks to the LA Times Funland Blog for the images. It’s a great blog for theme park fans in Southern California.

What’s Your Take?
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  1. (Yawn) Well, this ride is lame. Small coaster, idiotic name, and most importantly… IT'S NOT EVEN NEW! If they make an 18th coaster there, it better be big. I mean, this is ridiculous!

  2. Ah, but it gives Cedar Point motivation to think about #18 now! I'm wondering where they can squeeze in another coaster on that tightly-packed peninsula. Does anyone have an idea of where there might be a bit of extra space at Cedar Point, or will they have to remove some rides in order to add a decent coaster? The footprint from Demon Drop is pretty small, so unless they expand into the parking lot, that location might not be an option.

    • The parking lot would work or better yet they could remove disaster transport and get a flying coaster! but they wont do that cuz they would only still have 17. If they did that though they could go onto the beach a little like wicked twister.

  3. Roller Skaters don't count. Deja Vu also doesn't count because it's SBNO Cedar Point still has two more coasters.

    • right, having the record dosen`t matter unless rthe coasters that help you hold it are actualy worth riding. I`d like to see Busch, i mean Seaworld parks try to take this record.

    • Prof. BAM, I'm curious … what exactly constitutes a "coaster" in your books? Any specific criteria? Tell us what it should have/be, NOT what it' shouldn't have/be. Anyone else care to chime in with their ideas? I'm curious to see how many different definitions or descriptions we might be able to suggest.

      Joel, if this topic should be moved elsewhere, feel free to do so. I'm really interested in what folks have to say, but we seem to have a limited number of viewers and posters on the forum site.

      • Well I consider a "coaster" something that is wood or steel and has a track and provides a thrill. I would exclude items like Taxi Jam, but I might count the former scooby doo ghoster coaster.

        • in an effort to increase my coastercount, i count anything that runs on wheels, holds people (more than 1)

          uses gravity during the ride, and has no mode of self transportation inside the trains.

    • Where did you see that Deja Vu is SBNO? I know that they've been painting some of their rides this winter.

      • They are painting Goliath, but I was there in November and Deja Vu was opperating. I rode it.

  4. Sorry, but not every roller coaster is going be a thrill machine. That's just the way it is. We all had to start somewhere. Those little roller coasters are some kids first roller coaster and like I said in another comment families and kids are a big part of why we even have theme parks to begin with.

    Now, if you want to have your own thrill ride count that's fine, but roller coasters are pretty well-defined already. So there's no argument there. We're not talking about planets here. 🙂 That's like saying I don't count amusement parks that don't have more than 3 roller coasters. I know it's not what hard core enthusiasts would like to see, but it's without a doubt a roller coaster.

  5. Deja Vu is running on and off since its construction. Might as well be SBNO. The other Deja VUs have already been torn down or relocated. They cost more $ to run than TTD or Kingda Ka. Not worth the money, especially if Six Flags is in Debt worse than the rest of the country is to China. I count a Coaster as a thrill ride that is more than 2,000 feet long, taller than 40 feet, and can go at least 20 mph.

    • So you wouldn't count wicked twister! I sure do!

      • i think he may cont it beacause it goes over the same track so often it`s as if it is morer than 2,00 ft.

        • sorry, i meant 2,000.

  6. My count a coaster as a ride that has a track, wheels, goes only on gravity for all of the ride not including curtin uphill parts, and can hold 1 or more people at a time.

  7. Intamin's Impulse costers count! They're the only exception in my book. (until I can think of any more that I would define)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • what did i tell ya.

  8. i count a coaster as having wheels, has a track, holds at least 2 people, and is at least 1,000 feet long

    • how long is wiked twister?

  9. Acording to CP's website, Wicked Twister is 2,700 ft. long.

    • That's interesting. The other Intamin Impulse coasters are between 600 and 700 feet long. In this press release Cedar Point states it as: Track Length 2,700 feet (total ride length). They're having a little fun with numbers. Cedar Point's counting the feet that the train travels instead of just they physical track length. Wicked Twister's actual track length is likely around 700 feet. Wikipedia puts it at 675 feet, but I have no idea where they got their number from. Either way, there's NO WAY that Wicked Twister is 2,700 feet long. That's marketing for you. Again, Roller Coaster Database saves the day!

  10. We are way off topic.

    I think it is a nice ride for the park, but a very bad name.

    • If that's a bad name, then which is worse Mr. Six's Pandemonium or Mr. Six's DanceCoaster? I enjoyed Pandemonium. It's a spinning family coaster at Six Flags New England. Here's my full Mr. Six's Pandemonium review.

      • Mr. Six's DanceCoaster is much worse. I kind of like the word pandemonium, but DanceCoaster is just stupid.

  11. I think it is great that Magic Mountain is getting a family coaster, Lagoon in farminton Ut. has a vekoma jr. suspended coaster, "The Bat" that is hit with families.

  12. postponed till 2011… i hope they put in those fire effects


    If this thing was similar to 'Mr. Six's Pandemonium', where you spin, MAYBE I'd accept this thing a little more, but god, this thing brings nothing new to the table! If you're going to open a new roller coaster and make it your claim to fame as tying for the park with most roller coasters, make it a INNOVATIVE and INTERESTING roller coaster!

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