Disney’s AquaDuck Water Coaster: Not a Coaster But Still Very Cool

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AquaDuck Water Coaster on Disney Dream

Disney Dream’s AquaDuck Coaster Looks Fun
I don’t cover a lot of Disney attractions on this blog and I hardly ever give water rides much attention, but Disney’s AquaDuck water coaster looks really cool. I originally covered its announcement back when I launched Theme Park Syndicate well over a year ago. Last month, as Disney’s new cruise ship Disney Dream took its maiden voyage a ton of really neat features were covered by the media. The only one that really sparked my interest was this neat looking water slide.

Water coasters, not to be confused with water roller coasters like SeaWorld’s Dive to Atlantis, are water slides that mimic roller coasters by providing not only descents, but ascents as well. They propel riders uphill via water jets, conveyor belts, and other propulsion devices. Holiday World’s Wildebeest is another example of a water coaster.

InsideTheMagic.Net created this great on-ride POV video of Disney Dream’s AquaDuck water coaster:

What’s Your Take?
What do you think of AquaDuck? Have you been on the ride or do you plan on riding it? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Too bad the camera got all fogged up near the end of the ride, I would of liked to see the view from that one transparent tunnle.

  2. Why do cruises have to cost so much? I love the whole concept of the ride. I wonder how many will lose their lunches going over the edge. :^ )

  3. I didn't go on the disney cruise, but I went on a cruise that formed a platoon with the Disney cruise and another cruise ship. I saw the little aquaduck attraction. It looked kind of fun from a distance. Then I saw the POV for it. :/ Wasn't all that impressed I've seen better water coaster…But then again it is on a cruise ship so I still give it a thumbs up! What do you think??

  4. i went on the disney dream cruise this summer and oh my! the aqua duck is just beyond words! you don't think it would work, having a long clear water slide on top of a cruise ship that also hangs over the side of the boat but disney makes its work, disney makes everything work well. it just a brilliant ride, i would recommand it to anyone.

  5. I would ride it if it didn't go over the side of the ship.


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