Most Wanted Roller Coasters: Expedition GeForce – World’s Best Coaster?

Most Wanted Roller Coasters


  1. The name Mega-Lite doesn't exactly scream stable to me.

  2. Expedition GeForce is probably my #1 most wanted coaster. The layout is Intamin at it's finest.

    If you want an update on Bizarro, I'll be up there in a few weeks.

    • I'll probably head dow to New england for another Two or Three rides this year, and I'll see if the smoothnesson Bizzaro has changed, wich i doubt.

  3. When I was at the filming for the SFNE shoot Bert said it was the best coaster he had ever ridden and that it was a lot bettet than Millenium Force. He said Millenium Force just had the speed but that was it. I guess he changed his mind when he went to Carowinds.

    • Yep. They kept noting how smooth Intimidator was and how you could ride it all day. I could see how Intimidator would have the edge there.

      • I could see also. The Inatmin rattle in the helices is probably what he's talking about. Thats the only part where its notably "rough" though.

        • i can see how smoothness is a virtue but after a few rides on Nitro (SFGA is my home park) i get bored. Rides like Bizarro and MF are just a bit more excited(even though they can be rougher).

  4. Look like n awsome coaster, our exachnge student lives nerly half an hour away from holiday world and when she came over and rode coasters at disneyland and magic mountin she said they did not compare. I might be headed over there next year and will defenintly ride geforce

  5. I'd agree with you that bigger isn't always better – sometimes the need to pack a coaster into a more confined space can result in really well-thought-out layouts that are just as intense and enjoyable to ride.

    Having said that, I think most Europeans heading over to the states are bowled over by the scale of some of the coasters – I certainly was. It does create a sense of awe which is difficult to recreate any other way.

    • This is one of the dream coasters for me, but it's so crazy to hear of the European shock over the American heights. Not surprising, but nice to hear that my overseas jealousy has a match on the other side of the pond.

      We want to ride your coasters too!

  6. I don't think that GeForce is the world's best coaster, but it's surely up there. Certainly one of the best in Europe, that's for sure, and maybe the best in Europe. But I think SFNE's Bizarro/Superman beats GeForce to the crown of world's best coaster.

  7. Multiple sources (including Screamscape) are reporting that there is definitely going to be a new rollercoaster at Hersheypark for the 2011 season, and they said there is a good chance that it could be the first Intamin Mega-Lite in the US. If this happens, I'll certainly book a trip now to Hershey!

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