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Best New Roller Coaster for 2010I should have named this post: “The Best Roller Coaster I’ll Probably Never Ride”. Great Coasters International has finally released videos of their Knight Valley terrain coaster. It looks incredible! The still unnamed ride won’t likely be open for 2010 (thanks for messing up my Top 10 New Coasters of 2010 List Knight Valley!) at the new Knight Valley amusement park in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

The videos look just as good as I thought from the early images I first saw last spring. The layout has twists and turns that GCI is known for, but also some great head chopper moments, a station fly-through (like Thunderhead), a tunnel, and most of all a long and unpredictable course using the area’s topography. Here’s a POV video of GCI’s Knight Valley roller coaster:

There were people who were scratching their heads when they saw that this was my #1 pick for the year. Hopefully, I’ve been vindicated after they see these videos. Unfortunately, the only way I’ll get to experience this great looking ride is if I ever join Theme Park Review for one of their transpacific coaster trips. Still, I think that this coaster has the potential to be one of the best woodies in the World. It’s exactly what I’d build in my dream park in the mountains of Virginia.

See more videos at GCI’s Facebook Fan Page.

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  1. Looks like fun. Probably has more airtime than your typical GCI judging by the video. It's close, but I still think that I305 was probably the best to open this year.

  2. That second drop looks huge. while I305&Intimidator looked awsome, this thing just blows me away.

    PS. Great Music choice. 🙂

  3. It looks sweet. Coasters like this make me envy parks with that kind of topogography. Speaking of GCI, the one up here in Minnesota at Valleyfair! got buried under over a foot of snow yesterday! It can't be good for the wood. Or for the Intamin Impulse's LIMs either.

    • to put how much snow we got up here into perspective, our football stadium, The Metrodome (aka Mall of America Field)' roof collapsed due to snow pressure. And the game that was scheduled for noon, is being held tomorrow night in Detroit!

  4. Looks cool. That tunnel sequence is cool too. I believe even the most stupid scenery tunnels can make a ride better.

  5. Is it just me or am I as good at NoLimits as GCI is?

    • If you can build an almost exact replica of a ride, it's possible.

  6. You can see the difference between the coaster of GCI in No Limits Coaster Simulator and the coaster of an expert of the game. The company makes layouts and track shapings that are far sharper, far more effective than ours.

  7. That looks like a great coaster!

    That I'm never going to ride. Dang.

  8. I've never ridden a GCI before, but that thing looks absolutely MENTAL. Good job for GCI to replicate that thing in NoLimits!

  9. I have to say I've ridden a few GCI's this past summer and I wasn't as impressed with them as with other coasters. Roar at SFA was rough and terrible while The Wild One at the same park was smooth and a great ride. Maybe I just haven't been on the best ones?

    • I completeley agree. ROAR gave me an awful hedache, while Wild One amazed me with it's amazing smoothness. I don't know how goog GCI is, but this ride itself looks awsome.

      • wild one was one of the most out of the blue shockingly fun roller coaster i have ridden probabley one of the few or only but its very humble

  10. This woodie looks smooth and very fast for a GCI, maybe it won't be as fast in real life. Anyways, it seems great, and I really hope they clone it for the US like they did with Evel Knieval. Sadly, that seems doubtful because it fits in with the landscape and there isn't anywhere with that exact same landscape.

  11. wow looks voyage like but with more twists

  12. It looks to be mellinuim flyers but think about timberliners on this thing

    • That's a good question. will there be timberliners on this thing, or are they just for The Voyage at the moment?

      • This will run Millennium Flyers. GCI uses Millennium Flyers. I doubt they would want a pair of Gravity Group's trains on their coaster.

        • I think you're probably right, sadly.

  13. GCI has a high-quality video on their YouTube page:

  14. I've re-posted the POV video for Knight Valley with a real POV. Check it out it looks great!

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