New B&M Concept Will Debut on X-Raptor at Gardaland in 2011

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There’s been talk for years about a new Bolliger & Mabillard roller coaster type. Last week, the rumors about the ride’s design were confirmed as Italian theme park Gardaland released an image of their 2011 roller coaster X-Raptor.

X-Raptor at Gardaland - New B&M Coaster Concept

Gardaland is pleased to introduce a spectacular new attraction in 2011:
X-Raptor – the most extreme roller coasters, the flight that defies limits. Caught in a terrifying flying beast that has destroyed the land, we attempt a flight adrenaline of terror through forests and devastated lands, while trying to escape from the clutches of the ruthless animal.

Suspended in empty seats on the sides of the tracks
Awesome station of underground
800 m (2624′ 8″) path
30 m (98′ 5″) high with a dizzying ascent
90 ° bends at high speed
Referrals are very close to spectacular obstacles
Low-flying on a lake surface with water effects
2 spins with a sensation of zero gravity (2 zero-g rolls?)

At first glance B&M’s new ride concept seems reminiscent of a 4th Dimension Furius Baco at Port Aventuraroller coaster like X2, but rumors are that the seats will not spin like 4D’s do. So, it will be more like Intamin’s Furius Baco at Port Aventura in Spain (pictured left).

This is a really exciting development as Bolliger & Mabillard are responsible for a number of ground-breaking roller coasters designs. This seating position has been done, but I have to believe that B&M will bring something new to the table. It just so happens that I’ll be attending Coaster Stock this Saturday at Carowinds where B&M engineer Bob Mampe will be available for questions. Maybe I can get a few more details about this new concept when I speak with him.

While we don’t have all of the details for this new ride, it’d still be cool to get your first impressions. Vote in the poll below:

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What’s Your Take?
What do you think of B&M’s new coaster type? Leave a comment below. Image 2 courtesy of

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  1. The concept looks cool and all, but if the seats don't spin I'll be disappointed because the spinning seats added lots to X2, and B & M could really add something to the concept and execute it well

    • I've always thought that B&M could really do an amazing 4th Dimension coaster, so I'm looking foward to see how this is different.

  2. Oh, if only I can take more trips…

    With Chang moving to Great Adventure, Black Diamond/Golden Nugget moving to Knoebels, Busch Gardens Tampa's 2011 project and now this, 2011 is already shaping up to be a great year for coasters.

    • "Awesome station of underground"

      That part really made me rofl.

  3. Cant say from that picture that im all that impressed, it looks alot like Furius Baco which I heard was a little underwelming. Ill obviously keep tabs on it like everyone else but it just doesnt look like the original concept we were all hoping for, however B & M do seem to hardly ever make a bad coaster so it will almost definatly be a good ride, just not original.

    Has anybody got a link to any info on the new Busch Gardens project?

  4. From the rough description and the image released, it sounds like an alternate version of the floorless coaster. I need more info!

  5. Looks great! 🙂 I actually heard via Screamscape (a few months ago) that B&M is developing a 4D coaster, but it will be a two step process. The first step would be to make a ride with seats to the side of the track that do not rotate. They will then study that ride, and with the data they have collected, make a roller coaster with seats that do rotate.

    Now if we could get one in the US…

    • Amen!

    • that is probaly right

    • Nice find MDC. That makes sense I guess. They couldn't have built a small prototype somewhere and studied that? Maybe they wanted real world data. I'll have to ask the B&M engineer about it this weekend.

  6. Is it just me or do those seat on the illustration look a lot like those on furious baco?

    • I believe they just blended a photo of Furious Baco with some computer generated B&M track to get the rendering.

      • I was wondering about that, the track looks rather small to support a four-seat, large chaired B&M. I was actually wondering if they were going to make it like that, although against all likeliness, they may. I hope some of those things may come over here.

        PS- B&M probably just wants to see if those seats make much of a difference, beacause if B&M found another way to make them spin, they would want to know if the innovation would make an improvement or just mess it up, therefore, there first step may not be this coaster, but two coasters, each with 4D seat styles, but no spin to either one. Heck, they could even make a few of each styles over the next few years, just to find out wich ride elements suit each one. What I really want to see is a Dueling 4-Demensional.

  7. not to tall but i have a feeling there will be much larger ones to procede this one. yes mdc maybe in the states i also agree maybe this is just the first step in this type of coaster. looks like a great ride but alot like baco

  8. Sounds like the moments of zero gravity will be zero g rolls

  9. X-Raptor Viral images form Gardaland Park

    • Grazie Enrico! You've got some nice teaser images there.

      • Slowly reach other images,

        if you need you can get them free from my site

        Sorry for my bad english

    • Oh, nice. If this turns out like it is, this will be themed quite a lot. And very nicely, to boot!

  10. Online the X-Raptor official website

    Site found

    Live webcam site



    Countdown for opening


  11. You know how I'm raving over how Cedar Fair trademarked Stratosaur in the summer right? I've done a little digging on this project and B&M is officially calling it a "Wing-Rider" coaster. Stratosaur prediction #2: something like this at multiple Cedar Fair parks.

  12. Track completed !!!!

  13. The reseon B&M could make something so similar is (looking at the cars) because intamins go straight out and B&Ms sag down below the track quite a bit more

  14. It looks cool, But the layout looks boring and not a lot of inversions. But maybe they want it that way because it will be themed and have the monster and effects in the coaster.

  15. Possible name change for x raptor

    likely that the name is Raptor without the X

    This is a rumor

    Merry Christmas

    • And a happy New Year. (I don't know when hannukah & kwanza are)

      If they are themeing it, maybe a name change would be good for the ride.

  16. I dont understand what the big deal is. Yes you are sitting off to the side of the track, but the seats don't spin like X2. However this would probrably be much smoother than X2, and i dont mind the seats not spinning. Ok so its new for B&M, sort of. Dive machines enable riders to sit to the side of the track and the middle. So going on the outside seats of a dive coaster would be very similar to this. This does look pretty cool though.


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