Intimidator 305′s Off Season Track Work Could Increase Speed

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Kings Dominion’s Marketing Manager, John Pagel recently shared the park’s plans on the Intimidator 305 construction that has had enthusiasts scratching their heads.

Basically, the profiling is focused on Intimidator’s “Gray Out Zone”. The banked turn at the bottom of the massive first drop and the beginning of Intimidator 305 at Kings Dominionthe second hill was where some riders were experiencing gray outs. It’s great that the park is concerned enough about the ride’s performance to undergo this effort after it just opened this year. I feel like other theme parks in a similar situation would have just left the ride as is. If successful, Kings Dominion will once again be able to boast the fastest gravity-driven roller coaster in the World with a top speed of 94 mph. More importantly, this may appease the die hard coaster fans that claimed that nothing on Earth will ever touch their transcendental trim-less experience on I305 when it first opened. Their post-trim complaining really wore on me last summer.

It’s also really cool that Kings Dominion took the time to make a video and set things straight. This news is two thumbs up for me.

What’s Your Take?
What do you think of Intimidator 305’s reprofiling? Do you think it will make the ride better. Leave a comment below. Image courtesy of CoasterImage.


  1. This is definitely great news. In addition to removing the trims, they're widening the low-to-the-ground banked turn instead of changing it to an overbanked turn like Millenium Force has, which I think improves the illusion of more speed with the ground whizzing by you. I know that the I305/MF debate was popular before, and now that I305 has been somewhat reprofiled, the argument will continue. I haven't ridden either, but that will change soon. That being said, I think that this is a massive improvement over the previous version, and I think that judging from the layouts, I305 is now probably a better ride. What does everyone else think?

    • I think Intamin and KD have handle this situation extremely well. During the season they had water sprayers for the wheels and put on the trims to help with the wheel/greyout issues they were having. Basically they couldn't do anything more during the season besides shut the ride down which of course was probably not an option. I think with the trims removed this coaster is going to be a world class coaster again. Widening the turn is the simplest solution and will kill two birds with one stone. I did hear Pagel on In the Loop and he said the widen turn might also slow the coaster some. I think this is fine especially if the trims are gone. I can't wait to ride again especially since I haven't been on it with the new restraints. I really don't think Intamin realized they were going to have the wheel issue due to the heat in VA but I give them credit for working hard to solve the issue.

  2. I've been on about a hundred coasters and 305 (with trims and straps) is the best i've been on. I've been on the Busch Williamsburg B&M's and a number of other comparable rides, but 305 was the most exciting. I haven't been on Millennium Force or Superman/Bizarro, I'm sure those rides have their advocates.

    I found the trims on the drops interesting (they were noticeable) and appreciated that the twisty turns were not any faster than they were, if they had been I would have found it less re-ridable for me. I didn't grey out, I found it excellent for a dozen rides in about two hours. I hope to be able to ride 305 after the changes.

    • I definitely greyed out and found it so intense that it was not a good coaster to re ride (for me). I only got 10 rides in one day at most. At the same time I loved how it was the most intense "aggressive thrill" ride I'd ever been on. If this reprofile works and it is more re ridable then this might be the best coaster on earth (i haven't been on bizzaro or MF yet either but hope to make it to cedar point next yr).

  3. Lights & Lazers on trees? I wonder what this new Snoopy's starlight expeirience is about.

  4. Yeah! :^)

  5. I think its hilarious if you compare how parks handle the release of offseason development… Hershey Park is hands us a cut-up ransom note in an envelope and a one page website about a phony research institute. Meanwhile KD releases a youtube video saying exactly what they're doing and why. hahaha i know its 2 completely different scenarios but still comical. Anyway, this is incredible news and I think KD and Cedar Fair really do deserve 2 emphatic thumbs up. Can't wait to go back next season!

  6. All I wanted to say has been said by others here. Awesome they're doing this and not just sticking to the trims!

  7. It is great to see Kings Dominion attempt a long term fix, but everyone should remember that this does NOT guarantee the removal of the trims. While I expect many of the brakes to be removed, I think that in my humble, inexperienced opinion, the changes made to the first turn will not be enough. Just trying to be realistic.

    However, I hope Kings Dominion proves me wrong. 🙂

    • I think (am hoping) the trims will be removed. On the In the Loop podcast Pagel made a point to say the goal is to remove the trims so I think the changes are specific to removing the trims. When i think about a wider turn I tend to think about Six Flags America Superman coaster. There are wide circular turns on that coaster and they aren't that intense or fast so I imagine (hope) the reprofile is going to be like this.

      • Sorry to rain on your parade (If Iam raining on your parade), but I don't think it will happen.

        • It happened 😉 now the hope is they don't come back on. i'm sure this is how everyone wants it (KD, Intamin and Coaster riders)

  8. I'm kinda glad I missed I305 in it's original incarnation. This reprofile seems like a great idea, as one of the things that kinda kills SFMM's Goliath for me is the intense helix nicknamed the "centrifuge" that causes me to grey out every time and is not pleasant in the least. I will say though, that even though I've heard some decent reports on the strap restraints being way better than tradional ots restraints, it still seems like a lap bar would be enough and wish they would change that as well, but what ever, still seems bad ass.

  9. 94 mph wouldn't be the fastest gravity-driven, because Steel Dragon 2000 in Japan has a top speed of 95 mph, according to Wikipedia

    • Maybe they meant "In the U.S.".

  10. So who has to pay for the major repairs? Kings Dominion or the company that built the coaster for KD? Great question., huh.

  11. No, it's not the fastest in the US either. Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point goes 120-124 mph at launch. They probably mean on the east coast.

    Anyway, I have ridden Millennium Force at Cedar Point while I have not ridden I305. But so far, MF at Cedar Point has been the best ride I have ever ridden.

  12. I have ridden it this year trim-less yesterday 6/28/11 and also a couple of weeks ago. They are saying it's up to 96mph now after the re-profiling. Don't worry about grey out just scream your head off and you won't have a problem. It is The most intense experience you can have on a gravity coaster for sure.

  13. I still don't get it. I rode it 8 times in a row (slow day) without any problems. Curious to see how it is now.

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