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Invertigo Moved from Californias Great AmericaCalifornia’s Great America will continue to shrink as they have announced plans to move Invertigo to another park according to the LA Times. Fans of the park can’t be confident in the its future as this is the third coaster to leave the park in a decade. Meanwhile, the Great America’s last new coaster was 2001’s wild mouse coaster, Psycho Mouse.

Brady from the LA Times goes on to point out that there are now only four serious coasters remaining at the park: small-ish, but unique B&M inverted coaster Flight Deck, 20 year-old B&M stand-up coaster Vortex, old Arrow looper Demon, and the multiple-time winner of World’s worst wooden coaster, Grizzly. Great America’s lineup is the exact opposite of Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s old Fear the Four arsenal.

Invertigo is a Vekoma inverted shuttle looper. It was involved in a roller coaster accident back in 2009 where were riders left hanging on Invertigo for hours. The incident might be more of an issue with that particular model rather than an issue of park maintenance and operation. A clone at Six Flags America seemed to have an accident nearly every summer before it was sold and moved to another park.

ScreamScape is reporting that rumors suggest Invertigo may be heading to Dorney Park (Allentown, PA). The park already has an inverted shuttle coaster in the Intamin inverted launched coaster Possessed. And, it already has two inverted coasters in Talon and Possesed. You would think that there’s another park that could use Invertigo. I’ve never visited World’s of Fun, but looking at its lineup, that park seems to be a better home for Invertigo in my opinion.

What’s Your Take?
What do you think of Invertigo’s move from California’s Great America? What do you think of Great America’s future? Leave a comment below. Image credit: Flickr user – milst1


  1. A little too late on that CC. TPR has had so many pages on this in their forum for a week already. :/

    • Wasn't tryin to scoop anyone on this story Jordzz. I didn't say it was breaking news. For the very latest news visit my other site: Theme Parks Syndicate. This site is more about reviews, opinions, and analysis of theme park news stories.

      Thanks for the comment.

  2. Rumor has it that Invertigo could go to Dorney Park, Kings Dominion or Michigan's Adventure. I think Michigan's Adventure should receive it because they barely have any steel coasters, but I wouldn't mine if it comes to Kings Dominion cause its my home park.

    • I think it should so KingsDominion can have an record for having the most roller coasters in the park, plus it looks really fun.

  3. it should move to kings dominion

  4. I don't think it should move anywhere. They should melt it down and use the steel to build a decent coaster. Those Vekoma shuttles aren't any good.

  5. I have mixed feelings about it going to Michigan's Adventure. A new coaster would be cool, but there are a heck of lot more I'd like to see there than this.

    • I also thought it would go there. But, don't they already have a Vekoma Invert?

  6. I think it'll go to CEdar Point, along with something else for 2012. My obsessive Stratosaur speculation follows though here. Look to the sky.

    • MI does have a Vekoma invert, but not a shuttle coaster. No way will this go to Cedar Point.

  7. Well it looks like it is going to Dorney Park, they just submitted plans to the towbship for a 138ft attraction as part of Project 2011. It says it will go down where Laser was and that the kiddie rides and baskteball game will be removed.

  8. When amusement parks transfer a roller coaster to another amusement park do they get any money for giving it to them or is it more like a free donation?? Also is it cheaper to buy a new roller coaster or get one from a used one from another amusement park. Just curios.

    • I'd imagine if it's within the same park chain, no money exchanges hands because the managing company already owns the ride. If a coaster is relocated from a park owned by company to a park owned by another then most likely it was purchased by the new park.

  9. This is terrible for my home park, Great America. Though, it's odd because there's higher attendance than last year, it probably is the slow recovery from the recession.

    Invertigo was a good coaster, though I favored rides such as Flight Deck/Top Gun and Delirium more. Now, the "InvertiGarden" gives Great America a big, blank spot.

  10. It is called stinger now at dorney and will have light blue track.

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