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Plainview, Texas is Home to the Roller Coaster Museum
On a recent edition of the Season Pass Podcast I learned about the new roller coaster museum in Texas. When I heard that it was in Plainview, which is 7 hours from the closest major theme park (Six Flags Over Texas) I was a bit puzzled. I always thought that an amusement park filled state like Pennsylvania would be perfect for the museum. But, after listening to the announcement it makes a little more sense.

For now, the building represents the group’s effort to ‘put a stake in the ground’ and have a dedicated place to house and protect the theme park artifacts that they’ve acquired. While they mentioned that there is an area for exhibitions for small groups, I think the building’s purpose is more of a small headquarters than a large sprawling museum.  Although, they did mention that there’s plenty of room for expansion. The group has quite a range of old roller coaster parts and amusement park memorabilia that are being stored in different warehouses and they need one place to start aggregating them. The building, (pictured above) has the face from the defunct Texas Cyclone (AstroWorld).

Lastly, the museum managers mentioned that there may be a traveling aspect to the museum where certain exhibits relevant to certain parks might travel to the parks. Read more about the museum at their new web site:

Also, listen to the announcement at around 60:00 of Season Pass Podcast’s Episode 107.

What’s Your Take?
What do you think of the roller coaster museum? Leave a comment below.

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  1. It would probably be better for Pensylvainia, or Florida.

  2. Hopefully they can make it work in TX. Plus, it'll have that traveling aspect so that will help as well.

  3. It would have more visitors over there though, it would also work in california, them having the most coasters and all.

  4. I hope this will work in texas, and if it does, I want to go to texas.

  5. Same here, if i ever find an extra reason too.

  6. Wow i'm speechless this is my holy grail


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