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Theme Park News Report

Since I haven’t posted in a while, I figured that I’d get you caught up on some of the latest news. Here’s a summary of the biggest stories in the theme park World recently. These were the top stories being clicked on at Theme Park SyndicateThe World’s First Theme Park News Aggregator.

Rip Ride Rockit is Rocking Again
Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit had been closed for a month until recently amid safety warnings. The park claimed that it was down for maintenance and now it’s back up and running. Enthusiasts (me included) would love more information about the ride’s downtime. Check out my interview with one of Rip Ride Rockit’s designers.  Read more: Orlando Sentinel via CoasterBuzz

Orlando Thrill Park Proposed
A proposed Orlando Thrill Park has residents concerned over noise and enthusiasts wondering if the park will survive the seemingly saturated market of Orlando. Read More: WESH Orlando via CoasterBuzz

Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Construction
Disney is hard at work giving Magic Kingdom’s Fantasy Land an extensive makeover and expansion. I wonder if they’re feeling a bit less fantastic with all of the attention that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter received this year. See Fantasy Land construction photos: Orlando United via ScreamScape
And see Small World photos: Orlando Park News via ScreamScape

Ferrari World Opens in Abu Dhabi
Ferrari World had its grand opening a few days ago in Abu Dhabi. And with its opening, we now have a new World record holder for speed in Formula Rossa. The 149.1 mph Intamin launch coaster has eclipsed the previous record holder, Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure which maxed out at 128 mph. The park will also boast the Fiorano GT Challenge, a Maurer Sohne launched racing coaster.

See more Ferrari World & Formula Rossa updates: ScreamScape
Also, check out this reverse POV video of the World’s Fastest Roller Coaster, Formula Rossa:

What’s Your Take?
What do you think of these news stories? Leave a comment below. Photo Credit – Attractions Magazine

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  1. I think it sucks that the world's fastest coaster is on the other side of the world, where it will be much harder for enthusiasts to experience it. Also, Great Adventure is my home park, so there's some loss of pride also. I'm just glad I was able to ride Kingda Ka before it lost the speed record (but it's still the tallest!). On another note, is thrill park just a name, or are they actually planning on having thrilling rides, because if that's the case, I think they could do well in Orlando, as Disney doesn't seem to have much for thrill seekers. Great post as always!

    • As for Formula Rossa, it's not that impressive to me. Mostly airtime hills and overbanked turns. Probably to prevent black-outs.

      Not only that, but they trimmed it to death. It seems like 4 seconds of extreme speed, then a relatively boring ride (Albeit with some airtime) afterward. Not even 'Timmy 305 was trimmed that much!

      • Trims! what kind of idiot would put trims at the very begging of the ride!? If all these foriegn countries are trying to make grabs at the fastest coaster crown can they at least try to act somewhat deserving of it? I don't care what the numbers are, KK is still the fastest, not this ripoff.

        • yeah you can see the trims on the first hill. Speaking of trims (segue) how many of you have heard the news with Intimidator 305? No one knows whats going on but a couple of days ago they started taking down part of the 2nd hill. People are saying they may be making an overbanked turn like MF to stop the greyouts and hopefully removing the trims? anyone have any info on this. Clint and the coastercrew have put the video out there if anyone wants to see it.

          • Safety is the main priority on these rides, what good is a ride that can cause health problems for the riders? This ride does exactly what its meant to, its brings attention to a newly built park in a part of the world which isnt really on many coaster fans maps. It is the fastest coaster in the world no matter what you say. Alot of people complain about KK being over fast so you cant please everyone. Think of the cost of making a ride thats the fastest in the world and has many different elements.

            How do you act deserving of a title? The ride was designed specifically to break the record and its done that, there are other rides in the park aswell so its not a big deal.

            It looks like a good ride, the whole point of the ride is the launch and thats not a bad thing there cant be many thrills bigger than being launched to 150mph.

          • I agree with jjhobo completely! Also, the launch lasts for a very long time, so it isnt a 2 second launch an your up, its more like 5+ seconds of pure speed. And it was a very smart choice to provide glasses!

          • jjhobo, what the heck did you mean about people complaining about KK's speed? I've never heard anyone who disliked KK over It's speed. These Rides aren't made for the people who can't ride them, If someone has health problems that would make riding this dangerous, they should stay off. This Ride could possibly have earned this title by being as fast as it's launch was. KK'ride has an average speed that is somewhat close to it's launch.

            The Ride and the Launch aren't the same thing, far from it. It's launch has all the speed you could want, but the ride dosen't reflect that. I'm happy other countries are trying to set some records, but F1 & Ring0Racer both only just earned those records, they never went any farther beyond that. This ride had a lot going for it, but they trimmed it, and I no longer think this ride actualy has the potential to fufill that title.

          • I didnt mean speed, i meant that people complained that the ride was over so fast. Anyway how can you site KK as a good example when that was just a clone of TTD but built slightly taller and faster to take the title, that didnt change anything either. Also alot of people complain about the over shoulder restraints and say they ruin the ride experience compared to TTD, so you cant please everyone all the time.

            The health issue is also not that straight foward, many people who have ridden certain coasters (Goliath etc) who are perfectly healthy have complained that they had grey outs on intense parts of the ride and didnt enjoy it much so its not just "unfit riders" who this happens to.

            At the end of the day the park is there to make money, if the ride is too intense for some people then they loose money from people not riding it. This ride is perfect for a new park, it sets a record and gets it noticed plus it will create a buzz in a country which doesnt have many theme parks.

            The trim breaks are there for a reason, they may make the ride abit less exciting for you, but they may improve the ride for someone else. Your already a coaster fan and your not gonna stop riding a ride because it has been trimmed, whereas a new rider can be put off if they were to suffer from a grey out which equals loss of money to the park.

          • All of your points are good ones, jjhobo, but to sum it up it's just that all these trims are getting on my nerves. Record breaking rides should just behave a bit more like record breaking rides in my opinion.

  2. Orlando has too much in the area. they don't need more. Anyone know what the layout for the Maurer Sohne at Ferrarri world is? Finally Intamin has created a 100mph+ coaster with something other than a big hill. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey was awesome!

  3. The capacity must be horrible :/
    This ride should've had a longer train design with more seats and also mid-course brakes to up the number of trains possible on the ride.

    • and increase how many problems could happen? all they need is the number of trains they have. A train enters the station every 15 seconds. And the canveyor belt that is used to increase the capacity? And besides, a good number of people don't ride, they just come in to take pictures and exit before it's too late.

  4. i was on screamscape yesterday, and found plans for the proposed park. It says 15 roller coasters, the 425 ft. tall coaster is said to be inverted. Intamin will probably do the same thing they did with Volcano at King's Dominion. A 4-D coaster is part of the plans. Now the question is, will it be S&S, Intamin, or B&M? A 55 ft. tall Vekoma MLC is also planned.

    • Is bill gates proposing this park?


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