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Superman Escape From Krypton - Magic MountainSuperman The Escape (now Escape From Krypton) at Six Flags Magic Mountain in SoCal has recently received a major renovation. Just like its twin in Australia (Dreamworld’s Tower Of Terror 2), the cars themselves have been turned backwards. Riders are now accelerated backwards at 101 M.P.H in just 7 seconds. Making it the Worlds fastest backwards roller coaster. Watch this video of Superman’s first test run:

In other news Six Flags Magic Mountain is now the coaster capital of the World boasting 18 rides. The new rides for the 2011 year are Superman: The Escape (renovated), America’s first Zac Spin ride, and a kid coaster.

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Via: Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Superman: Escape from Krypton page & Six Flags on Facebook

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  1. This looks realy fun, although I still think one of the trains should remain facing forward.

    PS-Blog's first (You) Report! Congratulations CC and Ducky!

    • I've heard several reports that they are planning to run both sides backwards for the first few months then switch one track around to run forward.

      • Hopefully the rumours are true.

      • I wonder which will be more popular? I also wonder if they plan to accelerate the launch a bit to make it faster than ToT:2

        • I think they did, now it's launch is 101 mph

  2. 😀 I love it!

  3. Do you believe that Apocolypse officially counts as a new coaster this year?

    • No. While the experience might be SLIGHTLY different, it uses the same trains, structure, and layout. It still only counts as ONE credit.

    • They didnt count Apocalypse as one of their 18 new rides.

  4. I am very happy to find out that Superman at SFMM is being renovated. I absolutely loved the old ride, and I think the new one going backwards will be even better.

    I do have a question about the renovated ride. Did they simply fix the old steel tower or did they put in a new one? The old one was cracked when I last visited in 2007. A worker there made it sound like it would be closed down for good because of structural damage, so hopefully the track/tower is new even though the layout is still the same.

  5. What morons! They should have had one car go forwards and one backwards… not the two backwards! I can't even imagine how many people have been let down by this modification.

    • Just read Gearhearts' post above.

  6. I wonder if they'll launch both train at once. I thought they used to do that, but then shut down the other side.

  7. hopefully they will leave 1 going forward like kjdrgdksnc,.dngv said. i think they will do that.

  8. well, i rode it last weekend during the technical rehearsal and it was pretty fun. the ride operator said that it can go 104 mph loaded.

  9. Yeah, I also think that they should have one track facing forward, and the other going backwards.

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