Chang Could Replace Great American Scream Machine at Great Adventure

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Chang may not be opening at Six Flags Great America (near Chicago) as everyone had thought. Rumors have the stand-up roller coaster moving to Six Flags Great Adventure (Jackson, NJ), arguably the company’s flagship theme park. The rumor also has Chang replacing the Arrow looper, Great American Scream Machine.

Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom’s Chang started coming down last winter only to resurface at Six Flags Great America. The move seemed a bit weird as that park already had a stand-up coaster in Iron Wolf, but 2011 was thought to be a year with a lot of shuffling around of rides as it will be Six Flags 35th anniversary.

The rumor appears to be based on a Coaster Fusion message board thread that where a long-time member (I’m assuming the site owner) states:

We have confirmed with a supervisor in rides that Six Flags Great Adventure will be closing Scream Machine as of July 1, 2010. The ride is getting to old to find parts for, since S&S is only focusing on their new rides and the X coasters. The park will become home to Chang from Kentucky Kingdom which will replace Scream Machine. -Coaster Fusion

Shockingly, this news upsets some people. I know that the reputation of stand-up coasters is not good. If you’ve never ridden Chang then you may not know that there are good, even great stand-up coasters (2 or 3, at least). This makes sense to me, but there are actually people who are sad to see Great American Scream Machine go!

On Six Flags Great Adventures Facebook page there are comments like: “SAVE THE GREAT AMERICAN SCREAM MACHINE!!!!!!! It’s a park Icon.”

There’s obviously something in the Jersey water. Great Adventure fans should be happy that they’re getting a much, much, much better roller coaster. I gave Chang an 8.0 (Great) and Great American Scream Machine a 4.0 (Below Average). The ratings should speak for themselves, but here are links to my Chang review and Great American Scream Machine review. I like this new CEO if he’s behind this move as rumors suggest.

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  1. I HATE Six flags for this. NO ride will ever be good enough to replace GASM. I'll miss it,

    Check out my tribute at my youtube channel' coastercrazy 9


    An exclusive first look at CHANG! They didn't refer to it by name, but they did show a layout page, and it looks awesome. 😀

  3. I'm going on another coaster trip in a few days, I'll be hitting two parks, Six flags Great Adventure, and Coney Island so I can ride the Cyclone. I'll hope to take a few pics of the construction site when I get there.

  4. Rumors going around that Chang will recieve a Green Lantern theme…No confirmation, but just recently, Six Flags aquired rights to the upcoming Green Lantern movie to use as theming for a ROLLER COASTER…

    This would technically make sense, seeing as Chang is being built RIGHT NEXT to Superman: Ultimate Flight…

    Another rumor going around is that the first loop to Scream Machine MAY remain there…No word on this, though.

  5. I believe I saw a Chang train on a flatbed headed south out of Chicago today. I know it was a newer style B&M stand-up that had red seats with yellow on the back. The lower portion was covered, so I couldn't confirm the body color.

  6. It's official. SFGAdv just announced Green Lantern.


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