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  1. Looks like a fun ride. I really need to get to Europe someday.

    • If you can save up some money, you should take a trip with the Theme Park Review crew. They're always taking coaster trips to other countries.

      • have you ever tried that CC? I am loving this new feature. Most Wanted Coasters: Genious!

        • Thanks. I'm glad that you like it.

          No, unfortunately I haven't but I hope to someday. The itineraries are packed parks in the U.S. and abroad.

          • It would be realy cool to try that though.

  2. Leave it to B&M in creating another awesome ride. Crystal wings is also a B&M flyer. Black Mamba looks to be an amazing coaster. I've noticed that B&M's inverted coasters have the most extensive theming of all the coasters that they do. Batman: The Ride clones, Black Mamba, Montu, Alpeneist, and the list goes on. Theming really makes a good coaster great. Proximity to the structures, what's inside the line, and the list goes on, and on, and on.

    • I` m just wondering how you forgot Afterburn 🙂

      • Guess I just wasn't really thinking at the time.

        • well you must`ve, good point.

      • And Nemesis

  3. I've ridden it, and it's one of my favourites. It's so intens, doesn't give you time to breath until you hit the brakes. And because 2/3 is below ground, you have a great view if you're waiting with Black Mamba popping up here and there, just like the real Black Mamba (snake).

  4. I've alway wanted to go on Black Mamba when I saw it on youtube a few years ago. I just looks so fun! I wish I could go to alot of amusment parks out of the US.

    • T.P.S.

      • oops! T.P.R.

  5. this is definitley one of my faves… rockit still wins in my book tho

    • you`ve ridden it?

    • Dude, are you from the future or something? Cause that'd be sweet! If you are from the future, tell us how the Cedar Fair-Apollo deal goes down.

      • Just Kidding! Ha, Ha!

        • yeah, the apallo deal ,should be fun to watch.

          P.S. i doubt JaMeS is from the future… are you?

          • mayb..

  6. cool!!!

  7. not as good as dragon challenge fire

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