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This week, Montreal theme park La Ronde announced the name and theme of their new (ish) roller coaster. The Six Flags affiliated park received a Vekoma SLC that was orignially Serial Thriller at Six Flags AstroWorld from 1999 until 2005. When AstroWorld closed, the coaster remained in storage at Great Escape for nearly 4 years.

Last winter the ride was shipped to La Ronde where it will get a new life as Ednör – L’Attaque. Ednor is a sea monster that has been spotted around the park that’s located on an island in a river in Montreal. Ednor has been built over the Lac des Dauphins, a pond inside the park.

Ednor will include some special effects and a pre-show experience. Here’s an excerpt from the press release that explains more:

Photo Credit - Pierre Cloutier

“EDNÖR – L’attaque” is the first ever totally themed rollercoaster and features a pre-ride show that willtake passengers on a tour of a simulated interpretation centre dedicated to the study of sea monsters, including the now-famous resident of Lac des Dauphins, EDNÖR.

In another first, La Ronde will take advantage of the sea monster’s presence in Lac des Dauphins to include its appearances as “special effects” as part of the ride. For example, during the ride, passengers will come very close to a powerful spurt of water from EDNÖR, a phenomenon previously described by the workmen involved in the March 30 incident. Press Release

Monstres de Mer!
I like that the park is really focusing on theming. Vekoma SLC’s are nothing revolutionary, but a fun theme and pre-show can add to the experience.The photo to the left captured the beast in action. It was released by La Ronde as proof of its existence. The pre-show includes references to other famous sea monsters around the World including Nessie and Champ. I’m from Virginia and I remember hearing of an alleged monster in the Chessapeake Bay called Chessie. Here in the Charlotte, North Carolina area there’s a large man-made lake north of the city called Lake Norman. It’s home to, you guessed it, Normie.

I’ve always wanted to make it up to Canada for Canada’s Wonderland and La Ronde. La Ronde has ten roller coasters with the addition of Ednor. Most notable is Goliath a 2006 B&M out and back hyper coaster that’s nothing but airtime hills.

Read the press release here.
Visit La Ronde’s website: English | French

What’s Your Take?
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  1. I`m still a bit bummed by the fact that they built it at La Ronde instead of the Great Escape, which i expected. I seems that six flags is adopting another obsession. last year, they added the Sasquatch to the great escape. actualy it was pretter well themed. they had TV's in the queue, alternating from commercials, (obviously) which were mostly the "Jack Link's Beef Jerky: meesin whith sasquatch" ones, which everyone loves, pre-ride themeing videos, (prettey freaky or funny, depending on which one you see) and some of the (insert year here) music awards. also, the whole station is themed to be a sasquatch observation station, and there are large foot prints on the pathways for the queue. It`s similar to scream! at six flags new england, but slightly shorter, and has one less tower, and a much better view.

  2. Sounds very similar to something that happened over here a few years ago. Blackpool got a SLC from nearby southport after it closed down, they added effects and it was the first inverted coaster to be fully suspended over water. All that was well and good but the ride is just too rough like most SLCs and isnt really any good. I think it will probably be the same for this ride.

  3. A pre-ride show… That sounds like the Led Zeppelin coaster at Hard Rock Park.

  4. La Ronde already has a great inverted caoster from B&M (granted, it is another Batman clone) but the theming is Ok since it is dressed up like a vampire I believe. La Ronde doesn't really need another inverted (and a piece of crap one at that).

  5. "The first ever totally themed rollercoaster". It's themed, but I don't think it holds that title.

  6. Add all the theme you want. An SLC is still an SLC…

  7. Was not impressed with the ride, or the “themeing”…
    They only operate 1 train on the ride, thus the queing line is EXTREMELY long (over 90 minutes when I went on it) thus by the time I was actually sitting on the ride after having watched it operate for 30-40 runs, i was not all that excited any more…The ride itself was an incredibly painful experience. The near-constant side-to-side vibrations of the train (a commonality among SLCs so I’m told) left me with a splitting headache… 2 thumbs down… I wish they had come up with an original ride design to accompany the themeing and not just, as others put it, an SLC…of all rides…


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