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Flamingoland (Yorkshire, England) is home to the steepest roller coaster in the World in the S&S Power-designed Mumbo Jumbo. Unfortunately, the rides’ ultra-steep 112 degree drop wasn’t the scariest part of the ride a few riders last week. During their ride, the car they were riding in became stuck. It just so happened to get stuck while they were upside-down some 50 feet in the air.  

I’ve been stuck on lift hills a few times, but never in the middle of a ride like this. I try to explain to people that it’d be very unlikely for a looping roller coaster to get stuck during a loop, but this is an odd case of when it can actually happen. Somehow a poncho caused the car to get stuck. I’m assuming it became wedged between the car’s wheels and the track. After 20 minutes the riders were safely rescued. See more images and read the full news story at the Daily Mail.

Getting stuck upside down on a roller coaster has still got to be pretty rare. I just can’t say that it doesn’t happen anymore. Read about past roller coaster accidents. For American readers, Mumbo Jumbo is similar to Indiana Beach’s Steel Hawg.

What’s Your Take?
Have you ridden Mumbo Jumbo or similar coaster Steel Hawg? Have you ever been stuck on a roller coaster? What do you think about the accident? Leave a comment below. Photo Credit: Daily Mail – North News

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  1. They certainly got their daily dose of hangtime.

    • That's for sure!

      • in the que for superman:ros @SFNE, i talked to a guy who actualy was hanging upside down, he said it was fun, but i doubt i`d enjoy it. (dont look down, dont look down, just look up, oh darn that`s down.)

  2. Oh crap. I like being inverted as much as the next coaster lover, but this extended period can kill you! I think the operators will be more careful to makesure that the passengers keep their clothes safely secured inside the train.

    • kill you, WoW, that park won't want that news passed around.

  3. Well, with all that blood rushing to their head, I'm pretty sure none of them could say they were lightheaded after that!

    • 🙂

  4. I hate being hung upside-down for more than a few minutes, but I would be going crazy for 20 minutes!

    • that would hurt your shoulders, especialy whith such small restraints.

  5. I saw steel hawg get stuc just before the oppisite banked left hand turn. steel hawg is slow and lame. dont go to IB just to ride this… its mega lame

  6. Back when Carowinds was owned by Paromount, i got stuck on what use to be called Drop Zone Stunt Tower. Evidently while our passenger car was ascending, the magnetic braking system shut down. Luckily the computer system noticed the problem and promted the ride ops. So while fixing this error, (which wassnt anything serious, just a glitch) they left us hanging in the air, 157ft i believe, for around 2 hours. I was younger then and my mom was at the bottom pacing back and forth the whole time. Heh. I didnt mind. I had a great view for a while and they did gives us another free day at the park, which i used that week. Im assuming the brake glitch wassnt enough to promt an inspection because when i went back two days later the ride was going strong. And yeah, i did take another ride.

    As for Mumbo Jumbo, its the same ride design as Mystery Mine at Dollywood isnt it? I only rode mystery mine once. Off topic, great new design for a coaster. Very manuverable. On topic, a poncho jamming the mecanisms? Why did this guy have a poncho? Look at those blue skies in the picture. And you guys are worrying about the danger of video cameras on rides? Have you ever been upsidedown for more than a minute? When they were shooting the prison scene in Year One, Oh actually passed out two times for being upsidedown for more than two minutes at a time. I know they had headaches. And i hope the park reimbursed them with a free day at the park.


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