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Ride Institute Technology - Hersheypark 2012 Roller CoasterHersheypark is teasing a new attraction, but sadly we won’t get to experience it until 2012. Hersheypark has created another viral marketing-style website for what most believe will be the park’s 12th roller coaster. There was a similar site called Nantimi for Fahrenheit back in 2007. This time, the website for the Ride Institute of Technology will be dropping clues and hints. Recently, lab coat-wearing members of the fictional RIT approached park guests with surveys. Once they completed the survey they were given puzzle pieces. Once the assembled, the puzzle read: “See u in the spring. Game on!”

Coaster geeks are combing through the 351 words on the single page website looking for clues pointing to what the park is up to. Enthusiasts are even checking out the page’s source code. So far, clues and rumors point to: 1) A roller coaster 2) To be located in the Comet Hollow section 3) The official announcement could come in the Spring of 2011

Mentions in the guest survey to “freefall” and “water” could point to a Bolliger & Mabillard dive coaster Hersheypark 2012 Roller Coaster Or Ride(like Griffon & SheiKra). Also, the park applied for a height limit waiver to build something taller than 200 feet. Although many hope and believe that the ride will be a coaster it could be a drop tower of some sort.

In times like these it’s always best to follow updates posted by the unofficial theme park fan sites (listed at the Theme Park Webiverse). They’re the eyes and ears on the ground that will likely be the first to have any skinny on the new ride. Keystone Thrills seems to be following every development.

Check out construction photos (mostly survey markings) here.

What’s Your Take?
I took a look at Hersheypark’s current coaster lineup and thought of some coaster types that the park doesn’t currently offer. Vote for the type of roller coaster that you’d like to see come to Hersheypark in 2012 in the poll below. Also, leave a comment below. Image 2 courtesy of Keystone Thrills.Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.


  1. Maybe It'll be a new type of coaster, or a new spin on an older module. either way the whole theme of the RIT site was the cutting edge.

  2. Wow, I was originally completely convinced this would be a B&M Hyper, but was thrown off by the 'water' mention. This actually sounds like a Dive Machine! I'm a HP local and a DM would be awesome! So would a hyper though :-/

    • most Dive Machines are hyper. Griffon is 207 ft. tall

  3. I've been all over Keystone Thrills for months now following the HP developments and since this dropped, its been game on for me! from what we have so far, I think were getting a B&M dive machine…

    First, the number 12 is all over the place. The 2 center puzzle pieces mirrored is a large 12. the site mentions 1911 (1+9+1+1=12). project dated for 2012. Height of the ride is said to be 212 ft. the crest on the RIT letterhead has 12 stars. There is also potentially an 12 character encryption key to discover in order to receive emails from the address posted on the website. This seems like overkill to just hint at the year for the project's opening. The point? The website says "It's been nearly 12 years since we've released a major new study, but in the spring of 2011, we will unveil our most ambitious undertaking yet." It has been 12 years since HP built the Great Bear, the parks last (and only) B&M installment. Still, I think number 12 could prove to be even more integral to the game.

    Second, the crest on the RIT letterhead features a griffon. Totally backs up questioning about freefall and water elements being related to griffon @ BGE.

    also, as a fun side note someone over at Keystone Thrills found /* PreProj: nAnT_L1v3s */ in the webpage's code.. "nantimi lives"?

    PS- I am not by any means taking credit for finding all of this out. It is a mixture of clues I've dug up and a lot from the rad people over @ Keystone Thrills. Just saying…

    • Great observations to whoever made them, and I think a dive coaster may be right, all considered, most likey a B&M, but I still think it's going to be slightly different from the tradditional version, or with some type of new-ish element we haven't seen on a dive coaster before. Impress me HersheyPark!

  4. I really don't want a dive machine. We already have farehnheit. We don't need another steep drop coaster. I think we need a hyper or just a regular floorless such as bizzaro at great adventure or hydra at dorney

    A dive machine would just be a waste.

    • It would be funny if it was a dive coaster as that is a short ride. I love all the Hershey coasters but all the newer coasters are short rides at the park: Fahrenheit, Stormrunner and Great Bear. Great coasters but very short.

    • I Agree… i think it should be a B&M Hyper… W/ hammerhead turn and hills and helix's

      • to the other intamin cause we have enough of those and wooden we should have bm hyper

  5. So Funny!! I just got the stats for the rollercoaster! This ride will change the rollercoaster and theme park world for eternity!

    Capacity: 1720 riders per hour

    Length: 3464' 7"

    Height: 212' 3"

    Inversions: 4

    Speed: 62.1 mph

    Duration: 2:30

    G-Force: 3.8

    Max Acceleration: 0 – 62.1 mph in 2.5 seconds

    Elements: 105' tall Loop

    Twisted Horseshoe Roll

    In-Line Twist

    Trains: 5 trains with 5 cars per train. Riders are arranged 2 across in 2 rows for a total of 20 riders per train.

    • just wondering where did you get these stats?

      • Probably RCB, or possibly the hersheypark site.

    • If these stats are true, then I am seriously doubting it is a dive coaster. Maybe it is a new version of a Mega-lite?

    • twisted horseshoe roll, huh? Isn't one of those on Maverick? An Intamin ride?

      • It will be an Intamin invert. similar to the Orlando Thrill Park 425 ft. coaster. i just put all the peces together. 2-abreast seating, twisted horseshoe roll, vertical drop, 0-62 mph in 2.5 seconds. You can't get that acceleration from a simple free fall. Hershey will get it's third intamin, and second invert.

        • I think your right, Prof. Good observation, too.

          • What makes you think that it will be an invert? Just wondering. The two-abreast seating is also found on non-inverted Intamin launch coasters, which I think is the most likely model if the stats are correct.

          • Yes, but great bear dosen't launch, and storm runner dose.

    • Like a hyper version of Maverick?

    • Hold on to your seats, people, I'm hazarding another guess.

      I think It may be a B&M launch, similar The Hulk.

      Just think about it, 105 foot vertical loop? Intamin hardly ever makes normal loops, B&M is known for their tall loops. The twisted horseshoe roll and in-line twist don't sound too B&M to me, and neither do two across seats, but I don't see why not. An Intamin seemes more likeley, but there is a chance of a B&M luanch.

      PS-The launch is 62.1mph. If it was an Intamin, Don't you think it would be something more like 80mph?

    • From what website ?????

    • mmmm….. i dont think so cause i look on keystone thrills and see that the design is going to be a mega lite w bunch of turns looks like a short ride.

  6. Dive coasters aren't usually free-fall rides. Two types of rides I think are: a themed Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter or an S&S El Loco. Saw: the Ride at Thorpe Park claims to have the steepest Free-Fall drop.

    • Also, as for the Nantimi Lives thing, the ride could be themed around an entity or place called Nantimi.

      • As CC said, Nantimi lives is referring to the viral game they played last time with Fahrenheit. Nantimi was the first site set up by the park for the game… nantimi is an anagram of intamin. I doubt it was hinting at all to another intamin coaster, just that the game has started again.

      • the ride has already been confirmed for the Comet Hollow section of the park and is believed to intertwine, or otherwise incorporate, the Comet. There are spray paint markings on the Comet itself, its supports, its station and its queue. They could just be surveyor points, but its also become HP's sort of unofficial trademark to incorporate rides with and into other existing rides.

        just to say i threw in my opinion on the matter… i wish it were a b&m hyper or an intamin mega-lite. but all signs are pointing to a dive machine so far. theres much game left to play though if HP works this like the Fahrenheit game, so who knows whats up their sleeves.

        I will try to post whatever i read, observe, or otherwise dig up on this… I'm a HP fanboy who loves a good game and, like most of us here, needs a good hobby for the winter.

        • At the moment, I'm hoping for "Worlds Biggest Woodie"

          • haha I would be totally down with that!

  7. "Haley Comet Blazed across the Sky"…

    It may have something to do with the Comet a Hersheypark. Maybe an X2 makeover.

  8. All indicators would point to a dive machine, but I have a feeling that Hershey is giving us red herrings, and is going to throw us a curveball at some point. I mean if it's a dive machine, we've already figured out most of the details in two days, and I think Hershey would know that they made the site a little too easy. I think we're going to see some prototype coaster that may incorporate elements found on dive machines. Or I could be wrong, and it really is a dive machine. We'll see.

  9. I just had another idea on what the coaster could be, I just looked at the X-Raptor page and the graphic released has water splashing on the riders. Given the stats Matt found and compared to X-Raptor, Hershey might get a B&M "Wing-Rider"

    • Is that sort-of like a flying coaster?

      • wing-riders is what B&M are calling their 4-D coasters, somewhat similar to how they call their hyper-coasters mega-coasters.

        • Well, I guess It could be sort of like a flying coaster at some points, I think the difference between the names of coaster types may vary because of the language difference, although I don't think "four dimensional" would translate so wierdly.

  10. Yeah my friend who is a management designer for Intamin Transportation gave me these stats that will be for one of their new coasters for 2012. I asked him if they were for the Hersheypark ride, and he just gave me one of those blank stares. I hope these are the stats for a different park's new ride

  11. if its over two hundred feet isnt that a hyper coaster not amega lite

    • Mega lites are just what other contries call them. Because of the metric/customary difference, they don't use lables like that. It's just Americans who use the hyper name.

      • I've looked at RCDB. Mega-Lites are smaller than Hypers.

        • True. They're smaller than hyper coasters, but they have hyper coaster-like layouts. I'd trade a higher first drop for a more fun airtime packed layout.

          • oops, Sorry for that, I don't know were I heard that, some other blog on the syndicate, I think. I'll try to be more accurate in the future.

  12. the height of this thing will be 28o ft. confirmed by someone building the twizzler. not sure on speed due to the fact that the area is very tight along the creek which is right next to the comet. eitherway, the twizzler will be a hoot.the entrance will be near the old paddleboat docks and the ride will run thru the old picinic area. this is right along the road that travels by the filled in lighthouse pool and just southeast of chocolate world. long ago we used to climb the fence along the creek to get in for free. i guess that won't happen anymore. i don't think i'll mind payin for the chance to ride some awsome coasters. can't wait.

  13. I hust had a wild and crazy thought. The riddle is a PUZZLE, and the tag says GAME ON. It could have a Saw theme.

    • But Saw The Ride already exists, and weren't they playing the same game with Fahrenheit? Interesting thought though, but I despise the Saw franchise so I hope it's not the case.

      • @OSM- At least the SAW franchise just made it's last movie.

        • Amen.

    • not a chance. this is just hershey playing its viral games again just like they did with fahrenheit. this is hersheypark were talking about, the self-proclaimed "sweetest place on earth." they will never incorporate anything in that park that would relate in any way to a gore-fest R rated movie franchise about a serial killer and torturer. plus, its never been HP's m.o. to copycat any other park. the only clone coaster in the park is the sidewinder, and thats just there to take up space. its just hershey having fun with us… trust me.

  14. Um, I'm thinking maybe an indoor? IDK, I' bad a guessing. ut my reasoning is that the puzzle that was put together for the teaser. Maybe it's like an indoor coaster with tight turns. Maybe some dark elements. The train could ove from room to room. It could have like, and evil clown funhouse theme to it. Also, could the shape of the puzzle pieces be the shapes of the room? Respond please. Don't be mean!

    • I honestley think you're guesse is a great one, although what you said sounds a lot like that of the failed Dark Knight coasters. The puzzle peices could have a chance though.

  15. The RIT Website mentions that it was founded by research scientists who resigned to create RIT. If you look up the origins of B&M, it was founded by Walter Bolliger and Claude Mabillard, who worked for Intamin before creating their own company. This could be another clue pointing to B&M.

    • Also, the 212 ft. hieght got me thinking: what if this is like Maverick, where it has a drop and a mid-course launch.

      • Sorry. Someone already mentioned the Maverick idea. My bad Piedude81.

  16. You have to remember: the RIT site is based off of 2011. When they say "celebrating 100 years" and 12 years since we've released a major new study", they are referring to 2011. Hersheypark released its Mack Wild Mouse Coaster 12 years from 2011 (1999). This could mean it's a Mack launching Coaster. However, 1999 is also when B&M's first and only launching coaster, the Hulk, was opened.

    • Apollo's Chariot at Busch Gardens Williamsburg also opened in 1999.

      • 1999 also was the debut of Ride of Steel at Darien Lake.

        • Unionjack95, you had a lot of good points and facts, but… six comments?

          • Sorry. I don't post on discussion boards often.

  17. Now who at HP in their right mind would ok all this hype for some bargain basement no name jobber (read: Mack) when they have set such a high precedent with the Fahrenheit game? Second, who cares about these other parks? HP isn't related in any way shape or form to Darien Lake or any of the Busch parks. Remember that Hershey is running this game, not the coaster company. Third, the game was announced and began in 2010. 12 years prior to the RIT site being posted, Great Bear debuted; Hersheypark's first and only B&M. Its still early, but as of now, if its not a B&M, I'll be stunned.

    • I know Hershey doesn't care about any of those other parks, and I agree that there's a 95% chance that this will be a B&M. I was just sharing how I interpreted the clues. But still, the RIT site was launched in 2010, but most of the dates in it are referring to 2011. "Celebrating 100 Years" is practically in the page's header, and RIT was founded in 1911. I suppose it's anyone's guess what year they are referring to…

  18. I think that hershey has enough intaminn coasters they already have storm runner and fahrenheit. i think

    that either a b&m hyper or even a floorless coaster would work….. i think a B&M Hypercoaster could work.

  19. Steel has begun to arrive in a light blue color. Haven't had a chance to look closely at anything yet. They have also been doing a lot of work on spring creek in the park. Not sure how related it is, but it is way up front of the park.

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