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For my next and probably last trip of the season I’ll be headed back to my home state and former home Kings Dominionpark. Kings Dominion is where it all began for me. I had only ridden a few smaller roller coasters until I was coerced into riding Grizzly. Next thing I knew I was hooked. I’ve been to Kings Dominion dozens of times over the years, but my last visit was in 2004. So, I haven’t been to the park as “The Coaster Critic”. It’ll be interesting riding old favorites (like Grizzly and Volcano) that evoke nostalgic feelings with my well-traveled critical eyes. Also, over the past 6 years a few rides have come and gone. Of course most notably, is the park’s 2010 addition, Intimidator 305.

My 200th Roller Coaster
Intimidator 305 - Kings Dominion's New Giga CoasterRiding Intimidator 305 will mark a milestone for me as it will my 200th roller coaster. It just so happens that my 100th was Millennium Force at Cedar Point the U.S.’s other giga coaster. I know that 200 isn’t that big of a number when you consider ultra coaster enthusiasts, some of which have double that number. But I’m a numbers guy so I like keeping track of my coaster count.

Intimidator 305 Poll: The Results Are In
Back in April, when Intimidator 305 opened, I invited readers to leave their take on the ride and rate it via one of my polls. The post has been one of my most commented ever with 62 comments and counting! 74% of you gave Intimidator 305 a 9 (Excellent) or a 10 (Superior). So, it’s obviously being recieved well even with it’s intense reputation.

Roller Coaster Sites Unite!
I’ll be attending Theme Park Review’s East Coast Bash event which includes a number of ERT (exclusive ride time) opportunities on coasters like Dominator, Rebel Yell, and Volcano and Flight of Fear with the lights on. Like Coaster Stock at Carowinds, the event will finish with ERT on the newest attraction at night; Intimidator 305. For some reason, a number of roller coaster web sites and podcasts have zeroed in on this event. Both Coaster Radio and The Season Pass Podcast will be podcasting from the event and rumors are that a few other web sites will be there as well. I’m excited to see what a Theme Park Review event is like after seeing them of DVD and hearing about them for years. It’s not one of the foreign trips I’d like to do someday, but it still sounds like a lot of fun.

Follow My Live Updates
I’ll be tweeting all day from the park. You’ll be able to follow my updates via the sidebar on the blog or on Twitter at: After my trip I’ll finally be able to answer all of the questions I’ve been getting about I305 and how it compares to Millennium Force and Carowinds’ Intimidator. 

What’s Your Take?
Do you have any ride tips for me for Intimidator 305? Do you think I305 will make my Top Ten? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Ride front row if at all possible (obviously haha) and watch your head through "Robb Alvey's 'twisties'." I think someone said the OTSRs are gone now, if so lucky you, if not you might get your ears boxed a little through those overbanked s-curves if you don't brace yourself. And prepare for a grey-out on the first turn out of the initial drop. Front row left seat was the only No Grey-out Zone for me. Either way, it'll be a great #200! Believe the hype.

  2. Wow, 200! That's great. I've only got 42. I've been hoping for an Intimidator vs Millennium Force showdown.

    • I'm hoping for that and an Intimidator/Indimidator 305 showdown!

      • That would be great. I'll also be curious as to how it stacks up to Bizarro @ SFNE.

        (BTW, I meant to say Intimidator **305** vs. Millennium Force Showdown.)

        • I figured that out. Not to hard to.

          I don't think it stacks up to Bizarro/Superman, but I'm curious to how it'd stack up to Nitro at SFGA.

        • You'll get both roller coaster showdowns in the coming weeks. I feel like I could write them already because I've heard so much about I305.

    • I would love to do a Coaster Critic vs. Aric debate of MF vs. I305.

      I will even take MF.

      • I can't remember Aric. Have you ridden I305?

        • Nope, but I would love to debate the two with you, like I said, I'll take Millennium!

          Have fun, that ride looks unreal, and don't worry about all the trim complaints, that stuff holds no water.

          • I would have to totally disagree with that trim statement. Haven ridden the ride pre and post trim I can say that the ride is 100 percent different w/those trims. 1st drop has been changed, the airtime on the 2nd hill is gone and the whole ride is about speed and intensity and the speed is down a supposed 10 to 14mph. I felt that I305 was the most intense and crazy coaster experience I've had w/o trims but w/trims it was still intense but no where near the mind blowing intense experience it was before.

  3. I think I'm at 100 now. I need to get back to KD – it just didn't do it for me last time I visited – Kings Island is much better. But I really want to ride Intimidator!

  4. make sure you don't ride dominator first, oetherwise it will be your 200th.

    PS-I want to see what everyone else's coaster count is. mine is 37. I didn't go to any new parks this year, but I rode S:UF for the firts time this year

    • Funny you say that. I was going to attend the morning ERT which included Dominator. I rode it when it was at Geauga, but it will count as another new coaster when I ride. I'm not going to do the morning ERT, but if I would've I would've had to wait around and watch everyone else ride it if I wanted to keep I30 as my 200th.

  5. 57 is mine

  6. I'm back! Sorry to hear that this is your last trip of the Season, CC. But 2011 brings new thrills.


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