Kings Dominion’s Intimidator 305 Construction + Test Video

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UPDATE – 4/02/10 Intimidator 305’s open! Watch a POV video and leave or read a review here: Kings Dominion’s Intimidator 305 Reviews & POV Video

Intimidator 305: Intimidating Indeed
King’s Dominion’s massive Giga coaster is nearing completion. Images on the official mini site (Intimidator 305 Kings show the red steel track reaching 305 feet into the sky. Even with all of the images in photo gallery, it’s hard to conceive just how tall 300 feet is. I saw Intimidator at Carowinds in person last month and I was in awe at how big it looked from the ground and it was about 70 feet shorter. I’ve ridden and been close to taller roller coasters, but much of the general public has never seen anything this big. Intimidator 305 is going to blow people away!

This live shot from Kings Dominion’s web cam shows Intimidator 305 with Rebel Yell in the foreground looking like a kiddie coaster. Of course, once people get over the ride’s sheer size the question will be whether the coaster really delivers. I’m sure some will claim it’s the best thing on the planet just because it’s so big and fast, but many enthusiasts won’t waste any time critiquing it’s performance. Will it approach Millennium Force’s stature in the enthusiast community? Will it deliver more airtime? Only time will tell as Intimidator 305 is set to open in April.

UPDATE – 3/16 KD Fansite has posted this new video that includes Intimidator 305 test footage:

What’s Your Take?
What do you  think of Intimidator 305 at Kings Dominion? Are you planning on riding it this year? Leave a comment below.


  1. I'd say the I305 looks better than I232. I just like the layout.

    • i actually think this looks better, but i think carowinds' will deliver alot more

  2. I prefer B&M caosters. B&M needs to make a giga-caoster. Their tallest coaster is barely over 230'

  3. I wonder which will be a better ride: I232 or I305. I guess I'll just have to wait and see, won't I? I agree with both Quil and JaMeS, that I305 looks better, but I232 will be a better ride, probably.

  4. I305 does have a cool layout, and I think it will give a fasinating ride experince, a killer drop, and some cool floater air, but in the long run I predict I232 will be better. I think it will have nice airtime, cool forces, and all the other things B&M hypers have, hopefully and probally making it in many top ten lists.

    • The problem whith B&M`s is that they always have similar layouts. Once they get something good on acoaster they just keep using it. If someone switched Beomonth Nitro and I323, no one would notice a difference. that`s what makes Intamin so much better.

      • well, um most roller coasters have standard models, like intiman has the launched coasters…theres not much difference between them except height and speed right?

        • it depends on what they order, if kennywood says to intamin: "we want a hypre coaster that`s very similar to S:ros@SFAm.", that`s what intamin will make.

  5. There is now a clip on youtube that has some 305 test run footage. it is only probably 30 seconds but it is the only known footage i know of in case anyone is interested

    • URL.URL.URL.

  6. see if this works. if not just type: Intimidator 305 Test Run

    • Thanks for the link Mike. I've added the video to the post.

      • No problem. Congrats to you on your new addition. hope to hear your review of Intimidator (Carowinds) soon. I've already been to Busch and rode Apollo's Chariot 5 times.

  7. i might ride this summer funny theres not more gigs coasters out there six flags and b&m should make one

    • feel like seding an email?

  8. a link to the ride

    • lmao at him saying "this eats millinuem force and craps it out" … i can't wait to ride this!

    • I've got a new post up that includes the POV video and a poll that people can use to rate it once they've ridden it. Check out the I305 POV Video & more

  9. From the video, it looks fun but it looks like they kept the OTSRs. 🙁

    • The OTSRs are there, but they look loose enough to not hinder airtime.

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