What Will Cedar Point’s 2011 Ride Be?: Possibilities & a Poll

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What do you give the park that has everything?
Once again the Web is buzzing over what new ride, roller coaster, or attraction year. Even the Coaster Capital has a hole or two in its massive lineup of thrill rides and roller coasters. To be honest, I don’t follow the park that closely, but I’ll throw out some rumors and thoughts on what the ride could be. Let’s take some time and analyze what the mega park could build for 2011.Cedar Point will add next Star Flyer Ride for Cedar Point in 2011?

StratoSoar – A Star Flyer Ride
Recently, enthusiasts uncovered that Cedar Fair has trademarked the name “Statosoar”. The leading rumor involves a star flyer-like ride that would go pretty well with a name like Statosoar. Don’t know what a star flyer is? Neither did I until I looked it up. Apparently, they’re mega-tall spinning chair swings. They can swing backwards, forwards, and at different speeds.

Also, according to July 7th article, Cedar Fair President Dick Kinzel stated that Cedar Point’s 2011 ride will “target thrill riders” and “bring back a lot of memories for people that follow Cedar Fair.” Anyone know of an old star flyer ride at Cedar Point in the past? Likelihood: Seems pretty likely considering ScreamScape reported the Star Flyer rumor. It seems a bit too out of left field to be completely made up.

A Kiddie Coaster for Camp Snoopy
There’s also a chance that the new ride could be a kiddie coaster. There’s a rumor that Snoopy is going to get a large present for his 60th birthday some time this month. That could be how the park chooses to unveil the 2011 ride.
Likelihood: This is pretty likely. A kiddie coaster would likely be the least expensive addition and it would still keep Cedar Point ahead of Six Flags Magic Mountain in the “Theme Park with Most Coasters” batter. When Magic Mountain opens Mr. Six’s DanceCoaster in 2011, the parks will be in a tie at 17. Likelihood: A kiddie coaster seems pretty likely too. The park could actually add both a kiddie coaster and a star flyer ride.

B&M Flying Roller Coaster
With regards to steel coasters, Cedar Point is pretty stacked. But, the Point is lacking a flying coaster and fans have been asking for one for a while. I would imagine that if the park ever got one, it would have a custom layout not a Superman: Ultimate Flight clone. But, on the other hand, the park has got to be getting low on space. Likelihood: Again, this one doesn’t seem too likely to me.

New Wooden Roller CoasterProwler at World's of Fun
With the hammering that Mean Streak has taken by the comments on my review post it’s pretty clear to see that the park could use a quality wooden coaster. This is my number 1 pick for a new coaster. I try to visit new parks every year, but I’d almost definitely be headed back to Cedar Point if they added an interesting wooden coaster. Cedar Fair seems to work with Great Coasters International (GCI) most often. Recent examples include Prowler at Worlds of Fun and Renegade at Valleyfair!. So unfortunately, Gravity Group and Intamin may not be their top choice for a woodie. Likelihood: A new woodie seems pretty unlikely, but I’d love to see it.

A 500 Foot Tall Roller Coaster
In order to solidify Cedar Point’s title as the Coaster Capital, shouldn’t the park own the height record like it has for so many years in the past? Cedar Point broke the height barrier with Magnum XL-200 in 1989, again with Millennium Force in 2000, and then again in Top Thrill Dragster in 2004. Each time, they had been surpassed and it was time to take the Coaster Wars to a new level. I know it sounds a bit silly, but Top Thrill Dragster probably didn’t seem too likely until it was announced and built. I wonder how hard it would be to renovate Top Thrill Dragster by increasing the launch and height to eclipse the current height & speed record holder Kingda Ka. The Cedar Point fanboys would love that! Likelihood: Very unlikely, but you never know.

What’s Your Take?
What do you think Cedar Point’s 2011 ride will be? Vote in the poll below and leave a comment with your pick or completely unfounded rumors.Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

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  1. I'm guessing the Star Flyer ride, but the Point actually has quite a few holes in their coaster selection. Some other coasters they are missing other than a Flyer include a Floorless coaster, a Arrow Fourth Demension coaster, and a Maurer-Sohne X-Coaster.

    Then again, like you said, the Point is running low on space. Anymore additions and they might have to add more land to the island! This may be the main reason why Magic Mountain is starting to catch up with them on coasters. You only have a limited amount of space on an island, but where Magic Mountain is located, they have a lot of room to build in Valencia.

  2. I want to see a Star Flyer because the only one in the U.S. that i'm aware of is in Florida. I don't want Cedar Point to Get a Flying Coaster. That could diminish the budget for Valleyfair!'s 2012 attraction. Since it is Camp Snoopy this year, and B&M rumors have been circling since 2009, and we haven't really gotten anything since we added Cedar Fair's first GCI. And also, we were the first to team up with Cedar Point, so we need something.

    • Cedar Fair does not pool money like Six Flags. Each park has their own, seperate account that is untouched by other parks. Its like 11 seperate companies all operating under one big name.

      • I noticed down on the list that you quoted from Dick Kinzel that HE woudn't buy a B&M flyer.

  3. I'm guessing it's the starflyer ride. It seems to be the rumor with the most backing. However, it's a relatively new concept (within the last couple years), so I don't know how it's supposed to bring back old CP memories…

    • Its a new twist on a very old design. Cedar Point, before it had all the roller coasters, had attractions that were actually in the water. One of them was a chair swing. People are saying that Kinzel may be referring to that when he talked about the new ride "bringing back memories," but wouldn't you say that a wooden roller coaster on the beach would bring back more memories (Cedar Point Cyclone) than a giant chair swing? Just a thought.

  4. Starflyer – As you said, this is the most likely outcome. Survey markers have been seen by Ocean Motion, and extending slightly out by the beach, which not only satisfies the thrill seeker comment, but the historic as well.

    Camp Snoopy Kiddie Coaster – The birthday present announcement was yesterday. It was cookies. 🙂 On another note, the only time where I ever heard this was an unqualified rumor from Screamscape.

    B&M Flyer – Something that would be wonderful, however if I'm not mistaken, Kinzel has repeatedly stated that he refuses to buy a B&M Flyer for Cedar Point. That being said, a new B&M prototype may not be out of the question.

    New Woodie – This is the rumor that set everyone off. Its the one that CP fanboys want to see, as well as the one that makes the most sense. CP's last woodie coaster was built in 1991 (Mean Streak), and the park with the most coasters has 15 steel coasters, and only 2 woodies. Its an obvious flaw in CPs line-up, and something that could easily be remidied by a new GCI or Gravity Group woodie. Wouldn't this bring back memories?

    500 footer – Sounds more like a dream than something backed up by fact to me. Not that I wouldn't love to see it, but that coaster would have to be HUGE! Where would you put it?

    Some other facts: Ocean Motion (Swinging Ship) is for sale.

    Kinzel: "The new ride will not be built by IntaRide"

    Kinzel: "The new ride will be located near the beach"

    Just a note too, Cedar Fair trademarked StratoSoar, but that name can be used for any of their 11 parks in the chain, not just Cedar Point.

    There are numerous markers by Ocean Motion and the All Wheels Extreme Stadium.

  5. a flyer would be good a missing link also a florless coaster because maverick is the only modren steel looper they have but a florless wold bring classic inversions and lots of em also a woodie would be good because that is weak link but better and moe needed than a five hundred foot monster well in my opinion would be an eleven inversion coster but no like collosus with many of the same elements

  6. Could you add another poll to this post? Please? How about a whould you THINK there will be poll and a what you WANT it to be poll. PLEASE? Because I hope it will be a 4th Demention but I think it will probally be a small kiddie woodie.

  7. Well the announcement was today. The new 2011 ride is a Mondial wind seeker, named Wind Seeker. I am still left confused, because now I am left wondering what Stratosoar is for.

  8. That's right Lamar. I've closed comments on this post and written a new post about it here: WindSeekers Coming to Cedar Point, Kings Island, Knott's Berry Farm, & Canada's Wonderland

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