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Mind Eraser at Six Flags America
Anyone who’s ridden Mind Eraser or one of its many clones knows the rough head banging and ear boxing ride it subjects you to. At least I got a pretty good picture of it on this visit to Six Flags America years ago. Mind Eraser’s not a bad looking coaster with its compact layout and arsenal of ‘should be fun’ elements, but as the saying goes you can’t judge a book by its cover. Read my review of Mind Eraser at Six Flags America.

What’s Your Take?
Have you ridden Mind Eraser or one of its clones? What did you think? Leave a comment below.

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  1. What is Vekoma's custom coaster to stock model ratio?

    • Vekoma has 233 currentley operating coasters around the world, and out of all of them, 10 of them aren't part of a chain of coasters, according to RCDB.

      That's almost a 4.3% ratio, Prof.BAM.

      • that was rhetorical.

        • I know, but I was bored at the time and I was wondering what the ratio was as well.

  2. I wish Vekoma would go away. Can't understand why they're able to compete in a market that includes Intamin and B&M.

    • Vekoma is popular with the GP, because they're fast and intense, and I think their's something about becoming an enthusiast that makes you 100x more intolerant of headbang. Boomerangs are very popular because the GP likes going backwards. While Vekoma is definitely the inferior coaster manufacturer, I must admit that I find their rides fairly fun, and I don't hate them as much as everyone else does.

  3. One word… "OUCH!

  4. Take it from someone who has done it.

    Don't ride this ride 10 times in a row.

    You will have a headache for the next week.

    • was that done on a bet?

  5. It's a lot like one of those bug zapping lanterns, it lures you in with it's beauty then proceeds to destroy you. Although some DO ride better than others, Mind Eraser at Elitch Gardens didn't run THAT bad while Kong at SFDK almost knocked me out.

  6. Yikes, is it that bad? I'm having a family reunion in DC and planned on going to Six Flags Adventure while I am there just to put it on my "been there, done that list". Should I just avoid the park altogether?

    • Six Flags AMERICA that should say. Gah, I always mix up the names of SFGA, SFGAm, and SFA!

    • No. The park's worth a visit if you're a big coaster fan. As you can see from the comments above, you might want to skip Mind Eraser. Roar might be pretty rough too at this point. Superman, Batwing, Wild One, & Joker's Jinx are all solid though. Read my reviews of Superman and Batwing if you want to know more.

      • Roar was ok after dark in the center of the train.

      • I would have to concur with the Critic on this one. My wife and I went last year on a Sunday and we had a great day in the park. Some of the comments are true as far as the park doesn't have the best themeing or landscaping but it is worth a trip for the rides CC mentioned. I thought superman was better than it gets credit for and Batwing is intense. Wild one is a great wooden coaster. Like most other parks I'd try to get there early because the crowds might be smaller than but have fun.

        • I should also add since this was about Mind Eraser that it did give me some headbanging but it is ok if you just ride it once.

    • I'd only go if you can get in for next to nothing. SFA is not worth full price… hell, not even half price. Plan on encountering some of the most inconsiderate ride-ops and other park staff. Plan on getting people cutting in line. Plan on waiting at least an hour and a half to ride Batwing. And after your Batwing ride, don't plan on riding anything else other than Superman and Wild One for the rest of the day. Joker's Jinx's line is excruciating and the ride is a total letdown, and riding Roar and Mind Eraser in the same day is like asking for brain hemorrhaging.

      I hate to be so negative, but sometimes the truth hurts… SFA is only a park in the definitive sense. It has rides and games and music, but when it constantly reminds you of one of your first failed Roller Coaster Tycoon parks, there's a problem.

      Also, its in Bowie. Enough said.

      • I found that Jokers' Jinx was realy fun, and it was always a walk-on when I rode it. ( I rode it four times)

        • PS-There's a high crime rate In the park itself, not just the city. Wallets and purses should stay hidden.

          Sorry about the double commment.

  7. Mind Eraser is a good name for SLCs, after you ride you're mind has been erased of the reason you went on the ride.

  8. This is at my home park, and I rode it last year. It didn't hurt. at all. even with the head stuff.

  9. I rode it for the first time today Thursday 7/12/12.
    I loved it!
    I got front row because there was not a bad line. I was blown away by how intense this little coaster was. I guess I may have gotten lucky with the front row because there was no real head-banging. I'll have to try the middle and back next time I go to see if it's as bad as everyone says.
    As far as Six Flags America's bad rep… I think it's improving. I went there once before in 2004. It seems much better now. Everything was clean. All of the staff I encountered were very outgoing and friendly, and every single ride op had a lot of energy and their own way of trying to pump up the riders.
    Only one train running on each coaster today though. An op that I spoke to said they run two trains on Wednesdays, and Fridays.

  10. Rode middle today Friday 8/3/12. I now understand the bad reviews. I even noticed a big difference in smoothness between the 1st and 2nd rows. I'd say it's worth a ride it in the front row only.
    Each coaster at the park still only running 1 train today. The park was not crowded so it did't really matter…

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