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  1. Actualy, I have never ridden a standup coaster, but look forward to one day. Also, this coaster looks awesome!!!!!

    • I haven't ridden a stand-up either, but if Chang goes to SFGE, (wich it proabably will) I most likeley will.

      • Stand up roller coaster (made by B&M) are fantastic you'll love them! The in Georgia, the Georgia Scorcher, may not be the tallest ride at the park, but its my favorite one its so smooth and fun!!

  2. I'm prettey sure that it's one of the (if not "The") tallest florless coaster in the world.

    • i think medusa in discovery kingdom is but this has the biggest drop

    • If u dont count Griffon, Dominator at KD is the tallest. It also has the largest loop.

      • Thaks for the info, and i wasn't thinking of Vertical drop coasters at the time, otherwise i wouldn't have posted.

  3. That vertical loop after the drop… if you look at the press release, they say it's only 114 feet tall, but if Wikipedia is to believe, it's actually the tallest in the entire world at 145 feet. Superman himself stands at the top of it!

  4. Superman is my absolute favorite rollercoaster…of all. Superman is the tallest "Floorless Rollercoaster" in the world (186 ft.), and is also the fastest (70 mph)(Griffon and Sheikra don't count as they are known as a comletely different model and type of coaster). And as for the loop, rcdb is wrong, it is 145 ft. tall. Superman also has a variety of elements that play into the landscape, particularly the first drop (which basically throws you from the edge of a cliff) and the helix between the loop and zero g roll (which also uses the top of the cliff as its base. It is also one of the smoothest coasters I've been on.

  5. even tho Griffin does have floorless trains, it belongs to the "B&M dive machine" category. it's on B&M's website listed below.

  6. B&M and Intamin are both featured on the Most Wanted lists. The two best companies in the world. I wonder if Giavonola would have any if they were still in buisness.

    • You can't forget about Gravity Group & GCI, they're also realy good.

  7. I lve been on it, and yes it is pretty fun. There are no strong positive G's on the ride, the elements are all so big and taken so slowly you get airtime (hangtime) in all of them, rather than strong forces. The cliff interaction was pretty cool to, depending on where in the train you sat.

    • That sonds prettey creepy Austin55. It's cool that there are rides that are so big that they're loops make you float momentarily, even if that sounds a little disorienting. 😉

      • Sorry, messed up with the smile. 🙂

  8. This coaster borrows just as much from Kumba as Bizarro does. The loop progression is all the same, they just added a turn around and one extra turn before the brakes. The order of the inversions is exactly the same.

  9. I want to go on this roller coaster bad it looks amazing. Ive only been on 1 floorless coaster (Dominator at Kings Dominion), but I really liked that one and I bet this one is even better; what with its high speed, awesome loops, and large drops!!! Texas here I come!!

  10. I rode it when I was 10 a year ago. It was fun The loop was a bit stressing though. I thought I was going to get stuck upsidedown

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