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This is not a theme park news site. Of course I write about theme park news stories from time to time, but that’s not theSubmit a Theme Park News (You)Report goal of The Coaster Critic’s Blog, by design and by necessity.

In 2011, the salary for a roller coaster critic isn’t enough to support myself let alone my family. So, I’ve got a full-time day job and when I’m home I love spending time with my family. In addition, my vision for the site has always been: “One Coaster Enthusiasts Opinions & Experiences“. At times in the past I’ve raced to be first, or one of the first with breaking news, but I don’t think that is this site’s strength. There are a number of sites that do that really well. They either have a staff of people or one person updating the site full-time.

Submit a Theme Park News Story
While the goal of The Coaster Critic’s Blog will never be to just BE FIRST, I realize that the site has a community of visitors that at times would like to discuss the latest news or even news that’s not even breaking anymore. So, I’m rolling out an idea that I had a few months ago. From now on you’ll be able to submit news stories that I’m calling Theme Park (You)Reports. I’ll revise it, if needed, and publish it as soon as possible if it’s post-worthy.

For breaking news of all kinds I created Theme Park Syndicate. It’s constantly updated with theme park news, podcasts, videos, and blog posts from around the Web. I know that there’s currently a regular following that visits the site on a daily basis.

Submit a Theme Park (You)Report>>>

What’s Your Take?
What do you think about the YouReport? Do you think that you’ll be submitting any news? Do you think it’s a good idea? Leave a comment below.

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  1. I wrote what I thought was a fairly good report! Cant wait to see it.

  2. Thanks for the first (You)Report, Ducky. That was fast. I'll let you know when it's up!

  3. I Love themeparksyndicate and I think this will also be a good idea to pass along useful news and happenings going on in the Coaster world.

  4. Will the stuff we turn in be posted like a normal blog post, or will it have a seperate place on the site?

    • They'll be normal blog posts in their own new category called (You)Reports.

  5. Great idea! Is it just for news, or can you post trip reports and other stuff as well?

    • I've often solicited for trip reports in the past. The only thing with longer submissions is that it could mean that I'd have to spend more time editing the posts. At least with the news reports I only have to revise a paragraph or two. I'd be willing to accept other posts, but I might not post them if they're too much work to clean up. Of course if the writing's well-done and it's a post worthy topic I'd most likely put it up.

  6. 😀

  7. Yeah, I may of made the second (You)Report, but I don't know how many errors I missed, nor do I know how many people had made posts by the time I actualy submitted it.

  8. I will submit news (if I find anything of note).

    • There's usualy some thing on Screamscape, You've just gotta keep your eyes open.

  9. this is awesome! cant wait to add anything interesting i stumble upon. the blog is evolving, keep up the great work CC


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