Four Years Strong: New Additions & Changes on the Way

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I’m officially back from my longest hiatus to date. The family’s doing great and I was able to write a few posts and work on some projects that I’d been meaning to get to. Thanks again to the guest bloggers that supplied some great posts from Europe, Australia, the West Coast, Midwest, & East Coast of the U.S. While I was out: Author Aric Davis, Ashley from Theme Park News Direct, Austin from Theme Park Syndicate, Jake from Coasterdom & Nick from Theme Park Tourist did an excellent job keeping the blog afloat. I genuinely enjoyed reading their posts and I’m lucky to have their work to share. You may be seeing a post here or there from these fine writers in the future, but I’m officially back in action full-time.

4 Years of Blogging- New Additions, New Site, New Features & A Notable Removal
Last April The Coaster Critic’s Blog turned four! After more than 600 posts, nearly 4,800 comments & over 350,000 visitors from all over the globe, I’m happy to say that the blog is still going strong. In fact, a new feature that’s been in the works for a while will be launched later this week. I’m excited to get your feedback. Aside from the new feature, there’s also a whole new domain on the horizon. The new site will really just compliment something I’m already doing and it’s not another large project like Theme Park Syndicate. Also, it’s not entirely theme park related. It’ll make more sense when I’ve officially announced it (probably in the next few weeks).

During my hiatus I did some rehab on the blog. I’ve updated the roller coaster reviews page by adding sorting to the tables and adding the guests reviews, and I’ve made a notable removal. More on the removal later this week.

This will be a slow year for coaster trips, but there’s a chance that I’ll make it back to Kings Dominion. Perhaps fittingly, I’ll be returning to my home park where it all started to ride my 200th roller coaster and Intimidator 305. I may also get to check out Family Kingdom thanks to another family trip to Myrtle Beach. Sadly, Freestyle Music Park won’t be open, but a ride credit on the fun-looking woodie, Swamp Fox, will lessen the sting.

Founder of My favorite coasters are B&M hypers and gigas. I'm also a huge fan of terrain roller coasters.


  1. Going to KD this sunday for my 3rd trip this year. I'll comment on the Intimidator305 post to let you know what i think of the ride now that it is trimmed and how different it is from the untrimmed version.

    • Thanks Mike. Looking forward to your take on the ride. Interested to hear an update on the trims.

  2. Good to have you back – hope you enjoyed the break (although it sounds like you've been keeping pretty busy!)

    Thanks for the opportunity to write a guest review, and I look forward to seeing the new addition later this week.

  3. Finally, you're back for good. As for Freestyle Music Park, I've heard that they may never reopen with their financial troubles. Shame. Their B&M along with their coaster with a lift that resembles a ferris wheel of all things. At least I hope that it will reopen under a new and more qualified owner. Any thoughts on who would buy it?

    • No idea at all who would buy the park. I would imagine that it would have to be another group of investors. Hopefully this time with deeper pockets. I don't think any of the major chains want to touch the park at this point.

  4. The 'notable removal' has been revealed as you can see from the POV video post. A new addition or feature will be unveiled today. Stay tuned!


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