The Coaster Critic Goes on Hiatus

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I’ve decided to go on hiatus from The Coaster Critic’s Blog for a while. I’ve been busy at home with the arrival of our new daughter. And (as usual) I’ve got some things in the works that will be easier to piece together if I’m not trying to grind out my next post at the same time.

Thankfully, I won’t be leaving you without anything new to read. It will be just the opposite. I’ll be having guest bloggers pop in from time to time to give you reviews of roller coasters from their part of the World along with other interesting and provocative posts.

I won’t be completely absent as I’ll still be commenting occassionally. Also, if anything earth-shattering happens, I’ll be sure to return to the blog to put up an update. Again, for all of your theme park news needs, visit Theme Park Syndicate.

Stay tuned for the guest blogger posts, there are some really good reviews on the way. Expect the first one this Saturday.

Founder of My favorite coasters are B&M hypers and gigas. I'm also a huge fan of terrain roller coasters.


  1. thats not fair.. but i under stand

    • well, CC has a life too ya know, and he posts alot! 🙂

  2. sometimes a man has to do what a man has to do!! Hope you're not gone too long!!

    • It'll probably just be a few weeks. But like I said there are some really cool reviews that'll be posted in the coming days. So stay tuned!

  3. What?

  4. Well, hopefuly these guest bloggers will be as good at writing as CC! 🙂

    • i`m prettey sure most aren`t! well, at least coaster enthusiasts for that matter.

      • Yes, but Aric Davis did a good job on his Shivering Timbers review, even if it was rather long.


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