Intimidator 305 Opens: POV Video, Reviews, & a Poll

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The highly anticipated Intimidator 305 opens to the public today at Kings Dominion (near Richmond, VA). At 305′ or about 30 stories tall, it is one of the tallest roller coasters in the U.S. and the World. Its little brother Intimidator at Carowinds opened last week. They both bear the nickname of the legendary NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt and feature racing themes. Intimidator 305 seems to emphasize speed and banked turns where Intimidator is packed with airtime camel back-shaped hills.

Intimidator 305 vs. Millennium Force
It only took a few hours for the obvious comparisons to Millennium Force to start. Millennium Force is a landmark roller coaster at Cedar Fair’s sister park Cedar Point. It’s also a giga coaster (300+ feet tall), but the layout’s seem pretty different. World-traveling coaster enthusiast Robb Alvey of Theme Park Review gave Intimidator 305 his thumbs up and an added one-on-one victory over Millennium Force. He states it in his own words at about 2:44 in the video below which includes POV footage and an on-ride review.

Note – This video was filmed by a professional with permission from the park.
For safety reason, please DO NOT take a camera on a roller coaster.

Another nice video by Robb and I especially like that he reviewed it. It’s just one opinion though so, check out KDFansite and Theme Park Review for more reviews as Intimidator 305 opens and more people get to experience it. Also, KDFansite posted images from the media day here.

After you ride it, feel free to rate it using my Rating System and leave a short review or comment below.
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What’s Your Take?
How do you think Intimidator 305 looks? Have you ridden it? Leave a comment below.


  1. looks great, and i think it will be better than millenium force.

    • i rode it this weekend . it was fun but they need to take the trim brake out of the top of the hill.

      i still think mf is better simply beacuse it was the first and it has longer ride time . the crew that runs it are more efficient as well. do not get me wrong . i love this ride but it doesnt compare to millineum but this debate will go on forever …. just glad that they continue to build coasters like this because i love speed… ride either one and you will leave the ride with a smile on your face.

    • Intimidator is pretty good, but it doesn't hold a candle to Millenium Force.

  2. Well, now that its only been open for 1 day (not even to the general public), lets compare MF and I305 so we can rip one of them to shreads!! 🙂

    Category Millennium Force Intimidator 305

    Height 310' 305'

    Drop 300' 300'

    Speed 93 MPH 94 MPH

    Drop Angle 80 degrees 85 degrees

    Length 6595' 5100'

    Restraint Lapbar OTSRs

    Est. Capacity 1300 rph 1350 rph

    Number of Trains 3 2

    Elements Cable Lift Hill Cable Life Hill

    Drop Drop

    Overbanked Turn High Speed Turn

    Tunnel Air Time Hill

    Air Time Hill High Speed Turn

    Overbanked Turn Banked S Curve

    Overbanked Turn Banked S Curve

    Air Time Hill High Speed Turn

    Tunnel Air Time Hill

    Air Time Hill Air Time Hill

    Overbanked Turn Banked S Curve

    Brake Run Brake Run

    Who Wins? You Decide!

    I have a feeling this is going to turn out like the Kingda Ka vs. Top Thrill Dragster battle. Its going to be tough to decide.

    • Formating got a little messed up. EDITED:

      Category____Millennium Force – Intimidator 305



      Speed:__________93 MPH____________94 MPH

      Drop Angle:___80 degrees________85 degrees



      Capacity*:____1300 rph___________1350 rph

      # of Trains:_____3__________________2

      Elements:_Cable Lift Hill____Cable Life Hill


      __________Overbanked Turn____High Speed Turn

      _______________Tunnel_________Air Time Hill

      ___________Air Time Hill_____High Speed Turn

      __________Overbanked Turn_____Banked S Curve

      __________Overbanked Turn_____Banked S Curve

      ___________Air Time Hill_____High Speed Turn

      ______________Tunnel__________Air Time Hill

      ___________Air Time Hill______Air Time Hill

      __________Overbanked Turn_____Banked S Curve

      _____________Brake Run__________Brake Run

      *= Estimated

      This should not be that hard! Sorry it looks so wierd. Its the only way I could format it.

      • don`t feel bad, you did realy well. i doubt most people would of thought about dividing it like that.

  3. awsome!!

    • merful, i think they`re may be a problem whith your link, it says: PAGE NOT FOUND.

  4. I've posted this other places and i suppose i'll post it here. In almost every ride review I've read so far people have reported either graying out or blacking out during that first high speed turn on Intimidator. It seems obvious to me that either a trim will be added or they will slow down the lift hill. This means that not only will the train travel slower during that overly intense first turn, but it will travel slower for the rest of the ride as well. It's not like the train slows down for the intense part and then just magically goes at the speed it would have been going at without the trim. So the real question might be. Is a trimmed I-305 better than a trimmless MF? Montu got destroyed from its trimms, I hope that this ride doesn't!

    • Hoss, they probablly will trim the turn. But it still looks awesome! CC, are you going to add the rating system/poll to more posts or maybe reviews? Seems like a good thing to have.

      • big news around here in VA is that the first drop as of this friday 5/21/10 has been trimmed and a lot of people are upset and stating that it is not as intense. i haven't been on it and probably won't go again until next season but if CC or any experienced rider can elaborate on how this will effect the ride? I hear it is slower and the first drop isn't a freefall like it used to be but people are still blacking out. is it to save the wheels? is it for the GP to not grey out?

        • According to Screamscape, the speed is now just 79.5 mph. Trims are all down the first drop, though trims on the 75ft airtime hill have been removed. Pictures can be found on Theme Park Review:

  5. Looks like a thrill. I've been on Carowind's Intimidator, which was great for airtime, and I like the different look of this one as well. Nice to see they are not just clones of each other.

    Looks like Kings Dominion could have done a little more with the landscaping, but maybe they just ran behind schedule.

    • Good call. But on the topic of landscaping, remember in 2007 when Cedar Point opened up Maverick? It was like an industrial park. Now they landscaped it, and it looks really nice. I'm sure they'll fix it up by next year. 😉

    • what would you say looks better?

  6. Giga-coasters should be longer. Have more elements. Steel Dragon 2000 is over 8100 feet long, and it's only a few feet higher than either MF or I305. B&M also need to create a giga-coaster that puts every other caoster in the world to shame!!!!

    • errr… do you remeber last time B&M thought outside of the box, (for ride elements&size) we don`t want another mantis.

      • true Quil, true. But do you remember the Incredible Hulk at IOA? It has a spinning tire launch 1/2 way up the hill. B&M are also working on their version of a 4-D coaster. B&M takes the ideas of others, and perfects them. Besides, B&M learn from their mistakes. That's probably why stand-ups vanished from the production line.

        • Perfectly said Prof.

      • Honestly, that seems a little unfair. B&M coasters have their faults, but thinking outside of the box is not one of them. Mantis was pushed to the limits, and pushed in the wrong directions in a few different ways, but a few facts remain, one of which was pointed out by The Coaster Critic himself just a few days ago.

        Stand up coasters are very hard to make good. The whole design component came about just as a way to make a ride different before complex computer programs had been made to optimize the different effects of sitdown rides. I personally refuse to believe TOGO was using high end simulation software to test a ride.

        B&M struck hard on there first few rides, the biggest early standouts being Iron Wolf, Kumba and Batman.

        Iron Wolf is, at least in my opinion, the first tolerable stand up coaster. Is it fun to ride now? No. My goodness no. No. Was it fun to ride when a ride like the Great American Scream Machine was considered high end technology? Yes. With no doubt, yes. For that matter, compare, Corkscrew at CP to Mantis. The rides offer a similar amount of inversions, yet one offers an unconventional ride yet the other has one sitting down. Are either comfy? No.

        Kumba I've never ridden. I take The Critic at his word and look forward to next spring when I will ride that big buck.

        Batman though, Batman proves without a doubt that B&M does create. Batman was new, and that sucker went up less than twenty years ago. At the time, even other coaster builders thought it would fail, but other theme parks were already dirty dealing to buy in. Now, pretty much every builder has at least experimented with the ski-lift design. Most of them have built uncomfortable head-knockers.

        Ask Kings Island. Or Kennywood. Or Busch Gardens Europe. All three had experimental coasters built by Arrow Dynamics fail, and fail hard. Every single one of B&M's risks has been a success. Even a failure like Mantis is still running, and that's a lot to be said for a coaster with issues.

        Think of it this way, saying B&M is resting on it laurels by not creating more in the last fifteen years is like chastising Intamin for not making Kingda Ka have a loop on the top. Or be a stand up, or something else stupid. Bottom line is this, if I owned a park and I was shown a product virtually guaranteeing success via proven design, without a low propensity for fail, that's what I would pay for, and that's why B&M can be so prolific. Intamin succeeds in a similar way, and Vekoma had to just sell a couple of fixed patterns to make do.

        B&M got the stand up as good as it's going to get, perfected the looper in the early nineties and invented the inverted. I also heard they make a darn good hyper. Do I want new stuff from B&M? Of course I do. Do I want a prettier TV? Of course I do. Are both things being worked on? I highly doubt that B&M is just counting money.

        • Nice speech, advais. I really hope you are right about them working on something new.

        • I've never been to Cedar Point, but I think Mantis looks really fun! Is it really all that bad??

          🙁 🙁 And I love B&M and Intamin I can't really give a specific preference they both offer stunning quality roller coasters!

  7. OK so I just got back from Kings Dominion and would like to share my thoughts on Intimidator 305. First what I felt wasn't so good: I don't mind the OTSR but it does pin down tight on your legs and when you are going through the S Curves your neck, ears, head can rattle back and forth. When I rode it I would stick my head out during this part and it seemed to help with that situation. I rode Intimidator 305 a total of 10 times throughout the day. There is assigned seating so despite the pretty medium crowd I couldn't get a front row seat but I did sit in the 2nd car probably 4 times. People around the web have been talking about the black outs and on my 5th trip i did indeed black out which had never happened to me before. The next five rides I blacked out each time and it seemed to be longer each ride. As far as the blacking out I didn't hate it but I also felt I didn't enjoy the rides as much because of this. As for the good. AIRTIME on the 3 hills were sweet! This was my first INTAMIN coaster and I was afraid the airtime wouldn't be there like the B&M's but it was mos def there. The speed: 94 mph is incredible. I have never ridden a coaster this intense! I also loved the lift hill. It seemed we were getting up to the top in 15 seconds. This just added to the thrill zooming up to the top so fast. So overall I rated it a 9 (EXCELLENT). I'm not sure about the rating because I do feel like it is a 10 but I gave it a nine because of the leg pain, lil bit of roughness and blacking out but really these are MINOR MINOR things and if you are near the area or love coasters you need to go! It was worth the two hour drive each way for me! Hopefully I'll be back in May! I also have to say I loved VOLCANO and DOMINATOR (another B&M great!).

  8. Legs hurt; neck hurts; blackouts. slow this puppy down on take off!!!

    • agreed

  9. The oh so Elusive KDcoasterMAN, bringing to you his ride review of INTIMIDATOR 305!

    I began my day with a long drive from the mountains of Appalachia to come to one place I wanted to be, Kings Dominion. Of course, like every time your in a rush, traffic intercedes. Delayed by over an hour by many places of Stop-N-Go traffic I finally found myself cresting the hill above The Meadows Park and viewing the beautiful Kings Dominion skyline.

    The familiar sights of Eiffel Tower, Dominator, Drop Tower and the New Intimidator 305 greeted me. At this point, I had not seen I305 make its run around the track in person and couldn't take my eyes off of the Goliath in the sky. I drove until the trees blocked my view, crossed the tracks and took in the sight of the park from the front. I entered the park and got a parking spot as close as I could. I then proceed to purchase my pass and entered through the front entrance. The first sight that I beheld was Dominator stuck midway up the lift hill. Disappointing.

    I began to "Speed-walk" my way over to my reason to visiting, I didn't want security on my tail for sprinting in glee. I passed under the Congo sign and sought with my eyes my the train cresting the lift-hill. I watched it slowly accelerate then disappear below the tree line. I'll admit it, my mouth fell open. It was unbelievable.

    I quickly made the last few hundred yards to the entrance in less than a minute and about half-sprinted into the partially full queue. I never looked at the Dale Earnhardt replica 1998 Monte Carlo or the "Photo Finish" gift shop. I had only one focus.

    I had a quick wait of 40 minutes then found that I would be "assigned" a row. I was like 'ghetto!' Oh Well. I complied to my row 15 (last car) which did excite me about a very forceful ride! I was paired with a single rider named 'Jeff.' As we waited I asked him if he ridden today. He suddenly got all giddy and simply stated, "It's.. good, really good!" His smile explained that his emotion was wordless. I barely could keep my placid exterior together.

    Then, it was our turn! I had been waiting for this moment for months, many months! I took the right side of the train which Jeff said was 'more intense.' I sat down and pull the "highly controversial" restraint down and found it one of th most comfortable restraints I had ever used. The shoulder harnesses were soft like of those used on a B&M Looper. It had the one seat belt in the front which I buckled. First Ride, here I come!

    The ride operator flew through the check and did it perfectly, 'check,' tug, and pull! We were set to go. I heard the round of "Clear" and here the Booth operator's "All Clear" I readjusted myself out of nervousness and took a deep breath. "Gentlemen, Start Your Engines" rang across the station speakers… Here we go, my first 300-foot coaster!

    A firm tug and we were on our way! The first thing through my mind was, 'I knew It was fast, but holy cow!' We flew (metaphorically) up the lift hill. I had no more time. Time to race. The coaster reached its pinnacle and began its steep decent. We weren't pulled over the top, we were thrown. Airtime rock me out of my seat into a drop of oblivion. I began screaming for my life! What felt like a few minutes ended with the first turn. We had ascended and descended in about 18 seconds…

    The First turn is not describable nor comparable to any coaster on this planet. The best way I can put it is pulling out of a dive in a small aircraft. Your stomach is pulled to your feet and you start to get lightheaded. The turn continued for what seemed to be for a few second then we began to climb the second 150 foot tall Airtime monster! It brings you back to reality with the best sustained ejector air I have ever experienced. This is the first moment I really noticed the restraints impact they have on the ride. They held me in tight with no leeway. then we began to drop with more floater airtime like we had experienced on the first drop.

    The G's put us back down in our seats as we reach the bottom but we don't remain there. Intamin built a fun little thing I like to call "The Airtime Hump." This thing give a great lift of ejector airtime before throwing the riders into another g-ruled turn. This turn, though not comparable to the first turn, on its own could be a valuable asset to any ride. Through this turn is the rides first "Head chopper" which happens to be quite incredible. It made me put my hands down for a moment.

    Now for the most "disliked' part part of the ride. The first of the three S-Transitional Curves is easily one of the best parts of this ride. The Shoulder restraints first come into use in this element. For those who have not ridden, this S-Curves are similar to those used on Maverick @ Cedar Point. There is a difference though. These have a design advantage by giving the riders a split second of airtime while transitioning. This reduces the impact against the Over The Shoulder Restraints (OTSR) by dulling th G forces involved. This is where the ever famous word "Twisty" was coined by the famous Robb Alvey. He was right.

    The "Twistiness" is another great attribute of this ride. After the First S-Curves there is a sweep to the right then to the left, while going through another "head-chopper," then the rides second, least forceful S-Curve. After this S-Curves is the Third intense 180 degree turn. Its especially tight and gives off some great g's.

    The Ride then heads up the trimmed Third Hill. The trims though significantly slowing the ride, provides some especially great floater airtime. The coaster goes down a valley into another hill, which happens to turn to the right after the crest. The coaster leads itself into the third, final and most intense S-Curve. It needed the trim brake.

    The final act of this ride is a dive under the "air hump" then ascending, while twisting on to the steepest break run I have ever seen. We slowed to a slow crawl. I sat in my seat stunned.

    Intimidator is my new number one. I have been to Kings Dominion, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Seaworld Orlando (pre-Manta), All WDW Parks, Hershey Park, Six Flags America, Dollywood, Kings Island (pre-Diamondback), Carowinds, and Six Flags Over Georgia. I have gotten 77 coaster credits in the past 5 years. I hope to pick up all 17 at CP soon and the other Intimidator which has sadly lost its spotlight. I believe I have ridden enough to have a legit opinion on this coaster.

    I can give a promise while riding this beast. It will be one of the most intense rides of your life.

    This ends KDCM's excessively long review. I hope you enjoyed!

    • good review 🙂

  10. Good grief, six people have given this a one on CC's rating scale. My question is: How? It deserves at least an eight, despite the blackout at the beginning.

    • They're most likely haters who haven't even ridden it. That's the problem with a poll like this. We have no way of knowing that the people who voted actually rode it.

      • Yeah, good point.

        • Sorry for the double comment, but CC, why don't you make it on polls like these so there's a page where we can see who made what rating and why? And maybe you can make it so they have to give a reason why they hate or love it. Just a suggestion.

      • pre-trim. it jerks you around a LOT and gives you a headache. it ruined the other rides. but that was before the trim someone said they did on 5/21. i rode it the third day it was open. but i had the same problem w/ shockwave, but they fixed that 2. i hope to ride them again sometime. i guess it all depends on when you rode it. but i would give it at LEAST a 5. 🙂

      • have you ridden I305 pre-trim or post? if you have ridden it pre-trim you'll understand. 🙂

      • CC, you should have a comparison of Intimidator at kings dominion to the one at Carowinds. i've only been on the one at KD, but that was pre-trim :P. yuck did NOT feel good after that ride. but going again on the eighth, and i'm going to try and ride the 2 fixed rides: I305 and Shockwave. IF i don't spend all day at waterworks. 🙂

        • I hope to compare the Intimidators after I get up to Virginia (the best state in the union :)) to ride I305. Maybe this year, maybe not. We'll see.

          • coolio!

  11. And on the video, Robb Alvey goes "and we go into more TWISTY!'. LOL 🙂

  12. Wow…I rode this Sunday the 16th and had two rides in the front row. I didn't black out at all but the curve is intense. The only thing bad about this ride is I thought the restraints hurt a couple of times on the S curves. Maybe I should have leaned back more? I can tell you after riding almost 100 different coasters in 4 years that i have never smiled all the way through a ride like this one….it is as fun as anything I have ever been on.

  13. Apparently they put trim brakes all the way down the first drop to counter the blackout. I hope they are just trying to find the right configuration.

  14. I rode on 5/21, the day they supposedly added the trim. I wouldn't know the difference since it was my one and only ride. The I don't know if the lift hill slowed down, but it was still a whole lot faster than MF (which is very fast). I didn't grey out (although I heard of someone that did on that particular cycle) and i didn't bang my head on the restraints. In fact, I did not find it to be as intense as I expected. I could have done some re-riding if I had time (the break-downtime on the coaster killed our limited amount of time) and found it extremely smooth and fun. I didn't feel that it was better than MF, but it was very close (MF has overbanks, tunnels, and better views).

  15. I got to ride on May 22 for a total of 4 rides. Our 3 rides in the morning were only 10 minute waits. It was probably over 30 min. for a front seat ride. If you don't want to wait for the front seat, stay on the left side of the queue line and keep encouraging people to move forward onto the platform. The ride operators were doing a good jobe of getting the crowd to cycle quickly. Very efficient, yet pleasantly courteous employees!

    The lift is quite fast and adds to the anticipation. The drop alone is nothing out of the ordinary. The drop into a banked turn is quite spectacular! I did manage to gray out on my 2 mid-train rides, but did not gray out on my 2 back seat rides. I'm not sure what the difference was, but the g's are incredible. Both times, the gray-outs occurred on that first banked turn.

    I like to ride with mny hands up, but found I had to modify that approach. My arms were tossed from side to side and ended up getting bruised from banging into the unpadded over-the-shoulder restraints. I learned after that first ride that if I kept my elbows low, I could still keep my hands up. We took an early evening ride in the rain and it was quite the painful experience. I tried to keep my eyes closed so they wouldn't be pelted with rain that felt like rocks, but with my eyes closed, I couldnt anticipate the side-to-side shifts and ended up banging my head until I decided to squint out of one eye.

    Intimidator 305 is a very unique ride, but it won't make my top 10 unless the restraint system gets changed. (Millenium Force is sitting at #3 and Nitro at #9). We got the last ride before they shut down for the evening due to the rain, so I didn't get to try any seats near the front.

    We continued to ride anything else that was open until the park closed. One of the most unique rides we had was on the Drop Tower in the pouring rain. There are very bright floodlights on the top of the tower which make for a unique visual. When the seats dropped, it caused almost hurricane-force wind that nearly knocked over the people standing in line circled around the ride. Does this normally happen? I have not ridden it before. The really weird visual was during our ride, when we dropped faster than the rain was falling. It made the raindrops appear to be falling UP. I recommend trying this ride in the rain after dark!

  16. Hey everyone. I just wanted to drop a note about my rides on Intimidator 305 with Trims. Today I rode I-305 6 times and once was a front row seat. In the front row you can see the trims really well and they must be 100 to 150ft down the coaster. They are very noticable especially if you rode I305 pre trims. The 300ft drop is no longer a free fall and it feels like a car hitting the brakes as you fall forward onto the restraints. For me I prefer the freefall. Also the 2nd hill is drastically different. Instead of great ejector air I felt no air time at all on the 2nd hill and you just cruise over it slowley. Before you would be launched into the restraints and it was incredible. I noticed that they have water sprayers in the station for the wheels and the track. I hope this is a temporary solution for whatever the problem is. I still found the s curves to be a little rough and greyed out every time so i guess the trims are because of the wheels. All of the people I was with today were first time riders and all seemed to enjoy the ride. Previously I would rate the ride a 9.5 or 10 and it was the MOST INTENSE and FAST coaster I had ever ridden. Now I would probably give the ride a 7 or an 8. Not much airtime, less speed, still a little rough, not as intense. I must say I am really dissappointed with Intamin and KD and hope this is a temporary solution and they can figure out something else to fix the technical issues they are having. It seems it would've been better if they built another MF instead of combining MF and Maverick for a GIGA coaster. Before I thought the ride was perfect except for the roughness and if they could have a more comfortable restraint the ride would be close to perfect. Now it seems they have many more issues to deal with besides restraints. I am highly anticipating what any of you guys think of the ride now and what Joel thinks of it when you ride it.

    • That's a bit of a shame to hear.. I'm going to KD tomorrow for my first I-305 rides and it sounds like the trims are a total buzzkill. I'm going to keep an open mind and try to stay as excited though. I'll post a little review tomorrow night to give a point of view from someone who doesn't have a pre-trim ride to compare it too.

      Still wish I could have gotten down there earlier this year.

    • what exactly is a trim? i never ridden big coasters (except for disney ones like RnR) before KD but i am loving them, but not exactly an expert(unless you count building coasters on RCT3). so could someone please explain for me? Please?

      • a trim is a brake that dosen't slow the ride down to a complete stop. and don't worry about sounding stupid, mos people don't know the difference between a floorless and an invert. simply talking on this site proves that you have more knowledge of the coaster world than most. you'll learn these things quick.

        • thanks:)

  17. Brian,

    I look forward to hearing what you think. Sorry to write up such a negative comment. The ride is still really good and like I said all of the people I was with Loved it and thought it was crazy intense. For me it just wasn't the same. I'm glad you are going with an open mind as no one will have the same ride experience. Hope you have a good day at KD. Sunday was great as it was a small crowd and we walked on to almost every ride. Ride on!

  18. I was in D.C> and almos got the chance to ride but we were short on time so I ended up at sfa. is the first drop steeper than mellinuim?

  19. Never mind i read vinces comparison

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