Orlando Thrill Park’s Coaster Lineup Looks Insane

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More Details on the Proposed Orlando Thrill Park
A few weeks ago plans for a proposed Orlando Thrill Park were unveiled.Orlando Thrill Park While Orlando is known for the family-oriented Disney parks, the people behind a new thrill-focused park are hoping that that kind of attraction could be a success in the O-Town as well. Thrill Park investors must think that there could be room for a straight thrill park. Recently, a local news station shared some images taken from a proposal meeting.

From the meeting, enthusiasts have now uncovered/identified five roller coasters:

See images from the Orlando Thrill Park proposal meeting.

The lineup definitely fits the park’s name. And the thrills could be delivered at varying degrees. Novices could warm up with the bike launch coaster and run-of-the-mill Vekoma SLC if they’re not up for the big leagues yet. Speaking of big, a 425′ tall inverted launch coaster sounds insane!

Florida already made my Top 3 States for Roller Coasters list with its high concentration of World-class roller coasters in a 2 hour radius. If the Orlando Thrill Park actually gets built and Legoland in nearby Winter Haven is a success, then I’d have to think Central Florida could be the undsiputed Coaster Capital of the World.

MotoCoaster at Darien Lake

Before coaster enthusiasts get too excited we should remember that many a planned park has died before it ever even got the chance to become a reality. The proposed Disney’s America park in Virginia comes to mind. Also, the Tangelo Park residents didn’t seem too enthused about the park.

Could Orlando handle another large theme park?
With SeaWorld Orlando, the Universal Parks, the Disney Parks, and Busch Gardens Tampa only 90 minutes away can Central Florida support another theme park? I’ve visited the area many times, but I’d love to hear what Floridians think.

What’s Your Take?
What do you think about the proposed Orlando Thrill Park. Leave a comment below.


  1. …… they need some B&M's or else I'm not visiting

    • Really? It's a THRILL PARK. Not just your typical Six Flags park. While B&M coasters are amazing, it sounds like this park is for extreme coasters. Not that B&Ms can't be extreme, what I mean is that it sounds like it's for some unique coasters. (Sorry for the caps…)

  2. Hopefuly this park is approved, even if ther isn't another kk, there will still be another 4-D.

  3. The motorbike coaster looks more like one of the 2 standard layouts Vekoma offers, which would bring the amount of Vekoma rides up to 3. Bleh.

    • yeah the flyer looks like it might be cool but they will really need to step up what coasters they build in the future if they put a vekoma suspended and launch coaster. Not really thrilling rides for a "thrill" park. I think the Vekoma suspended are the most hated coasters out there. Maybe there should be a poll about that. I can understand if maybe they are cheaper coasters so they want to try and get a high coaster count on opening but these really aren't top of the line coasters. Maybe the 4D and inverted KK would make up for that? I would have to see this inverted KK to believe it. Is this a complete circuit coaster or like wicked twister?

  4. Inverted Kingda Ka sounds insane, and the 4-D also sounds awesome. I don't have a problem with the Vekomas, as SLC's are awesome in my opinion (I know most disagree), the flyer looks cool and unique, and the motorbike coaster may not be amazing, but it doesn't look bad either. Keep in mind that there are 10 other coasters that we don't know about yet, and I'd be willing to bet that there are some B&M's in there. I'm not sure who's funding this project, and the local residents don't like it, so I'm not optimistic it will happen, at least without a major downscaling. But if it gets built…well I might be moving to Orlando.

  5. That lineup is rideecoulus i dont have the time to spell that right but with two ptential world class rides. but with the accelarator is it confirmed that it will infact be 425' tall or is that a description also i could see potwntial for posible roughness

    • Sadly that can be the case, Merle.

  6. also as said in above posts i would like to see a b&m coaster in that mix

  7. Although it would be awesome to have a B&M coaster also, i don't think it would fit with the insane lineup of the park. A dive coaster might fit in, but besides that B&M is more about being very smooth and loopy.

    • Unless they do a B&M hyper… which they should. A thrill park with no airtime machine? How lame would that be!

      • Busch Gardens Africa.

        • I know there's multiple ones, but those grew over the years even before airtime machines existed. But if you're building a brand new one and aim to go for thrills and even putting the word thrill in your parks name…

          • I would say for enthusiasts B&M's might not be intense or thrilling but for the GP they are most definitely thrilling and fun and scary rides. I would hope this park would have multiple intamins and B&M's!

          • Surya, I'm pretty sure that airtime machines were there before loopers were.

        • Gwazi?

    • Batmans, Nemesis, and Tatsu are all thrilling, but the floor-less rides like Bizzaro or Dark Night are so not intense.

      They'll probably get a speed coaster, a floor-less, and an inverted.

  8. It is too much for Orlando. They have too much. It should be transfered to another worhtier state.

    • I agree, but in Florida and south Calafornia, parks stay open all year round, so there's more profit be found. (rhyme not intended)

      • "Yeah the good thing will be what grade of coasters it will have to build over the years to keep up with ajecent parks i imagine they will get some gargantous rides such as that excalerator coaster which the roughness i still cant get over riding on wicked twister and even a littl bit on v2 were rough but doubling that size and speed scares me. I imagine in a few years they will build a hyper coaster or a big woodie to seek more revenue from true coaster enthusiests

        • Hey, Merle, remember SOB?

          • SOB was built by a company with a bad track record.

          • I'm just saying that sometimes a bigger hill makes some rides worse, and almost always makes them harder to mantain.

          • yeah I am probabley still wishing for another el toro type ride because I only got the chance to ride it once and would have like to log about 20 rides. I visited kings island after son of beast was down so I wouldnt know but I had heard from locals it was terriably rough. and you do make a great point about bigger is not always better (blue streak) but with this line up im not sure how some woodie just above 100' would fit in because of the park seemingly going for extreme thrill unless it was an ultra intenese twister.

    • How about shwoing oregon some love? so I can visit a park and not have to drive six hours or fly cross country exept i doubt that will ever happen due to the fact it could only operate about 3 or 4 months a year. I wil keep wishing though

      • Very good point, I've been thinking about how the entire Northwest has no major park, leaving big cities like Seattle and Portland with no good coasters. Oh well, they have a lot of things to do up there anyway, I guess you can't have it all.

        • yea we have oaks park but I fell asleep on half the rides and the other half i was either physiclly damaged or convinced it was going to break still a nice little family park if you run out of sight seeing in the city or if you visit there frequently. how much does it take to get a six flags in seattle if not portland but as you pointe out we do have alot of other stuff and our friendly nighbors down in california

  9. Orlando needs a new park i am sick of only riding B&M i happy busch gardens is getting cheetah hunt but we need more sometimes too much B&M is not good and the coasters here get boring after riding soooo many times

  10. And sorry i dont even believe this much due to an inverted 425 ft launched coaster because your legs are dangling with no back supports and it would create extremly dangerous forces in such a position

    • click on the slide show i didnt either

    • Inverted rides have back suupports

  11. Backer from blackstone leisure group said they will probably move the rides from freestyle music park to this planned park, so they might get the time machine

  12. What about a B&M giga drop coaster thats probabley never going to happen but imagine that. or even an amped up normal one could fit in with 4ds and that launch coaster

  13. I'm a coaster enthusiast here in Orlando and I'd more than welcome it. Don't know how profitable it would be though. I have a hard enough time finding local people to get on the top thrill rides here in Central Florida (mostly B&M as someone mentioned before). I'd probably be hitting the rides at this new park by myself or just me and my GF at best! The best coaster (as far as thrills go) in Orlando to me is Kraken and the line on it is NEVER longer than a 10 min wait. Granted, few people go to Seaworld just for the rides. Plus people in central Florida are spoiled by the terrific theming around here. This park would have to really get creative there to spark major interest.

    Now, personally I'd be THRILLED to have this park here. X2 is my favorite coaster and I'd love to not have to fly to SoCal to get on something like it. Haven't been to any of the Northeast or Midwest parks, but having thrill rides of that caliber (Kingda Ka, megacoasters, Intamins, etc.) within driving distance would be sweet.

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