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Today I’m [re]launching a new web site link directory on Theme Park Syndicate. Long time readers will remember these pages from Coaster Portal. I’m not out to set the World on fire with this addition. This re-launch is probably akin to the Medusa-Bizarro conversion or maybe more like X-Flight-Firehawk as far as comparisons to coaster re-theming go.

I consider Theme Park Webiverse (I really wanted to keep Coaster Portal’s space theme) just another addition to Theme Park Syndicate as I continue to build it as the ultimate aggregator of all things related to the amusement industry. So, I tried not to hype this one up as much as the previous projects.

More Than Just Links
I tried to do more than just have pages and pages of links. For example, on the page listing Theme Park Web Sites, I also added links to those park’s Wikipedia pages which offer more detailed and historical information than their corporate sites.

Submit A Site
I’m in the process of checking old links and adding new sites. My goal is to mostly link to living consistently updated sites. I say mostly, because there are some sites that are dead, but still have some valuable content worth linking to. One example would be Pat’s A Walk in the Park Video Podcasts. If you have a site or know of a quality site that should be added, use this form.

Theme Park Syndicate now aggregates:
Theme Park News Headlines, Podcasts, & Videos
Roller Coaster Wiki – Multi-Media Roller Coaster Information Pages
Theme Park Webiverse – A Link Directory for Theme Park-Related Web Sites

Warp to one of these pages and discover great new theme park web sites:
Theme Parks
Roller Coaster Designers
Unofficial Theme Park Sites
Communities & Clubs
Theme Park Blogs
Theme Park News Sites
Images & Videos
Roller Coaster Computer & Video Games
Tools & Resources (ie. coaster counters)

Coming Soon: Web Site Ratings & Reviews
I will eventually get back to the web site profiles that are like listing pages that explain what sites offer. They will also allow for visitors to rate the sites and leave a comment or review of the sites. It was interesting to see which sites were getting the highest ratings and reading opinions of the different sites.

Original Content
Do you like writing about theme park web sites? Contact me if you’re interested in writing original content or just organizing and adding to this area’s links.

New Sections?
I also realized that I don’t have a section for theme park industry web sites and publications like Blooloop and Amusement Today. Can you think of another area of the theme park world or Webiverse that I’m not covering?

What’s Your Take?

What do you think of Theme Park Syndicate’s link directory? How could it be improved? Leave a comment or suggestion below.

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  1. I was wondering why the Coaster portal had dissapeared from the site. I guesse this was why. This is a great way to combine the sites, and I know I'll be using it.

  2. Interesting. I like it.

  3. Thanks guys. I'm already getting submissions for new sites. Maybe I'll find a way to promote all the new site's as I add them.

  4. Of course I gotta help! Let me know what you need me for!


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